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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Great Artwork, Seems like a weird mixture of all their theme area's so far (I definitely see some Magische Vallei and Land van Toos with the dark undertone coming from the Magic Forrest and while we're at it the wood represents the Troy area.) I love it. Not surprised there seems to be a Toverland sign near the entrance.


I just love this park and what they do. I was always wanted to bisect this park's history and now I've done it I love it even more.

2001: The park opened with one hall full of attractions.

2004: The second hall was added full of attractions a big coaster as part of it (Boosterbike).

2007: Another big expansion for the park opening an other big coaster (Troy) again in a brand new theme area.

2008 & 2010: A total of 3 attractions added and in 2011 an update took place.

2012 & 2013: Another expansion with a rapid river and an other coaster (Dwervelwind) opened.

2015: Another year for updating.

And now:

2018: A new entrance plaza away from the original and an other expansion and again with a big coaster (The winged one).

It's great to see a park expand not one attraction at a time, but rather see them safe up and expand beyond their borders. I'm aware there is a limit to how long this can keep on but I'm just glad to witness a park grow like this and I'm happy Toverland didn't get stuck in that phase where the other parks in the Netherlands got stuck in, which I personally like to call the permanent Fun fair phase.

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The construction of the new themed area with the wing coaster has started



The time has finally come: Toverland starts with the construction of the brand new themed area with a sensational wing coaster from B&M. Today construction work has officially started. At the same time, the themed website 2018.toverland.com has been launched, where fans can follow the latest news about the project.


During the past months, the necessary permits have been approved and the land has been made ready for construction. "At the moment, you can see the contours of the buildings," explains Technical Director Paul Oomen. The expansion of seven hectares costs a total of 30 million euros.


In the new themed area, that will be called Avalon according to rumors, there will bz a boat attraction next to the wing coaster. In addition, the theme park gets a new entrance area. "This is our biggest expansion so far, the park is getting one and a half times bigger." The opening will take place in the summer of 2018.



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Toverland is starting to explode with expansion!

The new entrance area looks nice, although entering through The Box was always fun, I remember.

Looking forward to seeing the progress of all of this new stuff for the park.

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New Teaser: It rushes by with full power


Just awake, it's ready for a fresh start. Young, inexperienced and completely new. It is ready for a new start.

What is still small begins to grow into a powerful burning mass. A blazing fireball.


It is ready for a first flight.


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Big update:


The new area has been unveiled today, name: Avalon.






In the area is a wing coaster and a Mack Boat ride.











builder: MACK Rides

Type: Boatride

length: 430 meter

number of boats: 14

seats: 16

ridetime: 12 minuten

capacity: 950 personen per uur















Builder: Bolliger & Mabillard

Type: Wing Coaster

Height: 40 meter

Length: 813 meter

Max speed: 95 km/u

Inversios: 3

Seats: 24

Trains: 2

Ride time: 2 minutes

Capacity: 1000 personen per uur














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It all looks wonderful and enchanting! Eventually, I think they're going to want to theme

"the boxes" (like a castle or something like that), to keep in theme with all the great outdoor

attractions and areas they keep adding.


Fun times at Toverland. Me in front, trying to be... 'strong.' TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

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That whole area looks really good! When I first saw the layout I thought it looked like something a beginner would do in No Limits 2, given that it seems to stick very much to a grid pattern. But with all the scenery and paths to break up the grid pattern it looks so much better! Love all the theming, the boat ride and the restaurant looks fantastic as well!


It's amazing how far Toverland have come since they opened in 2001...

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