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  1. Train modifications, repainted track, heavier theming - these are all fine suggestions. But this is a boomerang we're talking about. They could dip it in gold and call it Christ: The Ride, it'd still be an outdated, overused POS.
  2. I wish it the best of luck in Brazil. It does seem fitting that that's where it would end up for some reason lol. That said, I stand by my story that the last thing SF wanted to do was waste even more $$$ on the thing. They most certainly wanted it out of the chain so suggesting it be sent to another SF park still doesn't make a lick of sense. I don't know much about Beto Carrero World, but I see they have a Wacky Worm, and the rest of their coasters are Vekoma's. Their website indicates a tie-in with Dreamworks, and from the pics the park looks decently themed, so maybe they have the money to
  3. ^^ Wow, Chiller is actually being rebuilt? After all the trouble it gave SF I figured they tore the sucker down and spat on the trailer hauling it's jagged carcass away. But yes we do agree on our general outlook on SFSTL. Kumbaya
  4. 100. Coney Island Cyclone 200. Santa Cruz Giant Dipper 250. Matterhorn (Fantasyland side) So far my milestones have managed to be purely old-school (although #100 and #250 were happy accidents.)
  5. Just wanted to say these are some amazing pics - lots of great views of the behind-the-scenes stuff! Well done! Also: How did I not know SDC had a Splash Battle? I don't really care for them, but SDC's looks fantastic, surrounded by all that foliage and such. Can't wait to finally get out there next year! (Sad really, considering how close I am.)
  6. Wow, what a cool layout! Hopefully Vekoma gets it right and this gives a fun, mildly intense ride without a lot of pain.
  7. I hope you're right, David. I have my doubts, but that's a scenario I can definitely get behind.
  8. {quote="Godwyn"]But I'm going to look on the bright side. SDC is only a 3 more hour drive away! Yep! Have your people call my people.
  9. The park could've brought Premier back in to update the LIM's, but by that point they had already sunk a lot of money into trying to fix the ride. This included reprofiling the track, and the ride still had major problems. The ride was a (very cool looking) lemon. I doubt SF saw any reason to prolong the inevitable by updating LIM's on a ride that had just as many problems in other areas. It all comes down to $$$. Someone else covered GASM's maintenance issues and costs succinctly. Although I do think in addition to expensive replacement parts they were also having to weld stress frac
  10. Hmm, tbh I like them both about the same! But I'll say Twister just because. Ferris Wheels or Sky Rides?
  11. The Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory (It's on tv.)
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