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  1. This Saturday, August 16th is National Roller Coaster Day. On that day in 1898 the first roller coaster patent was submitted. What will you be doing for this well-known, universally recognized national holiday?
  2. Good trip report. Depending on how my SFMM visit goes I may be making a night trip to Knott's tomorrow. Looks like waits will be pretty short. What's 'RTL'?
  3. I agree and since I do not have this credit I will have to go and check it out. Does anyone technically have a ride credit for this coaster since it will count as a new coaster b/c it won't be Head Spin at Geauga? Are we sleeping on the Asian characters on the teaser 'shipping crate' found in the front of the park? Is it a clue that it will be named after some Asian reptile, since it says, Warning Live Reptiles? Since I can't think of any Asian reptiles other than dragons or Godzilla, which aren't actually real, I think Steel Venom is a good guess since they own the name.
  4. The Predator's queue at Darien Lake used to have one when it was owned by Six Flags: http://www.thecoastercritic.com/2006/04/predator-six-flags-darien-lake-coaster.html I re-visited a few weeks ago and thankfully it's been removed. Props to PARC Management! I detest gum walls/trees and I can't understand why any park would let them accumulate like this season after season.
  5. ^I've never been to Knott's, but I'm a bit surprised that it falls into the 'bad park with one good coaster' category. I guess Silver Bullet's not all that? And I'm assuming Ghost Rider's probably aged badly. I agree with the vote for Chang. Talk about a diamond in the rough! Pun intented. The other coasters there were pretty poorly maintained, but Chang was awesome and didn't supply that lower body pain like say, Mantis.
  6. Rampage is easily my #1 seed for best coaster at the worst park. It's one of my top 10 woodies and it's at a pretty subpar park. I don't know if this technically counts but Avalanche is an awesome coaster at Timber Falls in which I think was a put-put and go kart park if I remember correctly. I was only there for about 15 minutes to ride Avalanche 3 times.
  7. I'm in the same situation. That's why I'm even considering the unlimited flash pass. It's costly, but then there should be no question that I'll get multiple rides on most of the coasters. It'd be pretty annoying to fly across the country to just to spend most of my day in line. Plus I already have a season pass so I don't have to worry about admission. Anyone have experience with these passes. I'm assuming you just walk to the station like the electronic flash passes at Great Adventure you just don't have to make an appointment, right?
  8. ^SFMM loves asphalt. Is it hard to grow grass in SoCal? I'm actually looking forward to Goliath. I'm making my first trip to SFMM next week. My last coaster was Ravine Flyer II. It was sick. Much more powerful and fast than you'd expect.
  9. I've been there and I think if a family went to the 3 shows, rode the coasters, rides, dark ride, saw a concert or even just a live band perform, they'd get their money's worth. Really it's the theme and little discoveries that make the park unique. Many things just have to be experienced and once you do the case is made for the $50. Which again, I agree, could be a little steep. Unforunately, the overall theme and 'rock atmosphere' isn't something that's easy to market. I mentioned this to Steve Goodwin and his answer was that they would rely on word of mouth to help get the word out. But HRP is more than just a fledgling Six Flags with some cool intellectual properties. Theming/neat idea wise its much better. Just a step below Universal. The water park point is a good one. There's no real water park, but there's a good sized water play area near Led Zeppelin. It's called Reggae River Falls or something like that. There's also water play-ish area around the Slippery When Wet coaster.
  10. First off, the assumption that no one's visiting because the park stinks because is stupid. How many great bands and amazing movies are there out there that not everyone knows about. Second, HRP like many parks, isn't built for coaster enthusiasts. So if you're dissapointed at the coaster lineup it doesn't really matter, b/c you're not going to make or break the park. I love all of the people that know more about Myrtle Beach's tourism than the creators, investors, etc. I'm sure they didn't do any research, just assumed everyone would come to the park wherever they put it up. According to a quick Google search, about 14 million people visit MB every summer. Wouldn't you think you could support a park with that kind of potential customer base? Like other have said I think the low attendance is a result of ineffective marketing and I'd partially agree with the economy/$50 ticket price. Fewer people vacationing and those who are vacationing are doing it for a shorter length of time. I think the park can catch on, it just may take some time. Just because its not an overnight success and its not packed with top-knotch coasters doesn't mean it won't make it. They need to make sure everyone anywhere near SC knows about it and absolutely everyone who visits MB knows about it.
  11. I've ridden plenty of rough rides, but these two were painful. Six Flags New England's Cyclone is the roughest woodie I've ever ridden. I got off grabbing my back and feeling like and elderly man. Wildcat at Hersheypark is a close second, I nearly cut my leg on a the back of the seat in front of me during a transition that probably used to be enjoyable, but now is ultra rough. On the steel side, Mantis at CP killed sent this terrible pressure to my legs almost the whole ride. Arrow headbang always stinks (GASM at SFGADV comes to mind), but Vekoma SLCs are the absolute worst. I just rode Mind Eraser at Darien Lake (against my better judgement) and I paid the price.
  12. sfmmrules, which coasters did you use your flash passes on? Since it sounds like I'm going to pretty much have to throw two hours away for just one ride on X2, I'll be getting a flash pass for use on Tatsu. I'm even contemplating the unlimited flash pass. Any tips on what other coasters I should use the flash pass on? I'm assumming the newest coasters have the longest lines. Goliath, Riddler's Revenge, etc? Rollerman, thanks for the attack plan and overall 'You're crazy!' advice. I thought so, but I think I just needed people familiar with the parks to tell me. Probably should've figured what with CA being the most populous state and all.
  13. I won't be checking any bags, but I will be renting a car from Alamo hich is said to be in the terminal. There's really a 20 minute backup to get onto the hwy at 10PM on a Thursday night? That's crazy! I guess I've understimated SFMM's attendance.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone's already mentioned this, I didn't search through the entire thread. But recently cedar fair announced that they're going to start to do more corporate sponsorships. Could Ride Sally Ride = Mustang as in Ford Mustang. Ford makes a Mustang Cobra which ties into the reptilian look on the teaser page. There was even a King Cobra Mustang in 1979. It's not as cool as LSHoF, but it's the only thing I've come up with that ties most of the clues together. It's a long shot, but it's my best guess.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I'll stick to SFMM. Coming from the DC area (usually top 2 or 3 for worst traffic) I can appreciate your warnings. Maybe I'll just spring for an extra flash pass for the $$ I would've spent at KBF. I can still leave the park at 10PM and get to LAX for my 12:30 AM flight, though right?
  16. Maybe. You bring up a good point, but I'll probably be moving at a pretty fast pace whether I do the two parks or just one. It's not like I'll be leisurely moving through the park like I would be with friends and family. I just want some feedback from people who know these parks and the surrounding areas to see if I should rule this out. Thanks.
  17. I'm taking my first coaster trip out west and I'm heading for SFMM first. I will be there on Thursday, August 14th. The focus of the trip is SFMM especially for Tatsu, X2, & Superman. But considering I may not be back to Cali for a LONG time I found out how close Knott's is to the park and wondered if I could squeeze in their coasters as well. To make things even more difficult my plane doesn't land at LAX until 10:20 AM. So I'm thinking I could be at a park around Noon. Google Maps shows no traffic issues at that time of the day. Is that accurate? My flight back doesn't leave until midnight so I can stay until 10 PM when the parks close. I will be alone and I only ride coasters. So I can take advantage of single rider lines and move pretty quickly throughout the park. I'm also all for buying Flash Passes (even more than one if I have to). I don't know if KBF offers something similar. Another grasp at making this work could be a media pass of some sort. I've gotten several recently including an escort to the front of the line for Ravine Flyer II. Are SFMM and KBF likely to give the same treatment? I'm assuming Rob would know. Xcelerator, Silver Bullet, & Ghost Rider look fun, but I wouldn't want to risk missing SFMM's lineup. With LA's legendary traffic and crowds which park should I hit first? How do I deal with rush hour traffic when I move from the first park to the second? Is this harebrained scheme even possible?
  18. I'm glad Dominator found a new home at my old home park. All those Northern Virginians that I couldn't convince to travel the extra hour south to Busch Gardens will finally get to experience some B&M greatness. Part of the appeal for the Dominator when it was at Geauga was its marshy setting next to the lake. I was afraid this would be an ugly parking lot coaster, but it's good to see that the park is trying to landscape the area. I'm still not sure why they don't use all that land they own around the park.
  19. Great thread. I feel so normal all of the sudden. .... when all you want for your birthday is $$$ for coaster trips .... when you brag that you were born on National Roller Coaster Day .... when you get tired of having to explain how much safer roller coasters are than flying, driving, crossing the street, eating, etc. .... when you actually know when National Roller Day is (8/16) .... when you play back commercials and tv shows that feature theme parks and coasters so that you can ID them (it's usually the Santa Monica Pier!) .... when you look at skyscrapers and compare their height to a hyper/giga/strata coaster .... when you meet someone, ask them where they grew up, think of the closest park to their hometown, and immediately ask their experience at their home park. .... if you've ever marked the parks you've visited on a map of the u.s./world.
  20. I was there for the backstage media tour as well. After seeing the station and wheel in person, I have to wonder about the ride's capacity. At least if the line is moving slow, guests will be 'entertained' by the karaoke in the queue. It could be a great way to turn a weakness into a strength or at least minimize it. People will be more likely to remember that guy that murdered a Duran Duran song than how long they waited in line.
  21. I found a huge blog post with shots of abandoned theme parks all over the world. Japan, Spain, and Ohio I think. The post is here.
  22. I'm really going to miss the Top Gun soundtrack on an endless loop in the Jet Coaster station. It really added to the experience and took my back to my childhood. Was 'Mighty Wings' an under rated song or what!?!
  23. I don't know how I could forget Mother Nature for those ice slides. Great discussion guys. I've learned a few names of prominent designers I've never heard of before.
  24. This one's for the true coaster geeks. What are the top 5 most influential designers in coaster history (or even recent coaster history, 30 or 40 years)? I'll admit up front that my knowledge of the people behind the most popular coasters may be a bit shallow, but here's my top 5 in no particular order: Werner Stengel Anton Schwarzkopf Walter Bolliger Claude Mabillard Ron Toomer I apologize in advance to the woodie fans out there. I just don't know any wooden designers that made a real big impact. I'm willing to learn though. What do you guys think?
  25. Hello TPR! I'm a native of Virginia and I got my first taste of roller coasters at Kings Dominion. As a kid I feared them even more than broccoli or brussel sprouts, but everything changed when on a high school trip I was dragged onto the local legend known as the Grizzly. Somehow being scared to death sparked a strong interest in coasters and I haven't looked back since.
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