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  1. Yesterday additional artwork has been revealed and to me it looks like the old theme will be still there in form of the VR ride (which will have a separate entrance btw)
  2. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Legoland Billund/Denmark (in fact the first ever built Legoland) and there are plans to add a new family coaster. It will be called „Flyvende Ørn“ (Flying Eagle), built by Zierer and highly themed with an Rocky Mountains environment. Legoland is also going to refurbish its log flume and extend its entrance area. Some pictures and video: [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew] Source
  3. In fact I see Parques Reunidos parks blossom at the moment! Just look at Slagharen, Tusenfryd or Movie Park Germany. Heard that Movieland Park will also get new coaster!
  4. Reminds me a bit of Drage Kongen at Djurs Sommerland. Hopefully Toverland will do some dark ride part though!
  5. You were the first YT channel about rollercoasters I found and I will stick with you. Congratulations and keep up the good work!!
  6. It's official now, name will be Dynamite and it will replace the old Zierer Silver Mine.
  7. Yesterday I had the chance to ride the Monster at Walygator Parc. And yes, this is truly a Monster!! Although it has absolutely no theming it immediately became one of my favourite coasters all over Europe! (Anyone knows why my posts disappear?)
  8. Sad to see this disappear so early. I will be at Liseberg for Valkyria next year, would have been great if I would have had the chance to ride this.
  9. So the new coaster will be called Dynamite and have a custom layout. The old Zierer coaster Silver Mine will be demolished btw. Source
  10. It is officially open now and Legendia shared a nice video which has much better onride quality than the one shared here before. Has anyone been on this coaster so far? I am curious if this is Vekoma's next big thing like the SLCs or Boomerangs!
  11. If someone is a fan of parades and you want to visit Disneyland Paris in the near future you should choose a Tuesday. From now on there is "Tuesday is a Guest Star Day" with changing and rare special characters joining the parade! Source: http://www.looopings.nl/weblog/8017/Bijzondere-Disney-figuren-in-parade-Disneyland-Paris.html
  12. I am very excited to see the "open globe". When work starts after summer season, you should have a good look from the observation tower!
  13. Well, I think I theorized this when Klugheim was being built (or it was about energylandia), but it is simply possible that Phantasialand just puts all their extra profits into developing new stuff, instead of keeping it or dealing it around for execs. For example my home park Linnanmäki has roughly something over 1 million yearly guests (no super accurate info available) and they're able to donate over 4 million euros (roughly 4.5 million $) to charity annually, even after new improvements which means easily parks with more guests have lots of spare money (consider how much Merlin lost daily when Smiler was closed yet they survived) This makes much sense yes. But I still wonder, because if you compare with private held parks like Europa-Park, Phantasialand still makes much bigger steps. And Europa-Park does have at least twice the visitors. Anyway, I am happy that Phantasialand is developing like that!
  14. I wonder where Phantasialand takes the money from. After Klugheim now this. How much visitors do they have? 2 millions?
  15. I had never any doubt it would not reopen. Kolmarden is way too important.
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