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  1. ^ Thanks! The racing is quite good. There are some nice interactions throughout the ride. I did notice that occasionally the right track would be released from the lift a bit earlier. But even then the finish would be quite close, with sometimes the left side still winning, despite the start disadvantage. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe the trains are being weighed in order to create a close race, or maybe one track is slightly slower than the other and they try to even it out. I thinks it's the latter, considering that the right track had significantly less race wins than the left track
  2. So Tweestryd opened at the end of March. I took some rides on April 1st (no joke ) and this is what I think of it: I've ridden both sides, front and back seat. They're very nice, family friendly rides. Not really intense, but then again, it was quite cold (4 degrees celsius) and the ride is brand new. So it might run a bit faster on a hot summer day in a few months. It's a very nice and flowing ride with good speed throughout the course and some nice floater airtime. My favorite seat was the front seat of the right-side track (red side). That seat feels the most intense, with some nice
  3. Like I've said in an earlier post, I've visited the construction-site. My first impression: very nicely themed. I really like the entrance to the queue, where you walk through a mine shaft. I also really like the other theme-objects in the area and queue, like the little train in the queue. Also really nice: The exit of the coasters is in the middle of the station, between both tracks. You'll walk between and very close to both tracks and end up at the food stal/possible photo booth or souvenir shop. What they told about the coaster(s): Height: 20m Length: 218m Top speed: 60 km/h
  4. Tweestryd was testing today. Took some quick shots, but I didn't have much time and it was the end of the afternoon, so I didn't enter the park.
  5. As promised the construction pictures of last week. The trains were not well visible, the view was quite obstructed. Entrance to the new area: Some pictures of the rest of the park:
  6. On March 4th and 11th (from 11:00 till 16:00 local time) Wildlands will hold construction-site tours for pass-holders. I've signed up for March 4th and I will take pictures if allowed. Pass-holders can sign up via: https://www.wildlands.nl/kijkje . Last weekend I took some pictures of the construction-site. I will upload them later today or tomorrow.
  7. ^ Yes, it has some serious banking. Though not that surprising considering how low to the ground it remains. Plus, from where I was standing the turns look quite tight. It looks like this could be quite an intense ride for a family boomerang. Also, looking at the concept art in the start post, it seems that they are really sticking to that.
  8. I went back today and took a few pictures. As you can see they're building some buildings/tunnels through which the coaster will go. The 2 end-spikes have also been completed.
  9. I think they did good in going for a dueling coaster in stead of just a single one, considering the park had about 1 million visitors in 2017.
  10. Construction of the Vekoma Dueling Family Boomerang is already well underway. I visited Wildlands today and took some pictures of the coasters construction. They were also working on it today.
  11. And there goes the test track. Thank you for keeping us updated with all the pictures and videos you made!
  12. Indeed. The undercarriage of the last car is the same as all the other cars (and in the same direction). The seats are connected at the point where the first row of the car is connected and the "nose" at the point where (normally) the second row of seats are. I think that way Mack didn't really need to develop anything new, but just use existing parts, except maybe the extra nose. This coaster seems to really fly through its course! I would love to see some more of these big Macks around the world!
  13. I'm with you on this one. From the video alone it seemed to be running so ... slow...? If it went through those elements slighty faster it would probably be 90% MORE amazing!! Indeed. I have to say though, while riding most of the ride doesn't really feel slow, only the highest parts, but you do feel a lack of forces. I think that's a shame and it is the reason that I think Gold Rush at Slagharen is better.
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