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  1. Amusement Park Toverland (the Netherlands) is organising a contest for its 18th birthday. The price: an annual card for 18 years, for the entire family! The park asked why Toverland is so special for 'you'. We made a video about it where our daughter sings a Toverland-version of Disney's Aladdin - A Whole New World (in Dutch). And off course we mention the fact that we engaged last month in wooden roller coaster Troy. Today the contest has been closed, and now the fans can vote for their favorite participator. Would you like to help your fellow amusement park enthusiasts? Just surf to https://www.toverland.com/18jaar-stemmen/... vote for #9: Liedje: 'Toverland is zo mooi', fill in your e-mail and hit the vote button (Verzenden). Thank you guys !
  2. Next saturday the park oficially opens the new ride, but actually it's allready open...
  3. Last week the Forbidden Caves officialy opened. Some videos;
  4. Last friday there was a pre-opening for the annual passholders... Entrance... Queue area... Station... Thanks to: http://bobfans.be/nieuws/81-addict-abonnees-testen-forbidden-caves
  5. New update. The park is open now, the new ride isn't... Entering Adventure Valley; Coffee Cave and Sugar Shack... Quite expensive (FYI: € 1,00 = $ 1,06) Souvenir shop and ride exit; The facade isn't ready I think... Source and more: http://bobfans.be/nieuws/78-seizoenstart-2015
  6. This is my new Europa-Park 2013 park video. It features some of the 2013 novelties... Moderator Note: Link Removed You need 50 posts before you are allowed to link to personal websites, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. Please refer to the TOS that you agreed to upon signing up.
  7. The Magic Valley is open to public and we visited it last wednesday. This new area is really amasing and it was above all our expectations. The rapid river (Djengu River) is kinda fast and has a really nice station building. The spinning coaster (Dwervelwind) surprised us the most. This Mack is kinda short but surprisingly powerful, we love it ! We were also pleasantly surprised by Katara, the fountain show. The show is actually very short compared to for instance Aquanura (Efteling) but it's really magnificent. I think the big advantage of Katara is the fact that the public is standig so close next to the water. We also made some videos... Magic Valley walkthrough Dwervelwind off-ride POV Katara fountain show Tolly Molly children's carousel Coco Bolo children's tower ride
  8. Hi everyone! I've been reading the TPR-forum for a while now but never posted a topic, so here it is . This is my first report in English, but I'll do my best . Last month we finally visited Europe's biggest theme park; Europa-Park. To fully enjoy the park we decided to stay there for 4 days, and they were worth it! Where should I begin? Roller coasters off course! Europa-Park has 11 of them, wich makes it the park with the most roller coasters in Europe. Silver Star was the first one on the list. I never rode a roller coaster that was this high, but according to me the ride does not take fully advantage of it's heigth. I prefer Intamin Mega Coaster's as Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park) and Goliath (Walibi Holand). Blue Fire is a lot of fun, but has a weak launch I think. However the ride is just odd, I really loved Eurosat. Matterhorn-Blitz is an original wild mouse with nice theming and Alpenexpress is a standard powered coaster but rides through a beautiful cave. Pegasus, Euromir, Schweizer Bobbahn en Wodan were just disappointing. Pegasus is a fun junior coaster but has almost no theming (compared to the rest of the park). Euromir is just painful and the big space station is really ugly ! Schweizer Bobbahn is a ride I'll never like, Mack Bobsled's give me a headache. Also Wodan, Europa-Park's newest roller coaster, disappointed me. The queue line and station are really beautiful but the ride is too short, I think. Europa-Park also has some water rides. I know Europa-Park is kinda a catalogue from Mack Rides but Poseidon and Atlantica are almost the same rides. I like Poseidon more because of a nicer station and the extra coaster track. Europa-Park also has some strange dark rides. Piraten in Batavia is the most beautiful dark ride, I think. There is so much to see, one of my favorites for sure! I also liked Abenteuer Atlantis, a nice shooter that every park should have . Geisterschloss kinda reminded me off Disneyland Paris's Phantom Manor. Ok, Phantom Manor is way better but Geisterschloss is not a punishment . Schlittenfahrt and Universum der Energie weren't that much fun, they were just boring! We did not see all of Europa-Park's shows. The iceshow was very nice and did not bored us at all! The Spannish Arena-show wasn't that intresting, it just takes too long. Carnevale a Venezia is very very odd! I still don't know what to think of this old animatronic bird show . Not really a show but the new 4D film is really nice! I don't feel like discuss every flat ride but overall they where all nice. Knowing Europa-Park only costs € 37.50/day (about $ 47), it is really great! They don't thematize everything into detail and the park has almost no thrill ride... but I don't care, it's great! Some parts of the park are a little bit outdated, but I'm sure they will work on that in the future . Just one more thing; Europa-Park's enchanted forest is nothing compares to the one in Efteling . See you soon Europa-Park! I also made a video (in HD); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD0MTH3r1Pw Sorry for my website-tag on the photos . Yep, we're at Europa-Park! Nice family coaster . Headache - The Ride. Romantic France. Best show in Europa-Park . Having fun ? Take the drop! Looks like they love it :-s. Hi Jack! Not bad, but too short! See, Europa-Park shows are sexy . Nice rapids! Standard powered with nice cave . I prefer a Huss Rainbow . Well hello there, mademoiselle! It's getting dark, time to go home . See you soon Europa-Park!
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