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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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ABC 6 is reporting a Themed Decoration fell striking guests walking below.


PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – 3 people were transported to the hospital after an item used as “themed decoration” at Dollywood fell on them.


A Dollywood spokesperson says it happened around 2 p.m. in the Wilderness Pass area of the park when the item fell and struck them while they were walking below. This was not a ride-related incident.


They were evaluated and stabilized by first responders and paramedics from the Dollywood Safety Department at the scene. They were transported to the hospital by ambulance and are in stable condition.


“Our prayers are with the patients and their families during this trying time,” said Dollywood in a statement.


The spokesperson says the park is cooperating with a routine incident investigation by the Pigeon Forge Police Department.


The Mystery Mine attraction is currently closed but the rest of the park remains open and operating.


Edit: ^Beat me to it.

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Is that a chain making that semi-circle in the middle of the bridge over the sidewalk or is it just part of the bridge? Perhaps something like one of those chains? It's over a sidewalk and I can see how people could assume that was for a lift hill.

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There are pictures on Facebook of the aftermath. Some blood and a woman in a neck brace but it didn’t look that life threatening. I’m sure the park will be paying up for this.


The heavy chain was held by a few short rusty screws so it definitely doesn’t appear to have been installed well and the years of weathering seemed to really fatigue it. A good reminder to always overly secure items and have some kind of maintenance.

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If its moving past you at a high rate of speed, such as falling from a great height, it could cause a friction burn. If it was being shined on by the sun for several hours before falling, it could be well over 100 degrees in surface temperature. Plenty of ways.

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According to Screamscape the park will be closed Tuesday-Thursday beginning August 11



I had heard this rumor as well way before the schedule adjusted, I had actually heard it may happen in July but I guess they postponed to August. Due to the very low attendance, especially during the week


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The email just came out this morning, at least I just got mine today. My theory is this it to help with backlash when people start noticing the new August schedule


To Our Season Passholder Family,


Even in these unique times in which we find ourselves, families are visiting Dollywood and having great time.


After much careful preparation, we opened Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country on June 15. Since that time, we have welcomed tens of thousands of loyal Season Passholders and general admission guests. Based on our learnings from operating in the current environment, we have made some adjustments we believe will help make things a little easier as you plan your trip. Additionally, this is an ever-evolving situation, and we ask for your patience as we adapt to make your experience memorable while also ensuring we remain socially-distanced.


We hope the following changes help provide a more seamless experience for your visit:


Reservations are no longer needed for your Dollywood visit. We have learned we can maintain social distancing on most days without Season Passholders making a reservation for each visit, so this limitation has been removed. Additionally, there are no longer any restrictions on the number of times Season Passholders may visit each month. Passholders can visit anytime, subject to capacity limits on some days.


To maintain social distancing, Passholder reservations are still required for Dollywood’s Splash Country.


One-Day tickets and Multi-Day tickets are now valid for your use during a five-day window following your original selected date. You won’t have to worry if your plans must change at the last minute or if the weather doesn’t cooperate; just come at another time during that five-day window. Your paid ticket guarantees access to Dollywood and/or Dollywood’s Splash Country on the day you choose.


While masks are required in Sevier County, we have created a number of mask-free break zones throughout the park which offer a socially-distanced space where you may remove your mask. Additionally, masks do not need to be worn when eating or drinking in the park, or on water rides and high-thrill attractions. At Dollywood’s Splash Country, masks only must be worn when in restaurant queue lines or situations where social distance cannot be maintained.


Again, we thank you for your continued patience and ask that you give us the opportunity to navigate this challenging time. We appreciate you and look forward to welcoming you back!




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The email just came out this morning, at least I just got mine today.


Well it was after 9pm. I got the email around 3pm yesterday but didn't see it until later.

I was on FB looking for info on the chain/MM and saw it posted there.

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I just watched theme park worldwide’s Tripsdrill video. The park opened two Vekoma coasters. However, all the theming wasn’t complete. That may be a great idea. Open a coaster the first year then add the theming the next. That would be like two coasters especially when the theming is a building with effects around the coaster. That may help rake in money the first year to pay to complete the rest of the ride the second lol

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^ Hansa Park in Germany, did it all the time. At least with two coasters I know of.


Makes sense. The European parks are so themed! If you do the coaster and run it a year or two to get the open experience: then, have following years with intense theming so it can be an entirely different experience. The home crowd will have the memories of both! People may travel to experience the coaster before the buildings are added. I think it may make good sense but I'm no theme park professional!

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I personally think that’s a bAd idea when the ride system is intended to be supplemented by a themed environment. It results in a sub par experience for the first while, and if “successful” gives little incentive to go back and finish adding the elements later. I can’t see herschend operating this way


Imagine mystery mine as just a gerstlauer euro fighter plopped there for a few years then “ hey now it’s a mine ride”

Don’t see it happening. Do it all the way or don’t do it.

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I just watched theme park worldwide’s Tripsdrill video. The park opened two Vekoma coasters. However, all the theming wasn’t complete. That may be a great idea. Open a coaster the first year then add the theming the next. That would be like two coasters especially when the theming is a building with effects around the coaster. That may help rake in money the first year to pay to complete the rest of the ride the second lol


Weren't those two coaster at Tripsdill originally payed for another park then something happened so the project got moved to Tripsdill? I feel like I read that somewhere recently, which might explain the staggered themeing.

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I'm probably not going to do a "2020 Adventures Photo TR" as I have in the past, as it'd consist of very few PTRs due to the dramatic reduction in trips I'm taking this year for obvious reasons, so I'm just going to go ahead and post this here.


This past weekend, the boyfriend and I took a trip to:


Dollywood Yes. You are in the Dollywood discussion thread.


I'll just come right out and say that Dollywood is really doing an outstanding job in terms of service and managing things in terms of COVID and you should absolutely pay them a visit if you can, as they deserve your money. Two things that the park did that knocked it out of the park: when you enter any single ride or attraction, the attendant in the station gives every rider a squirt of hand sanitizer before they get on. Other parks should do this. They should even do this when there isn't a pandemic to protect us from the unwashed masses.


The second thing the park did really wowed us. On two different occasions, we had a park employee come up to us just to simply ask us how we're doing, ask some basic questions about where we're from/what we do/how long we're in town for, then thank us for being there and wish us and our families well. Such a simple gesture but such a nice touch.


Everything was open although most coasters ran one train, spaced a row apart. We did get time saver passes but the employees were definitely hustling to make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible. The park made announcements about social distancing, had queue spacers, and since people can't follow simple directions, they'd actively make announcements such as, "We have cameras and if you take your mask off during the ride, we have to stop and clean your seat after, making everybody else wait longer". Good, call b*tches out.


At one point, we got poured on while riding Wild Eagle, and when a park attendant saw me trying to wring-out my soaked mask, immediately walked up and offered me a new one for free. Good ol' Dollywood hospitality.


Welcome to Dollywood!


The park was having their Flower and Food Festival during our visit. We were honestly just happy to make it up here. We had an entire trip planned to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for the end of March with friends flying in from out of state, a mountain cabin Airbnb, and plans to do both the park and surrounding area, which we had to cancel due to COVID-19.


There was a 60% chance of rain that day. Clearly, Dollywood was prepared.


Mmm yes. It had been a minute since I'd been on an RMC and Lightning Rod is still the best one I've been on. I don't know if it was just the fact that it had been months since my last ride on a really intense coaster, but Lightning Rod seemed particularly insane.


My boyfriend had been to Dollywood once before but he didn't know about the cinnamon bread. Since carbs don't count during COVID, we killed a loaf immediately after buying it and it was heavenly. I don't make the rules, man.


Some of the hedge art making up the horticulture part of Flowers and Food Festival.


This little trash panda was waiting for someone to discard some cinnamon bread scraps.


Whenever possible, the staff was doing their best to encourage social distancing. However, when they couldn't be around...humans, man.


Wildwood Grove was actually new for me, as last year I went before it was finished. I was really surprised by the sheer size of the area. It's a LOT bigger than I expected and seems ripe for new expansion, if and when.


I'm sure this has been said before somewhere, but Wildwood Grove gives some great, never-before-seen views of Thunderhead. Which, by the way, is running excellent and I really appreciate Dollywood's commitment to maintenance on what is such a masterpiece of a GCI woodie.


Do you even vape, bro?


We had a second half-day at the park before we had to head back to Orlando, and after getting a ride on it then doing a loop of the park, we came back to find that Lightning Rod was being very Lightning Rod. Some things never change.


Thanks for reading, we plan to return to the park before the end of the year, if possible. Other parks take note- we will literally spend our time and money flying here for the experience and the commitment to guest safety before going to parks in our home market not doing the same.


And, for the record, Lightning Rod can still jizz on my face. Stay safe, everyone!

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Thanks for the report! I’m taking 3 Dollywood virgins to the park next week and couldn’t be more excited! We’re just missing the Food & Flower Festival but I’m really hoping they leave those umbrellas. Lol


We have 2 days planned, just in case Lightning Rod is being a little Lightning Rod-y. Fingers crossed. But we’re also hitting Splash Country (my first time), which should be a super...interesting...experience during Covid.

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