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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Looks like Toverland is getting a 4th coaster next year:


Toverland builds include a spinning coaster


Sevenum - Themepark Toverland has this week launched the further development of the countryside. The management of the park gave North Limburg These include contract for the construction of an initial attraction for this area. Recently by Mack Rides coaster builder in Germany put the signature for the delivery of a so-called spinning coaster in the second half of 2012.


Better balance

A month ago, Toverland its plans for the coming year announced. "We want all ages, 365 days a year in any weather and a great day out offering. For better balance in that we offer in the coming time especially in the rural investment, "said Jean Gelissen, owner of Toverland. "For this we have recently purchased the land and now a first attraction. In 2013, other attractions are added. "


Unique attraction

Pieter Cornelis, director of strategy and development of the spinning coaster: "The starting point was a family attraction, especially for families with children over 12 years." Like the wooden roller coaster Troy spinning coaster will have a theme and obtain justice. "Even non-riders will be much to see and do here. What is the theme that we keep, like the name, a little below the 'magic hat'. " The roller coaster will have a place in the area behind the Booster Bike and opened after the summer.


Spinning coaster

A spinning coaster is a roller coaster where the cars while driving to their axis. Each trip is different and therefore we do not know in advance whether the track forward or backward travels. Each train will consist of four carts that move separately. The spinning coaster will be built by Mack Rides manufacturer from the Black Forest. Last week, the German agreement signed by Mr. Gelissen of Toverland and Mr. Mack, Von Engelhardt and Elverfeldt of Mack Rides.


Amusement park Toverland, located in northern Limburg Sevenum, was opened in 2001. The park is part of the Gelissen Group. Every year more than 500,000 visitors Toverland. In 2010 Toverland consumer program "Radar" was voted the best amusement park in the Netherlands. More information can be found on www.toverland.nl

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Awesome! I(despite not having been there) LOVE this park because it just seems so fun! It looks very nicely themed and I haven't seen any other park quite like it. I mean part of the park kinda looks like a Boomers or something but much better... an indoor park with various rides, a log flume(which looks kinda awesome as well) and a custom vekoma coaster. IN ADDITION though go outside the indoor part and there is a custom GCI and booster bike as well as a pretty sick looking ropes course! Awesome in my book!

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I was also pleasantly surprised this summer. It was my first visit, and I liked it a lot. Troy is excellent, but definitely NOT the best GCI imho... I much prefered Prowler and have a soft spot for Renegade too. But this seems like a good addition to the park. What about the old Batman clone dream ? Was it just rumour or can we still expect a real THRILL coaster in the future ? The park does NOT need that, I mean, but that's probably something that would get ME coming back. (I don't think they care though lol) Nice original little rides in this park. One fun "discovery" for me was the powered bobsled pictured below


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I love this park!


The time we spent here on the TPR 2008 tour was wonderful.


The new additions keep making this park better and better

for re-visits, etc.


Must get back here.



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I managed to drop by Toverland this afternoon and the re-theming of the restaurant is in full swing. And WOW, this is damn-shizz impressive stuff. If you thought the themeing at Troy was good, this is even better. Those crappy pics from me don't do justice on how good this looks in person. And it's not even finished!


Also, at the other corner of the first building, a new slab of concrete has be poured, on the place where a wooden play-castle used to be.


And for Troy's sake, there is also a picture of Troy at the end (don't forget to vote in Mitch's poll!)



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Toverland is working on a new Spinning Coaster for fall 2012, but is working on other projects too.

They are asking a permit to add a Hafema Rapid, an Heege Tower, a restaurant and a 'duckmill'. There are rumours they are starting the construction works for an hotel this month.

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They are asking a permit to add a Hafema Rapid, an Heege Tower, a restaurant and a 'duckmill'.


Duckmill? What's a duckmill?


Doesn't matter. Great park.

And soon a hotel, too!

Need to go back there again.

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I think it's kind of cool that you can have the use

of a nice new hotel right by the park, to relax in,

get away from crowds, and enjoy in addition to the park itself.


There are many times, during a TPR Tour, we have arrived

in the late evening at a park's host hotel. We used it for the

night's sleep, then checked out that morning and did the park,

and then continued on to our next destination. Simple, but

it was nice to have the hotel right there when we needed it.


Toverland's new hotel will be a great stopover for those who need it,

I am sure. Or one to enjoy on it's own, too. Hotels can be as

much fun as visiting the park itself, yes? (i.e. Colossus at Europa).

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^ Thankyou!


I had no idea, lol.

Looks like a lot of fun for the kids and their parents.


And that is quite the expansion for Toverland!

Amazing that it (mostly) started as the

"Big Box Theme Park" it was, heh.


Booster BIke and Troy have certainly helped

start it on it's current path of awesomeness!

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^Thank you for posting the manufacturer's name. I just wasted an hour trying to search for the name of the company. Also, the new DuckMill is from the same manufacturer.


If anyone is curious the manufacturer's name for the ride system is PonyTrekking



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