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  1. 1. How many parks did you visit in 2019? I think it was 10, most were good 15, I forgot all about Fort Fun and Port Aventura 2. Best new-for-2019 (or new-to-you-in-2019) ride? Untamed! 3. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Untamed, Taron, Achtbaan 4. What was the best flat ride you rode in 2019? Talocan 5. What is your favorite RMC under 130 feet? (cheat sheet) Untamed! Also the only one 6. What was the last Premier coaster that you rode? Never rode one, we need some of those over here! 7. Name a park you've been to that you're already planning to revisi
  2. I actually had to think if I even did five of these xD 1. Nemesis 2. Monster 3. Batman 4. Black Mamba I did not
  3. Wheter or not you should visit the park it up to you, if you're a huge thrill/coaster fan the park may not offer what you seek. If you love a good atmosphere, fairytales and darkrides you're in the right spot. I only know that each time I come back to the park after visiting Phantasialand/Disneyland I'm surprised by how good the park looks. About going there, the park is very easy to reach with public transport. The journey should take about two hours, which includes the train from Amsterdam Central and the bus from 'sHertogenbosch. If you are in the Netherlands, Google Maps added almost a
  4. This is a hard one: 1. Walibi World - Untamed (1) + Goliath (6) = 7 2. Liseberg - Helix (3) + Lisebergbanan (15) = 18 3. Europa Park - Silver Star (10) + Blue Fire (11) = 21 4. Alton Towers - Nemesis (8) + Galactica (15) = 23
  5. It very much depends on the crowds that day. When the crowds are low the park can easly be visited in five hours with a fair amount of rerides. Apart from the coasters the park only has a few other slightly interesting rides. The coasters are a mixed bag, Goliath, Lost Graivty and Untamed are great. Condor is the first ever SLC (need I say more?) and Express and Speed of Sound are your random verkoma's (altough Speed of Sound is the best boomerang according to many). When I was last in Walibi the queue's closed at six, but I'm not sure what their policy usually is. The queue's are rarerly over
  6. I was lucky enough to have a day off and spend it in Walibi for the opening of Untamed. Now, before I start I am not a huge fan of Walibi. Although the park has two very good coasters (Goliath and Lost Gravity) the park doesn't offer enough other interesting rides for me to really make it a go to destination. But I have to give credit where credit is due, the new area looks amazing! The way the park re-themed everything and made it all fit together is amazing. I'm a huge sucker for classic themed zones (medieval), but they really gave the new area a modern and fresh look. Kudo's for that!
  7. I was there about a month ago, it wasn't crowded at all. The park barely gets any visitors these days even though it's quite large. The park has 4 coasters, of which two are of the bigger sort. Monster is the main reason to go there, the other rides are nothing special. Anaconda is less rough then a few years back since they retracked large parts of it. It's still a bit on the boring side though. The park show is long (45 minutes) and quite fun to watch even if you don't speak french. Other than that there is not much to say. All basic rides are there, they are trying to make it all look
  8. As far as I know the ride makes a left 270 degrees roll, than has an outside banked 90 degrees part and then it will probably make another 270 roll to the right. So, roll, airtime, roll.
  9. Wow, I am hyped about this ride. It starts to look better and better with each update. The 270and back again roll with the 90 degrees outside bank looks insane. I'm really curious how it rides!
  10. Next year is going to be a slow year for me since I want to save for the Japan trip in 2020. All in I still think I'm going to enjoy it: - Efteling (every year) - Toverland (re-rides on Fenix) - Phantasialand (they are going to open a new coaster I've heard) - Port Aventura (the only big new park on the horizon) - Walibi Holland (RMC, yeah!) - Bobbejaanland (Gerstlauer, yeah....) Other than that, we'll see. Probably going to pick up a little park here or there. Then again, with the first four/five parks I've got enough quality rides.
  11. While I can imagine why someone would want to rank every coaster we also got to be honest here, what are the odds of the ranking in the mid and lower end to really say anything. I can imagine that most people with more than 150 coasters only really rank the top 20 or so and group the rest. Also, I think that only picking the 'bigger/beter' rides is a smart idea. I for one really don't care about ranking all the wild mouse coasters I've ridden, all the small junior coasters. How fair would the ranking be if people didn't put it in since they don't care? All in, I can see why someone wants
  12. As an European the coming years are very awesome. I always was very jealous at the big new coasters being announced in Asia and North America and now europe is quickly catching up with rides like Wildfire, Taron, Fly, Hyperion, Untamed and the two new rides in Park Asterix and Walibi Belgium. It porably also has to do with the fact that many of these new rides are only a day trip away for me now. I love the new intamin style. A perfect combination between classic and old. The second hill on the Walibi ride looks insane! Als a dutchie I love Vekoma stepping up again with Fly and Guardi
  13. The next problem you face then is ‘who is an expert?’. Someone who traveled a lot? Someone with a set amount of parks or a certain list of parks? And should he/she also visit all shows and all restaurants? Its a hard thing to set I think. Also, if in a mutual rider comparison the ride/park/restaurant doesn’t get enough riders, is the group of riders high enough at all to inclusie the ride? In an expert group there’d still be to few riders or to few experts to fairly rank them without giving a small group a huge influence. For the first time, If you want to have these awards, i’d stic
  14. I'm not sure. The old ride had an insane amount of animatronics and those are very expensive if you want to update them. This is a problem parks like Europa Park and the Efteling both have. Pirates and Fata Morgana greatly depend on animatronics and detailed theming. I think that rebuilding would be to expensive. If I were Europa Park I'd start with a complete redesign of that area. Give Norway a bit more space (it was very nice, but small considering the visitor numbers) and redo the Netherlands with a new ride system (Pirates Shanghai, it's not like the even try to hide that fact they copy D
  15. I don't think that came out the way you intended... Yeah, stopped typing halfway through to correct another error and forgot to continue. Wodan is safe, the wood in most picures is from the Norwegian area. The only coaster thats closeby enough to be affected is Blue Fire and I can't see how the fire could get there.
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