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  1. Train modifications, repainted track, heavier theming - these are all fine suggestions. But this is a boomerang we're talking about. They could dip it in gold and call it Christ: The Ride, it'd still be an outdated, overused POS.
  2. I wish it the best of luck in Brazil. It does seem fitting that that's where it would end up for some reason lol. That said, I stand by my story that the last thing SF wanted to do was waste even more $$$ on the thing. They most certainly wanted it out of the chain so suggesting it be sent to another SF park still doesn't make a lick of sense. I don't know much about Beto Carrero World, but I see they have a Wacky Worm, and the rest of their coasters are Vekoma's. Their website indicates a tie-in with Dreamworks, and from the pics the park looks decently themed, so maybe they have the money to pump into Chiller to get it working.
  3. ^^ Wow, Chiller is actually being rebuilt? After all the trouble it gave SF I figured they tore the sucker down and spat on the trailer hauling it's jagged carcass away. But yes we do agree on our general outlook on SFSTL. Kumbaya
  4. 100. Coney Island Cyclone 200. Santa Cruz Giant Dipper 250. Matterhorn (Fantasyland side) So far my milestones have managed to be purely old-school (although #100 and #250 were happy accidents.)
  5. Just wanted to say these are some amazing pics - lots of great views of the behind-the-scenes stuff! Well done! Also: How did I not know SDC had a Splash Battle? I don't really care for them, but SDC's looks fantastic, surrounded by all that foliage and such. Can't wait to finally get out there next year! (Sad really, considering how close I am.)
  6. Wow, what a cool layout! Hopefully Vekoma gets it right and this gives a fun, mildly intense ride without a lot of pain.
  7. I hope you're right, David. I have my doubts, but that's a scenario I can definitely get behind.
  8. {quote="Godwyn"]But I'm going to look on the bright side. SDC is only a 3 more hour drive away! Yep! Have your people call my people.
  9. The park could've brought Premier back in to update the LIM's, but by that point they had already sunk a lot of money into trying to fix the ride. This included reprofiling the track, and the ride still had major problems. The ride was a (very cool looking) lemon. I doubt SF saw any reason to prolong the inevitable by updating LIM's on a ride that had just as many problems in other areas. It all comes down to $$$. Someone else covered GASM's maintenance issues and costs succinctly. Although I do think in addition to expensive replacement parts they were also having to weld stress fractures more often than they would've liked. I'm not certain on that though. As for the ride it gave, look, I'm willing to forgive some roughness. I actually love Ninja @ SFOG. I know it's rough and a major headbanger, but I love it because it's unique, and despite the roughness I have fun on it. GASM was rough, and just not that special of a ride, and I didn't have fun on it. I wanted to like GASM, I really did. When it first came out I was obsessed with it, and when I finally got to ride it in 2008 it was a bit like a childhood wish coming true. But at the end of the day it was just another headbanging Arrow megalooper. Notice how those seem to be disappearing more and more? There's a reason for that. As for "knowing how to ride" GASM? I see that phrase come up for a lot of rough rides that people are defending. Not entirely sure I buy it. Shouldn't I be able to just ride it without having to do an elaborate interpretive dance from within my restraint just to keep from banging my noggin into oblivion? I like the GIB's, and think one would've been a top-tier "filler" ride for our park until we could've gotten something new. But I see your point on it. As for Chang, it would've been great for our park imo. A few pages back I also said I would prefer we get nothing this year (if it's going to be a Boomerang), and wait a year or two for something more substantial. So we're on the same page on that one. And I agree that a Boomerang will do nothing to bring people into the park. Look at how great American Thunder is, yet when you talk to locals they're still very much fixated on The Boss. Our park needs something BIG to really get people excited about the place.
  10. Hmm, tbh I like them both about the same! But I'll say Twister just because. Ferris Wheels or Sky Rides?
  11. The Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory (It's on tv.)
  12. ^ In the case of Chiller, that ride was plagued with problems from the start, causing significant downtime. It was even reprofiled and still had problems. As cool as the ride was, it was ultimately a lemon, and a very expensive one at that. SF decided it was best to cut their losses and demolish it. Relocating it wouldn't have made any sense. GASM probably could've been relocated, but if I remember correctly one of the reasons SF gave for it's demolition was that it was becoming expensive to maintain. It would've had the same costly maintenance at another park, plus carefully dismantling it and rebuilding it somewhere else probably seemed more costly than what the ride was worth. When I rode it in 2008 it was extremely rough, and when you get down to it, it really wasn't that special of a ride. Like most Arrows it looked really cool, but the actual ride it gave was another story. It was an important part of Great Adventure's history, but I don't see how it would've been that great of an addition to another park. Several years ago (around 2007 when I got into travelling to other parks), at the SFSTL board I suggested relocating Chang or Deja Vu to our park. It was purely hypothetical (SFKK was still open, and none of the GIB's had been relocated at that point), but I was being realistic in regards to what we could feasibly get that would be a good fit for SFSTL. My suggestions were scoffed at, but those options ain't looking too bad given what we're possibly looking at getting next year. I agree that the last thing our park needs is a Boomerang, but they are cheap rides that are easy to maintain. It's understandable that SF would hold on to the ones they have. I hate it too, but it does make sense.
  13. Are people still convinced we're not getting Flashback? Because everything I've heard indicates we most definitely ARE. Still hoping it's not true and plans have changed or something. Bleh.
  14. Looks like a solid addition to the park, and it's surely gonna add some life to that southeast area of the park. Having it twist through keyholes right over the entrance is pretty ingenious and is gonna completely change the atmosphere at the entrance gates. I would even go so far as to say the keyholes-over-entrance could become iconic. As for the ride itself, as good as it looks (and damn does it look good), I just don't see this overtaking Maverick and Magnum as my favorites in the park, but I could see myself liking it about as much as I like Millennium Force and TTD. That is, Gatekeeper looks like it'll be extremely good rather than mindblowingly great. On the plus side, since it's B&M instead of Intamin, I doubt Gatekeeper is gonna be insanely overrated the way MF and TTD are. Just sayin'.
  15. Wow. That first drop, the outside banking, the barrel roles - it all looks amazing. It looks like the theming is gonna be good, too. And it's in my neck of the woods! Its been a long time since we've had such a buzzworthy coaster here in Missouri. Can't wait to ride this thing.
  16. Looks like a great finish to the trip! Glad you guys had fun!
  17. I like them a lot. Riddler's Revenge and Georgia Scorcher are both fantastic coasters, probably top 3 in their respective parks for me. I loved Chang too, but a lot of people say it went downhill once it was relocated. I'd like to ride it again to see for myself.
  18. Of the ones I've ridden, off the top of my head, I'd say the Batman clones and Flight Deck (CGA).
  19. No offense taken ArizonaGuy. I was just joking with my reply. I agree SFSTL feels a bit looked over within the chain, but I'm sure if we had higher attendance numbers it would be reflected in larger additions. In the last five years we've gotten two coasters and SkyScreamer so it's not all bad. We have three woodies that are unique to the park, and even though our best steel are all clones they're good coasters. Ninja sucks but the layout is at least unique(-ish). SFSTL doesn't feel like a "Boomerang park" to me, but I guess everyone feels that way about their homepark.
  20. ^ Yeah but Air have lost the plot a bit too lately. Their last truly great album imo was Talkie Walkie, although all the subsequent albums have had some great tracks. I saw them in Chicago after Love 2 came out and they were great! I even got to meet JB after the show and have him sign my Sexy Boy single. He was really cool (and cute!)
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