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  1. BLUE FIRE AT EUROPA PARK Last year I was blown away by Europa Park’s new for 2009 Blue Fire. The first Mack rocket coaster with the most awesome trains ever, very comfortable a lot of freedom, and a good view (however, the music could have been louder and the heartbeat measurement device does not work flawless). There is a good bit of theming and capacity is high, but those things are never an issue at Europa Park. The ride experience in general: The ride is nowhere intense. You will not black out on this ride. G-forces are very mild. However, the pace in which all the elements follow each other up, increases towards the end. This “pacing” is the most important criteria to judge roller coasters by. THE ELEMENTS After the little dark ride section Blue Fire starts with a LSM launch. It works with electro magnets and acceleration increases towards the end of the launch track, where Intamin rockets give one big jerk on the train and acceleration decreases towards the end of the launch. Mack is better! Someone on the board described that the coaster “makes a curve that makes no sense”. Well, it doesn’t. And that's what so cool about it. It is an ascending turn, at the top you almost stall and then a steep drop follows. Let’s call it the “Mack-Dive” from now! The loop is not a standard loop. The loop is pretty tall and the trains are pretty short with respect to the loop’s dimensions. So the effect that the front car is pushed too fast through the apex, and that the last car is pulled way too fast through it – does not exist on Blue Fire. I’d like to call it af perfect “floater loop”. Weightlessness is experienced in the top half of the loop! After the two large elements, Blue Fire speeds through a short right hand horseshoe turn. At the top I felt a little jerk towards the left. Maybe on purpose, or a minor flaw in the ride design? Then the train goes up the to the midcourse brake section and after a little pop of airtime and smooth braking, blue fire makes it’s midcourse drop. With a little twist to the right and a curve to left. The drop goes gently over into another interesting section. A left hand ascending, turn followed by a half inline twist and a descending right hand turn. Blue fire keeps on turning to the right and after 90 degrees it starts ascending again, making a the same twisted horseshoe roll (the other way around). Hang time is experienced at the apex, and hang time on the second roll feels a bit more intense. Some random twisty bits follow. Nothing special, but the last turn to left is followed by an inline twist to the right – with awesome hang time in your comfy lapbar! – and a turn to the right. The perfect ending to a well designed track layout. What is your favourite section on Blue Fire?
  2. You are going in july, so might encounter terrible crowd's. On top of that DLR Paris has some rides with a very low capacity (what where they thinking?!?). Menghini's plan is probably a good one. I was there wiht him that day in march. Rule #1 for any themepark is: Make the most of the hours when the park is starting to fill up with crowds, or when most people leave. So lose as little as possible time going to the bathroom, walking from ride to ride, having snacks or coffee, etc. Also, do not do shows that start shortly after park opening. Q-lines of the major rides will grow while you're watching shows, (which you wón't have to wait for anyway). I'd say, do NOT go for Crush's coaster first. You are with a family, so you're cruising speed through the park is not that high I guess. So you will have to wait there anyway, because a lot of people have the same idea. Tower of Terror, R'n'RC, those rides will take no langer then 15 minutes eacht immediately after Park Opening. Then plan the shows and movies carefully and just deal with Crushes Q-line.
  3. When you are all the way up there in Fuji-Q, why would you want to ride that stupid mouse coaster?!? That is a serious waste of time, since you can experience those rides closer to home as well. Dodonpa, Fujiyama, Eejanaika, those type a rides alre (alomst) nowhere else in the world. I'd go for a second ride on Eejanaika in stead of the mouse any dayu of the week.
  4. I'd say picture #1. The train is all the way up there - then there is a large bit of track invisible, which makes it a bit mysterious - followed by a close up of the very pretty intamin tracks. But only 12 passengers per train!?! This ride probably suffers a terrible capacity problem, does it not? I encountered a great deal of "mediterranean inefficiency", as I like to call it, in Port Aventura, Parque de Attraciones de Madrid and Parque Warner Madrid. Eating Tapas, doing your Siesta, not worrying about customers waiting for 3 hours on Furius Baco. I’d like to go here someday. How are iSpeeds q-lines?
  5. Í voted "other", since the Norwegian loop is not on the list! But then again, that's a dive loop followed by an Immelman.
  6. The double rails, the mechanism that turns the the seats, the unpredictable movements, the serious head-first first drop. You were soo lucky to get this credit! I fully agree, Eejanaika is one of the best rides out there.
  7. When I went on a weekend of roller coastering in Toverland and Europa Park last weekend, colleques of mine put this same study on my desk, as warning. First I thought this was a bit of nonsense, freak occurances, bizarre accidents. But when I came to think of it: What is the limmiting factor for a roller coaster's top speed without using a wind screen? At certain speeds little grains of sand become eye ball piercing, Pressure differences due to wind rushing over your ears will make you deaf at a certain speed. I think we all agree that you cannot go on-and-on in making roller coasters as we know them (without wind screens) fasster and faster. What is this limit? 120 mph? 140 mph? .... ???
  8. To iPIf: First of all, if you are too small, too tall, too heavy, and you can't be secured safely in the trains, you cannot ride. That is where we all agree on. Second, yes, blind people do not have to pay for an entree ticket, we asked at the park entrance. But we thougth we were gonna ride roller coasters all day, we explained that and two of our party had to pay only 31 euro's. So Europark has a pretty decent policy so far. But not letting blind people in a roller coaster is just insane. Suppose ther is an emergency what then? It wil be an inconvenience for rescue personnel. No more - no less. No life threatening situation what so ever. As far as I know, Europa Park is the only park with this awkward policy. In the q-line for the Dutch VOC dark ride is a sign that says it is not allowed to ride when you are in a wheel chair, WTF?! Seriously, shame on you Europa Park.
  9. Yeah, Menghini does have a point with the handicapped people policy at EP. Europapark ride operators say that when you cannot embark on the trains on your own, you are not allowed on the ride. The reason for this is that the ride MIGHT stop at one of the midcourse brakes, and people have to get out on their own then too, descending from small ladders, etc. I was in Europapark with someone who had very poor vision (not blind), and made use of a stick to navigate around obstacles. He was not allowed on the roller coasters. Shame on you Europapark! In Toverland and Efteling it is no problem for him to go on the rides at all. Ride operators will help you, and will let you go on the ride two times in a row, since it is quite an effort to get a handicapped (Blind / poor of sight) person on for example Booster Bike.
  10. Nice photo's and video dude. Falcon looks pretty cool. Even though I live in The Hague, close to Duinrell, I haven't been on Falcon yet. In the very near future. Did TPR ever went here? Or planning to come here? Together with Duinrells Tikebad (water slides) and Drievliet you will have a fun day.
  11. I just said that a track layout like Air would fit the theme "Manta" better. Go to Discovery Cove on the other side of the road, and check out how manta's fly through the water (or check the q-line hehe)! Actually, I sat in front. And it was very smooth indeed. But it just pulls a lot of G-forces. Too much for a flyer in my opinion. For the record, I do prefer Air over Manta...
  12. I was in Sea World during soft opening of Manta. An awesome ride, good theming. But the hardware of the ride doesn’t match with the theming. A manta is graceful, slow, relaxed. This ride is fast, the pace in which elements follow each other up is quite high and the pretzel loop is way too intense for a Manta. The ride should have been more like Air in Alton Towers in order to be a true Manta. But a cool roller coaster nevertheless.
  13. Tornado at Parque de Attracciones de Madrid: They only run the ride when there are 20 passengers. With few people in the park when I was there and with spanish kids not understanding english (so I couldn't explain them that the ride was actually open), it took about an hour before the train was filled. The train crawles through the track, it probably valleys with few people in it. Stupid Intamin ride btw.
  14. Hollywood Dream - the ride, at Universal Studio's Japan. Great ride.
  15. Well, I would say that drop tower in Moviepark Germany. A floorless stand-up drop tower where passengers are slightly tilted forward. Runners up: Stunt Fall at Parque Warner Madrid, scream tower at Heide Park, left-back seat Expedition Geforce at Holiday Park and that midcourse psycho drop on Jetline at Grona Lund (a schwarzkopf oldie).
  16. Great to see some some changes on the one true Vekoma Standard suspended looping coaster. Hopefully it'll make the ride a bit more comfy. It looks like less headbanging then before.
  17. GCI. I've ridden two (Thunderbird and Troy), but they beat everything else over here in Europe. My number three woodie is Stampida ("Custom Coasters International"). Intamin woodies are fine (Balder, Collossos). They are very intense, but they have some of the most lame layouts you can imagine. Look for example at Balder, it makes 180 degree turns and airtime hills... and that's it! Collossos is also way to predictable. I would think that with their prefabricated track, they should be able to include more twisty bits. Also, not the most elegant way to build a woodie.
  18. Ooh, twisty potato popstickle with bbq spices, very jummie indeed.
  19. Have to agree with you there. Dragon Khan's ending is just insane. The speed at which it takes those elements...
  20. That's what I was thinking too. Those large loops, zero-g's and Cobra rolls look a bit like Superman in Parque Warner Madrid, Spain. That huge B&M looper didn't leave that much of an impressioon on me. 1: The beginning was a bit lame and forceless. (It only becam forcefull at the end with some very tight helices and interlocking corkscrews). 2: The pacing wasn't very good. The pace in which the elements will follow each other up will be very slow in this ride. It will definetely not be a thrilling rush like Nemesis at Alton Towers or Black Mamba at Phantasialand.
  21. Weird accident. People here on the forum are already reasoning that the wheels should have been blocked and that the evacuation should occur from the front to the back seats, not the other way around. This should have been just a minor malfunction, but due to some operators that lost their brains it turned into a near fatal accident.
  22. Nice pictures. This park is really beautiful. Europa Park has pretty much everything. Theming, family rides, good food, wtf rides and Silverstar! When I was there last april another good point draw my attention: The park was really cramped with people, but all rides were operating at a really massive capacity. For example: 3 boats per minute on Poseidon water coaster, Silverstar running three 36 passenger trains with no stacking of trains in the station and a massive amount of rapids in the rapids ride. Even though there were like 20,000 - 25,000 people in the park, we were able to do all the rides there. Compliments to the ride operators.
  23. The Winja's are unique! There isn't anything like this anywhere! In the empire where the women rule over the men, the two female warriors "Fear" and "Force" do their thing. Ooh... Magical theming. I like the Maurer Sohne Spinning Coaster Horse Shoes! Those elements look almost impossible for a coaster! Fear is the better though. For it's Insane first hill.
  24. Weird WTF ride indeed. Looks scary (and the clown too). Why didn't you ride this thing Ing king? (And why not spending money on new ride wrebbit?)
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