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  1. Bizarro @ SFNE. Night ride, front seat, audio OFF. Heaven.
  2. Bizarro at SFNE. First time riding it in the Bizarro incarnation. S:ROS was one of my top 2 coasters (along with Millenium Force) ā€“ not so sure now. I do like most of the changes ā€“ the mist, flames, tunnels and general theming add greatly to the experience. But the audio! Not only do the headrests ruin the view for anybody except those in front, it's painfully loud. My ears were literally ringing after riding. And it's so unnecessary. When we go back, Iā€™m seriously considering earplugs.
  3. Yes, this is a ride sorely needed at the park. I'm glad it's gonna be a double shot tower (x2)
  4. Oh man - I'm so not excited about this change. I love S:ROS the way it is. Now it sounds like its gonna be all gimmicky. Music, fog and fire effects, and new trains really seem like a better idea for Mind Eraser - not one of the top coasters in the world.
  5. King's Island: Screamin' Demon, King Cobra, Bavarian Beetle, The Bat. Americana: Screechin' Eagle, Serpent Stratosphere: High Roller Busch Gardens Tampa: Python Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Drachen Fire SFOG/SFMM: Z-Force/Flashback Probably some others.
  6. Hmm. One thing? I'd get rid of long lines. Those irritate me more than anything.
  7. Health care reform is one of the issues I'm most concerned about. Every year premiums go up and coverage gets worse. I gotta go with Obama, we need to fix the health care mess.
  8. MF is in exactly the same genre as other hypers. The extra height isn't that important, the style of the ride is. IMO.
  9. I haven't blacked out on either one (or any coaster), but Raptor makes my feet tingle. Mantis is too much of a head-banger, and I greatly prefer the first drop, overbanked turns & sheer speed of MF. To each their own, though.
  10. I just broke 100 this summer after 31 years of coaster riding. I had a pretty big dry spell for a while though. I have no clue what #25 #50 or #75 were. #100 was Cobra at La Ronde. Or Goliath if I don't count relocated rides.
  11. I believe his point is that B&M has never built a record-breaking hyper.
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