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  1. Vekoma has posted a video of their new Firestorm launch coaster model on their fb. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] This thing looks amazing.
  2. As of today the new zoning plan was approved by the city council of Horst aan de Maas. Meaning Toverland will be able to expand from 24 to 75 acres in size. Also, rumour has it they'll begin construction on a wing coaster february 2017. Take this with a grain of salt though as there's no concrete evidence.
  3. Imagine the airtime in that last car on the vekoma on the first drop though. Do you guys think the lenght of the trains is definitive or something that will be changed in the end? Cause only 5 cars with a capacity of 20 people on the Intamin seems a bit low for a coaster of this size.
  4. I have no idea how the flash pass works since I haven't used it myself. I do know though that there is not a single comfortable seat on El Condor.
  5. The Orkanen model seems pretty popular. I wonder how many clones there are now.
  6. This is what the trains will look like for the formula 1 rollercoaster. They look nice in my opinion and the vests mean no head banging. Pic taken from the Vekoma facebook page. Formula 1 train
  7. Toverland has released a press statement about the number of visitors they had in 2015. They were pleased to welcome 698.484 guests which is a record for the park.
  8. I feel like it's almost impossible for Vekoma to get rid of their bad name. On topic though, looking forward to try out these new rides. Theming looks amazing so far and so does Taron ofc.
  9. ^^^ The new indoor hall is no longer planned as far as we know. According to the Toverland Finance website, the next big expansion will be a "huge themed area" around the ponds to the north. So I guess we'll have to wait 2.5 years. I do hope they'll put in some small stuff in between like the retheming of the bob and the new swing ride. New area for 2018
  10. They're almost done putting in the new swing ride which replaces the broken one. Should be open the 15th of December Tweet
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