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  1. .. This is the first post in my topic about the Walt Disney Studio's park .. but before i start the project, Does someone have a scenery set of Disney Studio's? (or something like it?) Thanks. PREVIEW.mpg
  2. The grand opening of 'OUR' (european) Tower of Terror! 05 April 2008. SOOO GREAT! ©disneyblogspot. watch Video 1 first, then 2 etc etc
  3. Here i have some Nightpictures from that day. My aunt made them. ==
  4. Yup, that's right. its LOWLANDS, a big serie of concerts. with hundreds of artists. www.lowlands.nl
  5. This is the movie i made that day. you tube link: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=kj1e5jD9wzw i hope u like it .
  6. - Walibi World. - August, 15th 2007. - Time in the park: 10:00am - 10:00pm - Weather: Warm and Sunny. '====' Because of my bad english, I don't write to much... But I can share the photo's! '====' YaY! We arived. Walibi & friends are opening the park. First Coaster of the Day: Xpress. Crazy River. Crazy River. La Grande Roue. Sjon & Sjeffrie Discoosjoowww! La Grande Roue. Xpress. Robin Hood. O_O ^^ Robin Hood. (sepia effect) Le Tour des Jardins. Xpress & El Rio Grande. El Condor. Goliath!! S-W-E-E-T La Grande Roue.
  7. Hi, I am looking for it a long time, but i can't find it. So my question is: Does anyone know where i can find a recreation of Phantasialand for RollerCoaster Tycoon 2? Thanks. Joost.
  8. Walibi World is open! We had a great day, and the weather was very good! In the morning Crazy River and Robin Hood had some storage, but later this day they were open! Today there were also filmed for the new commercial! (srry for my bad english) Pictures:: Walibi on the background!! Walibi World Sign. Goliath! View from the parking lot. Parking Lot. Mainstreet Information and La Via Volta on the background. ((la via volta's last month's ...)) Crazy River. La Grande Roue from Crazy River. Sky Diver / Space Shot Merlin's Magic Castle. G - Force Sherwood Forest. Hudson Bay. View from the ferris wheel. Crazy River from the ferris wheel. ((left-under » construction of a new playground)) Le Tour des Jardins from the ferris wheel. La Grande Roue. Le Tour des Jardins. Walibi on the Mainstreet. The entrance, with a very blue sky. Willkommen, Welcome, Bienvenue, Welkom! Then we saw GOLIATH! ALMOST THERE!
  9. Tripreport -- Walibi World -- 26 october 2006 -- Halloween Horror Fest ATTRACTIONS' Where to start? Everywhere you look in Walibi World there are so many fantastic things to do and see! From the amazing Via Volta to the wooden Robin Hood, from the superfast Xpress tot the enigmatic illusions of Merlin's Magic Castle. FAMILY' Wildwater rafting on the Crazy River or on El Rio Grande, battle stations with the water cannon in the Splash Battle, superfast go karts - what do you wanna do first? RELAX' Walibi World is a park with a host of different themes, from American to Frence. The sites boast suberb restaurants and pavement cafés which are great places to chill out. THRILL' Walibi World is also the hot spot for thrill-seekers! The heavyweight Megacoaster Goliath!, the Skydiver, Space Shot and El Condor - will get your adrenalin pumping. KIDS' Walibi Land is a little ones paradise. They can meet Walibi and his friends and then whoop it up in attractions tailored specially to their needs. Get your cameras ready! Goliath! Parking / Goliath! GOLIATH GOLIATH! Xpress [superman the ride] El Condor [first SLC ever] Space Shot Robin Hood Drop My Brother... sky diver in action Robin Hood! Sky Diver / Space Shot Robin Hood I See Death People Halloween Horror Fest Carnival Of Freaks Space Shot / Sky Diver La Grande Roue [close] La Grande Roue PRESS! Entrance Heb jij het lef om Goliath te verslaan? (Do you have the courage to conquer Goliath?)
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