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  1. I'd advise you to take the Efteling bus (efteling express) instead of the regular bus line if you are traveling via den bosch. Because the regular bus line will add at least half an hour to your travel.
  2. Was at Disneyland a few weeks ago with my whole family and seen kids scribe their names into the rock work on Indiana Jones. I let my mother handle that because she is a B*&^%. and let me tell you. Those kids felt like crap after her verbal beat down. One kid try to talk back but my 6'4 260 pound brother got in his face. Or you could have just warned security.
  3. I keep reading a "J" instead of the first "z".. Honestly I always thought that name was ridiculous and I can't see it happening. Very excited to see what is going in for next year, I guess we'll have more certainty within the next few weeks. Hope to be back at the park next year and try it for myself!
  4. At least we won't have to see this while riding goliath, lost gravity or robin hood.
  5. They might just want to widen the pathway upto splashworks. It's possible that with this new addition, the pathway to splashworks past minebuster will be lost.
  6. If they are going full Canadian: "Oh I'm sorry eh - the ride". That should also work for a german theme now that I think of it.
  7. Realy cool shots of leviathan and awesome construction updates. Big thanks! Is a B&M dive coaster out of the question? Would be a great fit for a tunnel.
  8. Well, you know you are in a Six Flags park when 8 teens hospitalize your family..
  9. Way to be specific, personally I only enjoy erotic Darien Lake pictures.
  10. Very cool, love that first turn after the first drop. The trains are also pretty..
  11. I just found these pictures on a dutch forum, I have no idea what the original source is: Looks like it did not hit the floor.
  12. ^No they are on the track, you can spot them after the train hits the brakes.
  13. ^This is probaly the best news to come out of this place since ages.
  14. Can I just say that I like how Cedar Point didn't announce this ride yet? It's a shit load of fun trying to piece toghether the ride from these pictures.
  15. Seriously. Or my favorite "Xcellerator". Hey, at least they got the "X" right! Geez. Xescalator is my favorite ride at magic mountain.
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