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  1. Was in the park yesterday... Proper mask usage is probably hovering around 25% across guests and employees. Physical distancing non-existent. Might as well take the markers up from the ground. Employee enforcement of either isn't a thing. If you're even a little worried about COVID, which I gather noone living in this area is, then avoid at all costs. We got to the park around 3pm and it was a rather nice day. The rain must have scared people away. Walked onto everything, except Lightning Rod, which was closed up until 30 minutes before the park closed. We got in line, and watched it roll back. I just assume that I will never ride this ride. I'm actually in line for rope drop right now, so here's hoping. I don't see it testing, so I imagine it's down for the day.
  2. What's been the average LR wait with the skip pass? Are they still at only 1 train?
  3. When we went last September, the ride ops could barely be bother to mark off our plastic TimeSaver from Dreammore. We stayed 4 nights, and never filled up the pass given to us on our 1st day, as only 3 attractions actually marked it as used.
  4. Next week? Not likely. I haven't seen any mention of work being done currently. Absolutely ridiculous. I think they are waiting on parts. It would be nice if DW or RMC would give some info on what was being done and a timeline for repair. Like if they have to wait for something to be manufactured and the supplier is backlogged due to the shudowns.
  5. I know there are bigger things going on in the world, but my wife was super excited for Lightning Rod for our first visit next week. I don't know how to break it to her that it's not happening. Someone reassure me and tell me there's a 1% chance!
  6. I'm guessing it's not looking good for my first visit to ride Lightning Rod over the next few weeks?
  7. Long shot of me riding Lightning and Mystery Mine if I'm in the area for 8 days end September?
  8. Will be taking my first ever Dollywood trip the last weekend in September, followed by 4 nights of hiking and exploring the surrounding area. Is it bad to experience my first time during COVID? Hoping it's a good experience!
  9. Sorry man, that comes across as pretty condescending. RMCs murder my thighs. It's not the type of pain that I can tolerate easily in the name of "fun", either, like on Magnum and some other coasters. They are so painful that I basically can't think of anything else besides getting off of the ride. This is not an exaggeration. In my original comment that started this discussion, I noted how Steel Vengeance's trains were a godsend for having the handlebars and allow me to gain leverage and lessen the pressure on my legs. I am able to enjoy SV where as I have not been able to find enjoyment in any other RMC. As I said before, I hope that they add these bars to the others.
  10. Sorry for replying twice in a row, but I feel the need to respond to this. We got the all-inclusive ticket which included the all-day dining plan. On Saturday, I was at Cedar Point, and had the same deal. It was *way* more crowded at Cedar Point on Saturday than the crowds I saw at Kings Island on Sunday. Even still, we were able to get 5 meals (had to really push myself to get that 5th one, mainly did it for fun) at Cedar Point as the lines moved quick. Kings Island was an absolute joke by comparison. That sports bar across from Diamondback had a line to Mystic Timbers. I stood in line for 15 minutes and didn't move. I walked in to see one person on register. This was at 1PM. I checked back there a few times and saw the same line, and same one person on register. My only meal was at the chicken place across from Banshee. I waited one hour.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Not to be a Monday morning quarterback but honestly my philosophy for visiting parks has changed over time. I used to be all about knocking out the lowest capacity rides first and being strategic, but now my strategy is to just ride the rides you came to ride first if it's a park that you don't get to often. If a headline attraction goes down early in the day and doesn't come back up and you miss it because you're whoring a wild mouse or saving it for last it sucks big time and you'll be kicking yourself. Yeah man. It was a unique situation. My wife has a bad back and doesn't do well on old wooden coasters. I knew that if she rode it, she would like it, but not want to do it again in the same day. I wanted her first/only time to be at night, front seat. It's relatively uncommon for a coaster to go down for a full 3 hours, and I hadn't heard or The Beast having issues recently. I should have seen the writing on the wall after Firehawk went down for the day. I bet they were short staffed on maintenance, just like every other type of staff this day. Oh well.
  12. Visiting from Orlando, my wife and I were in the park last night for her first ride on The Beast. We saved it for last. Unfortunately, it was down from 7pm until close. Pretty heartbreaking considering I convinced her to fly out here from Orlando for Cedar Point and Kings Island, while hyping up The Beast for the better part of the year. Also, who's idea was it to have "Dollar Days" on one of the busiest weekends of the year? Shouldn't this be a promotion reserved for a slow Tuesday in June? The food staff could not keep up with the demand. I would have rather paid full price and had less people in line that were waiting to get their 4th round of $1 pizza. Awful.
  13. Yea, I don't know why you guys are mentioning that you put your hands up on this ride as that's irrelevant to what I'm saying. It might just be a tall person thing, but all of the pressure goes right to my thighs. I've been on painful rides in the past, but RMCs become unbearable. The handlebars help relieve the pressure. As for the spider thing, I don't know how they'd fix it. It seems like they don't even try, though.
  14. I noticed that last week. I was in line at the end of the night (night is when the spiders are much worse) and the lady in front of me actually turned around, and screamed every time a spider moved. I know it’s not pleasant having those over you, but she was being a bit over dramatic, leaving the line after waiting an hour in the switchbacks. I saw two girls leave the SV line because of it, and watched many more get nervous about them. Almost *everyone* was looking at them and talking about them. It was absolutely infested.
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