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Toverland Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys, today I want to share an awesome photo that was made with a Quadcopter. Credit goes to Rene Sebastiaan, who is really awesome for sharing this picture with us.






Not only does it show the basic layout of the new area, you can also see how big it's going to be. When finished, It'll double the outdoor area of Toverland.

Better yet, if anything goes as planned, there will another expansion of similar size next year, and the park is also looking at a megacoaster addition for 2015.

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, and the park is also looking at a megacoaster addition for 2015.

Read that a while ago. The choose on manufacture still needs to take place but apparently the three they had a look for where: Vekoma, Mack and B&M. I as a B&M fan love to see one in my home country so I'm still hoping on a B&M in 2015. Off coarse a Mack mega coaster makes me happy too if it's as good or better than Blue Fire that was great. Not so big fan for a Vekoma ride the most Vekoma rides I had where shaky and head bangers. So still siting with my finger crossed for finally a B&M in the Netherlands. X X

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Damn, I'm beginning to miss visiting this park,

more and more and more and.....


The whole new section layout looks great!

And this all started with a "big box" building, huh?


I Toverland ---> TROY!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I love that this ride has on-board audio synced to the action of the ride. Toverland has always intrigued me for its ability to seemingly spring up out of nowhere and consistently be able to add major new attractions over the years. I'm really dying to get to the park and would certainly be willing to go out of my way to visit if I were doing a Europe trip.

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  • 4 months later...

It has been a while since this thread got some love, so I wanted to give you all some updates on De Magische Vallei (The Magic Valley). The new part of Toverland is turning out to be awesome! I really think Toverland is creating a great atmosphere in this area, and I even think that if Toverland continues to build like this the park will become a serious rival of De Efteling or Phantasialand. For now the park is too small to be considered a big threat to those major parks. But I really think Toverland is heading in a great direction.


While you watch the photo's, I recommend listening to this music: click

It will be the music for one of the 8 different musical area's in The Magic Valley. Below you can find a youtube video of the Orchestra playing some music (amazing!)



Toverland also build a website for The Magic Valley (clickie click), with a lot of photos. But lets move on to some awesome pictures!



Concept of the Rapids Ride (source: hclt.nl)



Another concept of the ride (hclt.nl)



How it looked like in October 2012 (hclt.nl)



This shot is a screen from the live webcam, which you can find on magischevallei.nl .. This shot was taken in November 2012 (themepark.nl)



It can be snowy in Sevenum :) The green coaster in the lower left corner is the Boosterbike (themepark.nl)



The first rocks are being placed in December of 2012 (Toverland Facebook Page)



This is a restaurant (Toverland Facebook page)



the restaurant in all its construction glory (magischevallei.nl)



Here you can see they are working on the landscaping to make it feel like a real Valley, and of course the playground in the back (magischevallei.nl)



This is some artwork and building progress of the theming of the watercarrousel (Toverland facebook page)



This shot was posted on twitter in January, it shows the station of the rapids in the back.



The height difference will be around 8 meters in some parts of the valley (Toverland Facebook Page, january)



They are making some progress :) (Toverland Facebook Page, January)



It has been (and still is) a snowy winter here in the Netherlands, but work on the rapids ride are still going on (magischevallei.nl, january)



a nice shot made by themepark.nl with the spinning coaster in the back



This webcam pictures was taken 2 weeks ago, you can see a lot of differences with the first shots.. and you'll probably notice that the qeue of Boosterbike is being demolished :) (themepark.nl)


The Magic Valley is set to open in the spring of 2013. They still have a lot to do before the opening, but it looks really promosing!


This is a bird that will be placed in de Valtoren (toverland Facebook Page)


the watercaroussel is almost finished. This pictures was posted today (twitter Paul Oomen)

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I've been follow this project all long time since I'm going on openings day (Yes there will be pictures ) and I must say that this area sure looks nice. This isn't going to stop for some time since next year they will come with a brand new entrée and in 2015 (maybe) a mega coaster of 20 million €. They planed a lot and will sure to battle against the Efteling soon I think this park can be our (The Dutch) new pride. This park sure is on the right track. Besides love the music in the link just sweet.

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Last time I was there, was 2008 and TROY!

was the new attraction there. My my, what a difference a few years make!


Toverland is really moving along in it's expantion.


The new area looks great! Looking forward to seeing future updates

on The Magic Valley as they get closer to opening.

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  • 2 months later...

The Magic Valley is open to public and we visited it last wednesday. This new area is really amasing and it was above all our expectations. The rapid river (Djengu River) is kinda fast and has a really nice station building. The spinning coaster (Dwervelwind) surprised us the most. This Mack is kinda short but surprisingly powerful, we love it ! We were also pleasantly surprised by Katara, the fountain show. The show is actually very short compared to for instance Aquanura (Efteling) but it's really magnificent. I think the big advantage of Katara is the fact that the public is standig so close next to the water.


We also made some videos...

Magic Valley walkthrough


Dwervelwind off-ride POV


Katara fountain show


Tolly Molly children's carousel


Coco Bolo children's tower ride

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  • 1 year later...

Toverland is planning a massive expansion, including the addition of a hotel:


Magic Land is at an advanced stage with regard to the preparation of a zoning plan that suits the long-term vision. These plans are for the next ten years possible extensions included. It is so far planned ahead, to permit that will occur in the future hopefully be able to run faster.


Toverland is a park with ambitions

The park has over the last 13 years has developed into one of the largest amusement parks in the Netherlands. In the first year Toverland received 175,000 visitors. The forecasted number of 660,000 visitors achieved in 2014. Expected to The aim is to grow to one million visitors within 6 to 7 years.


To achieve this growth, the park visitors will have to develop from day attraction to a total experience for the whole family. For this Toverland has developed a strategy. This strategy ensured that the park has become the past year., with the advent of the subject area the "Magic Valley", one and a half times as large To achieve the total experience, the park will continue to expand with new themed areas, overnight accommodation and parking facilities. Of the total 75 available acres is currently 16 acres cultivated. That is to say that there is sufficient development possibilities. Step by step, the park will be expanded with these new themes


New topics and hotel

The first new expansion will take place toward the north, the area around the ponds, adjacent to the "Magic Valley." This will again be an outside area in a theme with several spectacular attractions. Magic Land looks here like a roller coaster and an attraction where visitors can enjoy views over the park. The area will be about eight hectares.


Then, on the edge of the ponds a theme hotel realized, inspired by among other hotels in Europa Park in Germany . In this way, Magic Land wants to make a multi-day stay and also offer visitors from outside the region, a magical experience. By creating a new area will also move the current entrance and broadened in order to increase capacity and reduce queues. This also includes the expansion of parking facilities. In a global planning the new area and the hotel will be realized in 2018, however, this schedule is subject to financing.



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