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  1. He referenced a post I wrote where I pointed out that the Golden Ticket Awards' top ten steel coasters list was loopless for the first time (ever?). I know all about the GTA's reputation and I prefer Mitch's poll. I was just noting the lack of loopers when the results came out last year.
  2. Full disclosure: 3 of my top 10 are loopers are 6, 7, & 8. So, I'm likely a bit biased from the jump. Personally, I find it difficult to compare loopers and non-loopers when I compile my top ten lists. But, on the other hand, I can see everyone's point about there being too many lists. I don't think three lists would be too many, but then again I really like data, critiques, reviews, and top lists. It is worth noting that Mitch could just have the one list, but instead he decided to separate wood and steel. And I don't agree at all that having loopers and non-loopers opens the door up for a list for every type. I don't have the time, but I'd bet if someone went to RCDB or did some number cruching, they would find that the world's coasters are something like: 10% wood, 20% steel looping, and 70% steel non looping. These are just guesses. Those three categories are large enough percentages of the overall coaster population to merit three lists. Again, I love polls, rankings, lists, etc. I understand that the appetite for these things is pretty varied. I can see both sides and I'm trying to see this from other enthusiasts and the gp's point of view, not just mine. Basically, if there's a wide-reaching preference shift it doesn't quite seem fair (to me) that loopers get left out. Maybe this is just payback for all those years of OTSR headbanging.
  3. Tycoon Sawyer, can you describe the effects in the dark section a bit? Is that where it gets so scary that it warrants that silly age restriction?
  4. I'll have a newborn for much of the coaster season this year. I will be lucky to have a first 2010! I may have to settle with driving fast on hilly roads to get my airtime fix.
  5. I thought the coaster car itself was animated, but as I looked at it in it's full size (1500 x 1000) the hood still looks a bit too shiny, but the seats look very detailed. Anyway, that was my 2 cents. Turns out that the picture is real. I got official word from the park (or the PR guy supporting the park): He also confirmed that it's being built by Maurer Sohne as RCDB has it listed, he said that he'd try to get additional stats as well.
  6. I emailed the contact who sent me the photo. I'm leaning towards composite or maybe completely an artist rendering, but I don't know. I also asked for him to confirm the designer and name. When he replies I'll let you all know what I find out.
  7. Excellent point nitrofan. But wouldn't a small amusment park in a smaller market work? I plan to build a Knoebels-like park in a small market when I hit the Powerball.
  8. Freestyle Music Park's President described the U.S. as a saturated market when it comes to theme parks. That was just his opinion, but that may be the way a lot of companies feel. Not to mention the bankruptcy issues other have pointed out. If you're in the Aurora Ohio part of the country, you're best bet for a new park is that West Virginia Wild Escape Park if it ever gets going. It's supposed to be built in Northern WV, in Wheeling I think.
  9. Just yesterday I was telling some commenters no way KD would build a Giga. And I was defending my 'low' 9 out of 10review for MF b/c I didn't experience any airtime. Funny how 24 hours can change things. I was hoping for an Intamin Mega Lite for KD, but I should have known that in America bigger = better. So an airtime packed mega lite might not have been appealing enough. I just hope it has airtime and a more interesting layout than MF's. This is pretty shocking news to me. And lastly I hope CF leaves some washers laying around down here at Carowinds too!
  10. Rampage is definitely worth the trip out there. I decided to give the park a try after a visit to SF Over Georgia mainly based on some good Rampage reviews. I was glad that I did. I can't speak too much for the rest of the park as I just rode the coasters, but Rampage is currently in my top 10 woodies. I would think at worst it'd be in most people's top 15 wooden coasters if it still rides like it did last year. Of course that depends on your preferences. Great ride! Surprisingly smooth and enjoyable.
  11. I was kind of wondering the same thing. When I asked Alfieri about this he said that the layout was designed in a way to provide some air time after you drop out of those brake runs.
  12. ^^^ I wouldn't say that HRRR was supposed to be a B&M coaster. When I interviewed the Creative Director Louis Alfieri he said that they went with Maurer Sohne because of the X-Car. It allows them to do some of those one of a kind inversions that he said wouldn't be possible with a longer B&M train. He gave props to B&M mentioning that of course the company has several and he worked on Hollywood Dream, but they set out to do some new maneuvers that hadn't been done before and the X-Car proved the most capable.
  13. While I'd love to see another B&M, if it's an Intamin then my theory of an Intamin mega lite like Piraten or Kawasemi may be coming true. That'd be awesome as they must be packed with airtime to have placed so well in Mitch's Poll.
  14. I forgot to post a link to the full interview: http://www.thecoastercritic.com/2009/05/interview-designer-of-hollywood-rip-ride-rockit.html There's a little more about why they chose Maurer and the on-ride music videos. I wish I could have gotten a tour of the station. Obviously it was a construction zone, but I was able to get into Maximum RPM last year while they were working on it.
  15. It sounded like they are in the headrest. They are 2 55-watt marine polk audio speakers if that means anything to anybody. I'm no audiophile. He said they even tested them on the highway via some type of trailer they built to make sure you could hear them well at highspeeds.
  16. I stopped by Wild Adventures on the way back from the Manta media day. It was a decent little park. Cheetah has a cool layout, I just wish it was a bit smoother. Unforunately, they weren't running the wild mouse coaster when I was there (Friday). But I still got to ride the 5 other coasters that were operating. I also talked to their PR person. I tried to dig for any future plans/upcoming coasters. She wouldn't spill any details, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were was something new on the horizon in 2010/2011.
  17. I interviewed the creative director of HRRR last week. Here are a few interesting facts and features that he shared with me: --> It'll feature 30 songs from 5 genres. 3 legacy artists and 3 contemporary artists in each genre. Songs to be announced soon! You're right about those on-board touch screens you're noticing on the harnesses. --> A Day Ride and A Night Ride; The track will be eluminated and the LEDs of course will enhance the night ride. --> 5 cars on the track at the same time (I think he meant 5 trains with two cars, but I will confirm) --> A train leaves the station every 23 seconds! --> A people mover like station. The train never stops in the station to improve the loading process. --> Ride Capacity - Wouldn't give me exact numbers, but said hrrr will have the same ride capacity as the hulk There's more about why they chose Maurer and on the music videos and hrrr web site. He mentions over and over all of the firsts that HRRR will have. And you realize it really will be unique. I'll let you know when I've got the full interview up.
  18. I'll be talking with someone from the HRRR's creative team tomorrow. Anyone have any burning questions about it? Aside from when it's testing and of course when it will finally open. Let me know. While I'm there I'll try to get some photos and hopefully a test video too.
  19. The press releases aren't for the potential visitors they're for the media outlets. That's why they're called 'press' releases. So the press can have a summary of the latest updates and write a story about them. The new commercial's pretty good, but I agree that they need to show more. I recently saw an ancient kings dominion commercial with Dick Van Dyke prancing around KD. There were multiple versions of that commercial. I'm sure FSMP is doing the same thing. Also, here's an online google ad NewsPlusNotes noticed:
  20. I have to dissagree DiSab. Considering the time crunch they're under their doing about as good as could be expected getting the message out. And they're definitely reaching out (with the free admission for the military) and trying promos more. Did anyone notice the 'twilight rate' announced in the recent press release: This sounds a lot like what many asked for as people are allegedly spending the days at the beach and might want to look for something to do in the evenings. I do agree with Jew though, that online tickets should be a no-brainer.
  21. You may be on to something larrygator. Maybe you choose which room you enter and that determines which soundtrack is playing when you ride. That's actually a much better use of the station/queue system than 5 pre-show rooms just showing the same video on an endless cycle a few minutes a part from each other.
  22. I interviewed the park's President and asked him about some of the same issues you've mentioned. I asked him specifically about how they hope to get those vacationers to change their plans and go to FMP. His answer was that he was going to communicate the value that they provide to guests because of the "tremendous amount of things to do." He also stated that they are definitely going to use the hotels, resorts, etc. to sell tickets and seemed surprised that the previous management did not do that. I don't think the brand name is such a huge deal if they really can communicate every which way possible that there's a lot to do. Making good on that promise is another issue. I also asked about the locals and he said that he was going to work with numerous local groups, but didn't get anymore specific. Here's the part of the interview where he talks about getting people into the park: http://www.thecoastercritic.com/2009/04/interview-freestyle-music-park-president-steve-baker-p2.html Lastly, can someone explain what the park should reasonably be expected to have in it to justify the admission price? I've heard about a thousand times that there wasn't enough to do. I can see that for $50, but for $40 what does the park need to have for there to be "enough" for the average park guest. I'll be honest and admit that I don't generally sample all that parks have to offer so I'm really asking. Is it about 6 to 8 flat rides, 3 water rides, 5 'adult coasters', x number of shows etc? Is it fair to say it should have the ride lineup of a major theme park like SFOGA or Carowinds because it's charging in the same range?
  23. These Knott's Berry Farm snacks are always constant reminders in the vending machines at work:
  24. You're right. It's not at a park it's at the race track. Robb's just saying it's what the client wanted. Obviously S&S has to cater to their clients no matter what's actually possible. Here's the video again so you don't have to go to S&S' site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk9DhnZP2WA As others have said, it's definitely shorter than I'd like, but the launch will likely become legendary. At least until another coaster passes it. Anybody have an idea where the ceiling is? We've got to be approaching the g-force limits soon right?
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