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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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Lagoon has updated their mask requirements for guests. In addition to requiring a mask to enter the park, guests now must wear masks in all queue lines. After seeing some photos of the queue lines on social media, I think this is a necessary change. Props to the park for tightening restrictions as necessary, despite the criticism from the anti-mask Karens.



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Quick question for the Lagoon experts out there... We are headed there today, but I am arriving later than my family. My wife will use our season parking pass. Is there a good place I could park my car for free and walk into the park? I don't mind walking a bit, as my wife could drive me to my car at the end of the day. I thought of the Lagoon Trailhead and also Station Park. Any other ideas...?
You can take the Free Farmington Trolly from the UTA Frontrunner Farmington Station Park and Ride Lot.


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Thank you!

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Lagoon has updated their mask requirements for guests. In addition to requiring a mask to enter the park, guests now must wear masks in all queue lines. After seeing some photos of the queue lines on social media, I think this is a necessary change. Props to the park for tightening restrictions as necessary, despite the criticism from the anti-mask Karens.




BFD. It's still not required to wear masks anywhere else. I mean, it's a step in the right direction, but not enough to make me visit.

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We get it, you think masks are necessary and won't go to a theme park without one. We don't need two posts to that effect within 2 pages of eachother.

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My sister and I visited Lagoon on Friday for the first time during the pandemic. It was our first theme park visit since Knott's on March 7th, so we were eager to get on coasters. I thought I would write a mini-report (no photos) about our experience with their policies and operations, since they have been open for over two months now.


Generally speaking, I felt safe. The park was not crowded at all, so maintaining physical distancing was not difficult. It was 100 degrees on Friday (probably the hottest day I have ever had at Lagoon), but I didn't have any issues with wearing my mask. I kept it on all day, except when eating/drinking, however the park only requires masks to enter the park and while in queue lines. Most people took them off on the rides and while walking the midways. We kept ours on for all the coasters and didn't encounter any issues with them falling off or slipping. I think we were so excited to ride some coasters again, we kind of forgot about the heat and the masks on our faces. But I am 21 and my sister is 14, both healthy and able, so I can definitely see how a crazy hot day with a mask can affect other people with different abilities. Luckily the park has plenty of shade and places to sit and take off your mask. I wish it was always this empty! It was actually very nice.


Now onto the rides. I know when the park first reopened back in May, they were spacing out rows on coasters. This is no longer the case. It seems they are simply putting one party per row. For the coasters that sit 2-across, this means most seats were filled. For Wicked and Cannibal, this means one party per row. So my sister and I had the row to ourselves on the 4-across coasters. Aside from Roller Coaster and Colossus running one train (they usually have 2), operations felt like a pretty normal day at the park - just no single rider lines and more empty seats than normal on the coasters (especially Wicked and Cannibal). Oh, and Jet Star II is closed, and probably will be for the entire season is my guess.


Overall a great day at the park. I was excited to break my almost 5-month coaster hiatus. Hopefully parks in California can reopen soon with new policies and procedures. I felt way more safe outdoors in an almost-empty theme park, in the heat, riding coasters with the breeze blowing than I do crammed in a Wal-Mart or restaurant.

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Here is a photo of Lagoon's new ride that I took during my visit (July 31). I forgot I had taken it when it wrote up this^ mini report. This was taken from the park's ferris wheel. They allow bags and phones on that attraction.


It looks like there are foundations and supports outside the "mountain," so this coaster will definitely be partly outdoors as well. I just thought I'd share.



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45 minutes ago, Mr Stratosphere said:

Has anyone been out to Lagoon recently? I am thinking of going with a couple of friends this weekend to check out Frightmares since it's really the only haunt actually running. Just wondering how crowds are and what the overall experience has been. 

I just visited yesterday (10/11). The crowds were very manageable. I didn't wait more than 5 minutes for anything, although it did get more crowded in the evening with Frightmares. However, my friend went the day before me on Saturday and said it was the busiest day he has ever been at the park. I think part of that is that Saturday had better weather. And because it's Saturday.

I would recommend going Sunday for lighter crowds for sure.

EDIT: Also thought I would add some photos of the new mystery coaster construction. We now have a lift hill and some green track installation to keep an eye on!



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36 minutes ago, SharkTums said:

I had not been paying attention to lagoon getting a new coaster.  Looks cool.  Somewhat out of the way from the normal park though!?

I’ve always thought the same when looking at photos of construction. Seems out of the way. Curious how it will connect to the park. Almost looks like it could be a separate single ticket attraction where it’s located. 

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1 hour ago, SharkTums said:

I had not been paying attention to lagoon getting a new coaster.  Looks cool.  Somewhat out of the way from the normal park though!?


48 minutes ago, Mrlittle said:

I’ve always thought the same when looking at photos of construction. Seems out of the way. Curious how it will connect to the park. Almost looks like it could be a separate single ticket attraction where it’s located. 

That whole side of the park has always been a bit odd with the walkways.  I recall when I was last there in Cannibal's debut season the area surrounding Cannibal was especially screwy because they designated a few one-way areas to deal with the line.

Looking at Google Maps, though, there's a very easy connection to the main park between the S&S tower, pavilions, and raft slides.


The location marker is the plot where the new coaster is being built.

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We decided to take a quick drive (6 hours) from Vegas up to Lagoon, just north of Salt Lake City this past weekend. We had to get a haunt in this year. 

Even though the park was busy and mask rules are only enforced in queue and in mazes, I never felt uncomfortable as people pretty much kept their distance. Overall we had a really enjoyable visit to Lagoon.

This park is very well ran, operations are smooth and queues keep moving constantly. 

They were loading all rows on all rides, hand sanitizer before and after each ride and before and after all haunted mazes. 

We have arrived for Frightmares! Happy to experience a theme park haunt this weird year!


Employees carrying “Please Social Distance” signs were all over the park and enforcing mask wearing and distancing in the queues  

I like the skyline of this park!

Roller Coaster celebrates 99 years this year!




New hotness being built on the northeast corner of the park! 

I forgot how good Cannibal is! Super fun and smooth!7CB7E3EC-E7AA-4F09-9D34-63E3930A6DF9.thumb.jpeg.b27057af4bfaedea1c7445aa90533447.jpeg

 I don’t normally like Ferris wheels, but this one is fun, you can spin your gondola like a tea cup!094C493D-2177-47B6-B4AF-10236F31DF2C.thumb.jpeg.b69139d958abee88220380ef58a26876.jpeg

Cannibal’s station and a cameo of a couple Big Ass Fans!85091294-EBB4-432F-9968-B84BA27A279C.thumb.jpeg.8ff64eb5f7049801f48c358ff13538c9.jpeg

I’m really looking forward to this new coaster!FFB99105-24C9-4F67-A799-6F790F4275D3.thumb.jpeg.d02cd5e02b0acc7945bb8f26ca5f1dc7.jpeg



Samurai was running, it runs a pretty weak cycle but it’s still fun!1CD1D9FB-A3C1-4567-98B0-1A3FE50B4494.thumb.jpeg.f4d0239e6a50ca79ce09f38c9fdcb7f0.jpeg


I approve of any park with a sky ride! Nice way to get across the park and get off your feet for a few minutes  4ED9ABB0-63B0-479A-9C5C-898E161B41A1.thumb.jpeg.2d85cd52739b012b7088bea770dd6726.jpeg

You can see social distance markers for the shows later in the evening C99E6CDE-EDE9-4A5F-95C4-A12FE7538E8D.thumb.jpeg.0f53fc707e48e0ce34db8322508be760.jpeg



The Wave Swinger is missing it’s top from the storm damage a few weeks ago 4B551C0C-97CD-431B-9484-9A91071F96C4.thumb.jpeg.ed3eb20ddd1921376b41e6f17d9f9b3e.jpeg

Colossus, what a great ride!! The rides here are operated well and efficiently. All lines kept moving.10955111-6D44-4A70-91C8-1CA2B0ED0B02.thumb.jpeg.3f077b370ca9c294c609f71d590578b6.jpeg


Love the Flyers hereD36C82EC-30C7-418C-B83F-258BAAE1942C.thumb.jpeg.cd5fd2088d52df0e5fd33087976b9442.jpeg

Cannibal’s first drop is fantastic!D82B9842-9496-43DC-A894-4DAEA7953D01.thumb.jpeg.33650b0c425c863ca98588b86d66946c.jpeg



All rows were being loaded on all rides  6DDE1D53-104A-46FC-A4CB-33A521D977F3.thumb.jpeg.3232323af2eaf868507ac72ab40c8ddc.jpeg

Two trains, one photo 3BB115F0-E2BD-4820-B4BD-C72D0B6AC65E.thumb.jpeg.d6df554f412ad757628317e1fc669c28.jpeg



This was the only part of the park that felt congested to meBF20B799-1076-4443-BFF6-9A466413A96C.thumb.jpeg.84c9d7a4eb6f182d9f815318ddcbe295.jpeg

This ride was missing it’s roof from the storm damage too B3A14A6F-7D8C-4D34-B99D-13D6C9C7F846.thumb.jpeg.cdf2313c14ff70267d36f8934e91526a.jpeg

The Biergarten was amazing, if you visit you must have a meal here!4A40B2A7-6223-4735-B61A-2A3B36C69141.thumb.jpeg.38929a0278dbd417d74f1d57bc3941d0.jpeg



Joey highly recommended getting a Beaver Tail and he was right! They were delicious!5B338A4D-722F-4471-8424-E31F6514037B.thumb.jpeg.ae998916bc3c7de53c4a78f19310468c.jpeg

Oreo Cheesecake B43A15D8-CF71-498C-936D-3D19C59A9D16.thumb.jpeg.7a1d8d01d0ebc927120b9e94be66c9e5.jpeg

Hey! This Shake Shack still has Peanut Butter!  AFF15B76-43E6-4DDA-A5BC-A9431F580D38.thumb.jpeg.699b55f35cb98e762cbdd462c368c6fd.jpeg
Roller Coaster’s new trains and retracking made this such a smooth and fun ride!!!01DF2B48-7875-410E-9A1F-B351564ED314.thumb.jpeg.fa9bec22e8dd4d803481d69206a50b00.jpeg




Denied a ride on Jet Star 2B7E90C2E-E3A3-4C9E-9B3B-C6F62ABED75F.thumb.jpeg.0140487d3e4be98a8038997698b90631.jpeg



50A1B06B-0C07-4FA9-BF69-F68C4C99C7DA.thumb.jpeg.30b0911cd144d86b48c1a8b6f8811c46.jpegFor $20 you can skip the line for 7 of the mazes, completely worth it as they have to socially distance groups in the mazes799161E2-90C9-4E1B-B901-28CC36D1DA47.thumb.jpeg.30c9e5664ed48b214fc2d57b4b27fba7.jpeg


Super busy for the mazes, general lines were over an hour, but with Time Warp, we didn’t wait over 15 minutes  42E1BC33-5A19-446E-A66E-A643A84B4C25.thumb.jpeg.3e211af91ba3af179b34347cd3eaeae2.jpeg






I felt that they did a great job with their haunt, the scare actors wearing masks made it harder to see them, so some of the scares were really really good  07FCD52D-F047-4C39-839B-E5A18BAF07C3.thumb.jpeg.489d916f3b83cd5a3d5b03a03b6c5d47.jpeg






We ended the night with a couple of walk on rides on Colossus26C38C43-E044-4FF2-8024-8A9207C82D73.thumb.jpeg.96940df064995255894065878a09bc2a.jpeg


Thanks Lagoon for a great visit!






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On 10/19/2020 at 2:49 PM, COASTER FREAK 11 said:

Has the park actually announced what the new coaster is? I didn't see it indexed in the thread.

Nothing that the park has officially announced. 


I also forgot to share, I freaked out my friends on the ferris wheel, they had no idea the gondolas spin like teacups! 

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If it's anything like it was 2 years ago you can straight-up wheel in a cooler full of beer. I think they've also since built a beer garden. Maybe a local knows more about the specific rules...

PS: God, I love this park. I hate how much I love this park because it's in the middle of nowhere but I love this park.

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