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Toverland Discussion Thread

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Update Friday 27 April


I went to Toverland early today, because i didn’t want the sun to get in way while taking pictures.


First, de drop. Railing and catwalk has been installing, wood for the track is waiting to be installed.







The triple-crossover, only the top part need his ties, raillings and catwalks. The prelift is also done, except for the actual track.








Onto the boosterbike. Since they moved the fence foward, i need to use the boosterbike to get some good shots. Ah well, I can’t say no to 11 times frontseat in a row.








Theming. Little signs have been put up with info and concept arts. The foundactions of the towers has been made.






And three ‘bonus’ pictures. The first one is from workers doing some lateral bracing on the first drop. Second is the turn that comes from the fly-trough, dives under the lift and goes into the final helix. The third picture is taken 1,500 feet from my own house and 2,5 mile from Toverland. (If anybody with a big zoom lens wants to take a detour sometime, pm me )





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I live next to Eindhoven in a small place called Best.

Its with a car something like 30 minutes driving and easy to do.

The pics on the official page looks more then good and there should be more straight of the last piece at the end of the week

I'm really looking forward to it when the ERT will be with a lot of fans what should result in a great event

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Some new pictures of today. The guys really are working fast as hell on the trackingwork! It goes insane fast! They already started tracking the first drop. Also the big horseshoe is getting shape and i expect that at the end of the week, a big part of it is finished. Also Stan has started of with the station and the steel structure of the entrance gates are standing straight up!


























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Yester day I also had the one-of-a-lifetime opertunity to go on the building site with Dirk and Bas. At least thanks to Caroline Maesen(and Bas a.k.a. hyyyper).


Look, we found Dirk




Yah, looks very cool afther the first drop!


Bottom of the first drop.


Believe it or not, but its 36M according to the builders(never believe Clair )


Wheres dirk?


Lead-out of 2th tunaround(the one afther the horseshoe)


Little bunny hop


Camelback lead-out


And this is what I saw when I turned 180 degrees around.


Its huge!


And it has the only tripple crossover in the world!


I don't know where I took this one, but it looks like some fun!


Bye Troy, see you again soon!


Dirk loves looking at little poles.


First drop maddnes!


He is still looking at poles, even Bas joined him


Bas: 'TPR style, through the trees'. Johan: 'Johan style ,throughbas and the trees '

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What a day was today. The usual Friday-update, together with a meet-up and a construction tour at the end. I won’t be typing a really long story here, just caption the photos.



To start with the horseshoe, which was just over halfway done when we arrived at Toverland.





The horseshoe, is shaped in that way that it’ll give pops of airtime on the way up and down.





There goes another bent.






The bent, again.





After after short time is was almost ready to be attatched.





Overview I.





Another bent going up.






And up.





Once a good altitude, it’s being guided to the horseshoe.






Horseshoe meet bent. Bent meet horseshoe.





The towers that, at this moment, are about 16 and a half feet high.





Which means that there will be another 10 feet on top of it.





The to-bo-theme-area, from the Boosterbike.












Even the technical staff of Toverland is helping out.





The 70-degree-turn is receiving track.






Overview II.












Overview III.






Overview IV from the survivalcourse.






Overview V from the Boosterbike.






Overview VI also from the Boosterbike.






Skyline of Toverland.





Then the tour started. We first got a presentation on Troy. For us coasterfans there wasn’t much new, but it was fun for the once who didn’t know anything on coasters. Especially when NoLimits was used to show off the ride.

After the presentation we went outside to walk around Troy. Us, coasterfans didn’t. Because as soon as the gate opened we were running, around, over, under and through the support structure to take pictures.





When you walk towards Troy, you’ll come across the Tojan Horse. The foundation has been installed.






The Roof






The horseshoe.






The triple-crossover.






Same as above, only from the flytrough.






Entrance of the horseshoe.






Looking back on the 70-degree turn from the crossover.






Entrance of the horseshoe, this time from the track itself.






The drop.






The triple-crossover.






The drop (again).






Under the top of the lifthill.






The outside of the parallel turns, this one goes from the triple-crossover to the big helix.






Looking upward to the lifthill.






Looking back to the big helix, from underneath the crossover.






The big helix from the inside.





Crossover from the big helix, also from the inside.






Trackshot of the little helix.






Looking from the little helix towards the horseshoe.







Trackshot from the end of the little helix into the brakerun.






The brakerun.






Trackshot from the bunnyhop.












Entrance of the little helix.






Trackshot from the lifthill (it is forbidden not to take this picture when you are on the construction site).












Horseshoe with a little bunnyhop.






Prelift from the place where the transfertrack will be.





Horseshoe with the prelift on the foreground.





Trackshot of the part just after the flytrough.


















Trackshot of the 70-degree-turn, taken backwards..












Big helix.





The outside parallell turn, facing the crossover.





The inside parallel turn, also facing the crossover.






Triple-crossover with on the background the horseshoe.






Drop with 70-degree turn in the foreground.






And then the 30 minutes were over, and a quick snap of the gate/towers.






Not to forget, in ThemeParkReview-style: Troy trough the trees!







Little background info. The first picture of the tour (with the horse’s foundation) was taken at 7:49, and the last pic (trough the trees) at 8:18. 40 pictures in half an hour, not bad.

After the tour I decided to take another off-site tour of Troy myself, to make a few twilight-photos.





Troy from the employersentrance.






From the parking.






150 feet to left.






The big helix.






Both helixes.






The little helix and the horseshoe.






Skyline shot.






Behind the lift/bunnyhop.





From here you can see the height of the horseshoe pretty good and think of how dominating it’ll be when the horseshoe is done.






Last picture, IMO the horseshoe is already dominating enough.


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From that 'thing' the trackers can make sure the track has a consistend width (the room between the rails should be constant)


I'm sorry I didn't understand... I'm very interested by DATman's question!


I thought it looks like an anti roll back but it's strange to put that for all the ride!!


It's not an anti-rollback.

They make a very large strip of all those little pieces and put them on the middle of the ties. Then that's done, the workers that put the actual track in place, make sure the distance between the two tracks are equal. They do this by putting each track at the same distance from what you thought was an anti-rollback.


If you look at other GCI's construction, you'll notice the same thing during a certain phase, but when the coaster is completed, it's gone

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