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Post your milestone coasters

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100. Wacky Worm, WOF

200. Superman: Ultimate Flight, SFGAdv

300. Lightning Racer: Lightning

400. Carolina Cyclone


Funny thing about the S:UF coasters. The one at SFGAm was my 100th steel. The one at SFGAdv was my 200th overall. The one at SFOG was coaster 420, for those who care about that.


Also I purposely planned my day at Carowinds so my 400th would be someone else's 200th. I heard other people also got their 200th on Carolina Cyclone the same day. I believe a similar thing happened coincidentally with Lightning Racer milestones last year as well.

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200. Imorinth (Central Park--Japan)


300. Colossos (Heide-Park--Germany)


400. Kvasten (Grona Lund--Sweden)


500. Wild Thing (Valleyfair)


A rather varied lot. I never plan "milestones" out; I just let them happen.

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Well, I've always liked trying out new coasters, but I'm new to the whole "credit" thing. So I don't really know what order I've ridden them in. Here's a few I do know:


First coaster--Runaway Ore Cart, Silver Dollar City

First big coaster--Thunderation, Silver Dollar City

First inverting coaster--Ninja, Six Flags St. Louis

First wooden coaster--Screamin' Eagle, Six Flags St. Louis

First (and only to date) water coaster--BuzzSaw Falls, Silver Dollar City

First launch coaster--Mr. Freeze, Six Flags St. Louis

Most recent (thirtieth) coaster--Powder Keg, Silver Dollar City


So there you have it. Lots of firsts in SDC, since it's my home park, and SFStL, since I have family in St. Louis and we went up there several times a year when I was a kid.

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Here are my milestone coasters.


#1. Gadgets Go Coaster @ DLR


#50. Demon @ CGA


#100. Boomerang @ Great Escape


#200. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach


#300. Ispeed @ Mirabilandia

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Somehow, I've unintentionally managed to make all my landmark coasters crappy Vekomas. I'll make sure my 50th credit is a good coaster, or I could make it a Vekoma Boomerang for the lolz.


#1 Goofy's Barnstormer - Disney's Magic Kingdom


#10 Lethal Weapon - Warner Bros Movie World


#20 X:/ No Way Out - Thorpe Park

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Finally hit #100 this summer at Dorney Park. I thought Stinger was the big one, but afterwards I decided somewhere along the line I'd missed one, and Hydra was actually my 100th, which is a -bit- better for a milestone. Unfortunately, now I can't remember what it was that I'd thought I'd forgotten, so I'm not sure which it is! Coastercount.com says it's Stinger, but even though I can't remember which one, I'm almost certain there was one more in there somewhere...

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If I can remember/work this out correctly, it should be:


1. Mighty Canadian Minebuster - Canada's Wonderland

50. Gemini - Cedar Point

100. Phoenix - Knoebels

150. El Toro - SFGAdv


200 is coming up, though I probably won't get to it this season. Who knows where 2013 will lead...

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1: Roller Coaster - Hoffman's Playland. (Rode this when I was three, apparently. I don't remember it, but that's what my mom says.)

100: the Bat - Canada's Wonderland. (This was unintentionally my 100th coaster, though I still had a lot of fun.)

200: Wacky Worm, Lake Winnie. (This, however, was intentional.)

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1st- The Great Chase at Six Flags New England

50th- Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure


Possible Cedar Point trip for 2013, so I need to ride 41 more coasters to reach 100. Trying to find parks on the way there and back, maybe I'll visit Kings Island while I'm out there.

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