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Toverland Discussion Thread

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So the renewed Expedition Zork and Interactive Marble run Wunderball are soft open. Not everything is ready yet but this week and the next are a holiday here and they wanted to offer up the ride. 20220427_094840.thumb.jpg.0d6254fa198835297b13e31c071be47e.jpg20220427_094927.thumb.jpg.0d7e93619e3f6110a2d19bdb803cb3ea.jpg20220427_094944.thumb.jpg.173bbd9b0d737c428631997ec7777074.jpg20220427_095005.thumb.jpg.44ee401f8affff2a5cbfaa60ca0966d9.jpg20220427_110458.thumb.jpg.8b4f1915c20bc5f0c3e7e13f3623ca1c.jpg

Just some pictures form far away on the outside, I forgot to make some more detailed ones.


Some pictures form the inside, not much changed here on the ride site of things. But queue and entry have had a major update, I also took a picture form the Queue form above, but that one turned out so bad.20220427_095011.thumb.jpg.7108c81287c11c94a872b1d3feabe904.jpg20220427_104958.thumb.jpg.4f6d70778022ddc213aa010c9df693e7.jpg20220427_105013.thumb.jpg.a960c1e0b78800ba26ed6efed822d585.jpg20220427_105016.thumb.jpg.7bcfc4280256a8b40287e5926650f9de.jpg20220427_105020.thumb.jpg.58255b5b7a9ff2ccf7388e2617dd630f.jpg20220427_105055.thumb.jpg.647fee7eb4df9c114b3dc2e421fea30a.jpg


Some impression of Wunderball. Here is also how it works, You can buy wooden balls form the vending machine and then just drop them on one of the two tracks and follow them till the end, the interactive part is mostly just you starting the ball. There are also wrenches, bath tubs and other crazy stuff the ball passes on either one of these tracks. Looks extremely fun for little children as when I was at the end two kids flew back up the hill to go again.

I Really enjoy seeing the park invest so heavy in older rides. It did make me wonder if they ever are going to finish the station of Booster Bike, when they opened the Magic valley they had plans to update the station of the ride to match the area and especially now that station has become a painful sight.

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