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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Great pictures. I LOVE the themeing. Does it have much airitme?


Wel not very much, more like little pops at the tops of hills, the camalback has a nice longer floater though.


I also rode is, friday and yesterday. Yesterday only 30 time, opposite to 40 on friday. It realy kicks ass, especialy in the evening near closing time and when it rains/the track is wet. And I have to say, this ride suck in the back when you compare it to the frontseat! And if you ride front, ride left, cuss otherwise you'll have to deal with a lot of lateral G's in the last helix!


We also had the oppertunity to talk to Clair from GCI and we heard some interesting stuff. The ride WILL remain smooth as long as Toverland does all the work on the ride as GCI told them to do.


Ow and to robb, he also said Intamin Woodies are NOT REALY WOODIES! Take that

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Ow and to robb, he also said Intamin Woodies are NOT REALY WOODIES! Take that


I don't care what Claire From GCI says, Intamin woodies are wooden coasters!


Do you know why? Because they are made from wood! It doesn't matter how it is made, it's a proper wooden coaster.


If you build a bridge out of wood only you build it in the factory first and then lift it into place, does that mean that the bridge is now a steel bridge? No, of course it doesn't!


If you were to say that Intamin woodies are not wooden coasters built in the traditional style, then that would be correct but I'm sorry, if it's not a proper wooden coaster then what is it?


Anyway, Troy looks awesome. I really hope that European parks continue to buy GCI coasters as they look to be really smooth, really high quality woodies. If only I could have ridden Roar in 1999, I was too short!

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Wow, this coaster looks amazing, and it has completely exceeded my expectations. The theming and landscaping around the ride is done really well. This is probably one of the most photogenic newer wooden coasters, and all the photos of this I've seen are amazing. I'm interested in seeing what Robb and Elissa have to say about it as they were happy with Renegade, and they seem even more excited to ride this.

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First drop is very similar to DW, although in the opposite direction. Nice rightward lateral push in the back of the train…strong positives in the pullout. The ride immediately climbs and rebanks to the left into a 70+deg banked turn…with max banking at the peak of the hill.




and aligning with the station fly-through.


The hill after the fly-through drops all the way to ground level landing into a slight left hand bank. Quick switch to a righthand climb to the top level of the triple crossover. Snap left at the peak…A left-right twisting S-curve drop on the backside aligns the track parallel with the first curve under the lift. An uphill climb flattens out with a nice pop of air and banks flatly to the right before another pop of air into the final leftward undulating helix. (...)


Dude, that was an awesome talk-through. I especially loved these (^^) parts of the ride. Troy is Insane, wicked, twisted, but also comfortable and smooth.


But, as you said, it has a variety of elements, laterals, positives and floaters, which makes it an amazing ride, over and over again.


At the pre-opening I spoke to Clair Hains, director of GCI. It was really amusing talking to this guy who is so enthousiastic about his work. At the end he told me that his coasters could make a corksrew and that he was willing to try and build it. He said that he was waiting for a park who dares to try an inversion in a woody. Keep on going GCI! Troy is my new #1 coaster.

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Today, I was with a lot of Coaster-Freaks in Toverland!


I love TROY!

It rocks !


It is my favourite of all the countet woodies of me!

It has a very nice layout.

You have many curves on the bottom and a lot of speed!

One beautiful thing of it, is the piece of track, which goes through the station!


It is a lot of fun.



I think, I "tested" it 34 times!




It is a big coaster for this little park!

I think, it makes the whole park more beautiful!






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  • 2 years later...

Original article from Dagblad De Limburger (Daily local newspaper)


Inverstering 10 miljoen Toverland


Sevenum - Toverland-eigenaar Jean Gelissen gaat komend jaar tien miljoen euro inversteren in nieuwe attracties. De ondernemer heeft bovendien ambitieuze plannen voor een overdekt leisurepark in het Oostenrijkse Salzburgerland.

Gelissen bouwt de nieuwe Toverland-attracties in de buitenlucht in de buurt van de houten achtbaan Troy. Om welke attracties het gaat wil hij nog niet kwijt. Wel dat het om zaken gaat waarbij water een grote rol speelt. Met de uitbereiding van Toverland is werkgelegenheid gemoeid voor een tiental mensen. Gelissen moet nog met de banken praten over financiering, maar verwacht dat dat geen probleem vormt. De bouw van de reeds aangekondigde derde indoorhal bij Toverland zal nog twee tot drie jaar op zicht laten wachten, zegt Gelissen.




Sevenum - Toverland-owner Jean Gelissen will be investing €10 million ($14,6) in new attractions. He also has ambitious plans for an indoor-leisurepark in the Austrain Salzburgerland.

Gelissen will build the new Toverland-rides outside, near the wooden rollercoaster Troy. What the rides are, he would not say. He did hint that water will play a great role. The expansion should open about ten job positions. Gelissen has yet to talk to the banks over the financing, but doesn't expect any problems.

The construction of the announced 3rd indoor hall at Toverland will have to wait another 2 or 3 years, Gelissen explains.



Sounds pretty good to me, it's a bummer the 3rd hall is pushed back, but I'm looking forward to the Troy-area expansion

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It is possible to build a B&M for €10 million. However, you would get something like Hydra/Daemonen. Toverland said they are building rideS, so at least more than one, and with water.


My guess is that they'll stick to the plan and get a ride big B&M 3 or 4 after the 3rd hall, so that would be around 2015-2017 somewhere.

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Well, a small B&M is still possible. Daemenom or something, the floorless at Tivoli Gardens sure wasn't too much, Hydra was only 13 million if I am not mistaken either. Their is always room for a smaller ish B&M...


Although any type of launch coaster I would be all over for......


Hydra was 13 million dollars , right now that's 8.85 million euros and could fit in the budget.

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