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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Looks great, hope this does the ride justice, it is actually very fun. I read that the plan is to place a building on the outdoor part, I actually would hate that or the theming must be stunning. I know they might be doing this to not curse with the magic Valley part of the park.

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And this was my very first Bobkart, back in 2008. I loved it!

The concept art of the load station, looks great. Hope they can stick with most

of this design, and not change it too much.

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Interesting. On board soundtrack with the Bob Karts, lol!


Maybe it'll work. Maybe it won't.

Sounds interesting, nonetheless.


And that soundtrack on the above video, sounds like it would

be in the load station, for atmospheric themeing.

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It can work one of two ways:


1 - One single long track that plays at the start of the ride and continues until the end.




2 - Several tracks that play in certain sections, being triggered by sensors. This is how most dark rides and nearly every Disney ride works. So the riders can go at their own speed, and still get some sort of audio to specific areas.

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^Not yet but hey anything can happen right?

But then again they also promised a outside entrance for 2014 we never saw. Hope they don't canceled the Mega coaster they announced, and with the Efteling in 2015 and Walibi in 2016 getting great rides they should keep to at least that, oh well.

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My first bobkart ever, was at Toverland, and this looks like it's gotten an amazing makeover

and re-theming. Great park, great rides and coasters, a favourite among all the parks

I have been to, over the years.


Also, TROY! is pretty awesome for this park, too.

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^^^ The new indoor hall is no longer planned as far as we know. According to the Toverland Finance website, the next big expansion will be a "huge themed area" around the ponds to the north.


Nieuw themagebied


De eerste nieuwe uitbreiding zal plaatsvinden bij de twee grote vijvers achter Dwervelwind. Een nieuw themagebied zal aangesloten worden op de ‘Magische Vallei’. Het gebied zal ongeveer acht hectare groot worden. Aan de rand van de vijvers zal een grote uitbreiding gerealiseerd worden. Met het creëren van het nieuwe themagebied zal ook de huidige entree aangepakt worden om zo de capaciteit te vergroten en wachtrijen te beperken. Ook tot de plannen behoort het uitbreiden van de parkeermogelijkheden. Vooralsnog staat het nieuwe themagebied gepland voor 2018. In 2020 zal wederom een grote uitbreiding plaatsvinden. De exacte invulling hiervan is nog onbekend.


Google translate:

New themed area


The first new expansion will take place in two large ponds behind Dwervelwind . A new theme area will be connected to the " Magic Valley " . The area will be approximately eight hectares. At the edge of the ponds a major expansion will be realized. With the creation of the new area will also address the current entrance in order to increase capacity and reduce queues. Also, the plans include expanding the parking . For now the new area is planned for 2018. In 2020 will again be a major expansion . The exact interpretation of this is still unknown.




So I guess we'll have to wait 2.5 years. I do hope they'll put in some small stuff in between like the retheming of the bob and the new swing ride.


New area for 2018

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