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  1. WOW, that looks amazing!, obviously no one likes to be in a hospital, but being on that pavillion will surely make things a little bit less stressful for everyone. Thank you for posting this!
  2. I particularly would recommend going with a travel agent, but always be sure to check directly with the cruise line to compare prices. A travel agent is likely to get you onboard credits, a free excursion, etc. It depends on the agent, but either way, booking a cruise is really easy because everything is just in one place, so if you forget to book something like a excursion or a soda package you would still be able to do that while you're on the ship.
  3. I'm planning on going the 17th to the 20th of may, so it would still be a week before Memorial day, any clue about how crowds are that week? the park says it will be open from 10 am to 6 pm so Im guessing they should not be too bad.
  4. Thanks for posting this, I really like to see "old" photos of theme parks and compare them to how they are now. Would love to see the Dragons with brand new paint again...
  5. I have no idea on how the crowds are the days you're going, but you could always buy a quick queue in BGE so even on a saturday that would work. That way you leave KD, which doesnt have fast passes of any kind, for sunday and get lower crowds.
  6. First of all I am not in any way a Potter fan, hell I just read one of the books. But I think you said yourselve that they are missing a big opportunity to introduce people to the franchise, and here I agree with you. The only thing I said is that they may eventually try harder to appeal to the non Potter fan. Yeah I see what you mean that is really difficult to explain those things if you have not read the books and such, but in the end the land is built around magic and that sort of thing that is pretty well known.
  7. Maybe we should wait a little more, since it has only been soft opened for a few hours. They could eventually, as things move on, try to appeal to the people that's not really into the Harry Potter world. We've only seen an small portion so far, not even 100% operational.
  8. My favorite is Indiana Jones at Disneyland, the first time I rode it was just AMAZING, specially since there's no use of screens and that kind of stuff.
  9. ^ Maybe I could understand that some people may ride both of them if they-re in the park for the first time and such, but yeah, I also think that most of the people in the park may just choose to ride one of them and then spend the time anywhere else instead of riding sometime very similar.
  10. I have to agree with Larrygator here. I do enjoy seeing how the Golden Ticket and Mitch's Poll end up ranking their coasters, but I am commited to my own list. What I want to say is that if the majority of people think that a hyper is better than a looper then its their choice to do so. For example, in my case, I would not rank a wooden coaster over a steel coaster in most cases, obvious exceptions here (SLCs, etc), even if they're a great and amazing ride like Voyage. It's just a matter of opinion, maybe most of the people just enjoy a coaster with no inversions than one with inversions, I just think that separating the steel coasters between looping and non-looping could be a little too much. Really interesting article by the way, I completely understand your point of view, its just a little different than mine
  11. I have a lot of pictures of my California and Vegas trip, I have always thought about making a PTR, but my lack of creativity regarding the captions have kept me back
  12. As much as I would like to know for sure where this track is going, I also think that we'll only know when its painted and shipped.
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