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  1. Construction update The six swans: Source: @Pleatjesmakers (Twitter) Onride renewed old tuffers:
  2. Here an nice onride of the renewed Bird Rock (Vogelrok) They also started the construction of the new fairy tale: (Source: @eftelingfan) Layout of the new farytale, including the small flatride:
  3. According to the efteling twitter account the final layout will be announced later, I would not be surprised if some things change. They have plenty of time before construction starts Source: (Dutch) For people that don't know who Max and Moritz are: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_and_Moritz
  4. Awesome new Mack coaster! Happy to see that they replace the coaster for an funny childeren ride.
  5. The new talking tree Kniesnoor is ready! The tree responds to the visitors through the Efteling app. Some pictures from the Efteling:
  6. Another new expansion in the fairytale forest, a talking tree that responds to visitors. ''The Babbelboom is more innovative. He can address guests directly in person. The Babbelboom has contact with the Efteling app. The Babbelboom can sometimes be a bit grumpy, but he always means well "" He also keeps an eye on the smallest details. A new hairdo? Or a stain on your coat? Kniesoor sees it.'' Opening at the end of this year
  7. The Dutch website ad.nl made an nice overview of the new expansions:
  8. Funny, other sources sad that there are some plans to replace the Bob for an lug flume, ofcourse rumours are rumours
  9. Efteling will open a new fairytale in 2019! (Bigger size: https://www.efteling.com/nl/-/media/files/attracties/efteling-de-zes-zwanen-artist-impression.jpg?la=nl&hash=DDF8E01A2361D4707D77AC3CED73C30E6DB507CC) The fairy tale is based on a story of the brothers grimm, called the six swans. Under the fairytale is a boat trip for children with 6 swans. Openings date: autumn 2019
  10. The interactive stage before Symbolica is done! Pictures: Source: @cindy_ve & @eftelwesley
  11. Today Efteling revealed the first concept art of there new restaurant: (Big: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DgtIvLLWsAEOEO8.jpg:large) The restaurant will open next month (July 26) in collaboration with an external food company (La Place)
  12. Breaking: Big fire in Europa-park, the pirates in batavia seem to burn completely. ''Liebe Besucher, derzeit gibt es einen Brand bei der Attraktion 'Die Piraten von Batavia'. Bitte meiden Sie den Skandinavischen Themenbereich. Wir informieren Sie in K├╝rze hier wieder. Danke!''
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