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  1. The press release said a portion of the $10,000 with go to charity, not most of the money.
  2. I've been to Dollywood three times already this season and the issues plaguing the park for the last two seasons are still happening. Lightning Rod is still having down time and long waits when it is running because they are mostly running it with only 1 train. Wait times have been over two hours when I have gone, so I use the single-rider line to get on much faster or I use the first hour for gold and diamond pass holders to use the Timesaver line. Lines for food and drinks are LONG and many of the food outlets are closed. Strangely, other rides are also experiencing down time. Mystery Mine has been down several times and broke once while I was on the ride. They had to manually lift the restraints and we had to walk along the side of the track to get out. I guess Dollywood's offer to pay for college tuition for staff hasn't helped with staff shortages.
  3. They sell the exact same cinnamon bread at the bakery right at the front of the park and the line is much shorter.
  4. Right, especially since LR is at the opposite side of the park, nowhere near Wildwood Grove.
  5. Park Reservation System Book Your Next Visit Great news, Passholders! Reservations are no longer required for your visit to Dollywood Parks and Resorts. Any existing reservations will be honored. Be advised, based on demand, park entry could be delayed due to available park capacity.
  6. The fireworks are behind Wildwood Grove and can best be views from inside Wildwood Grove, as is the drone show. Last season, most of the rides had that sign on them about closing at 9 pm for the fireworks show.
  7. It's not a good price if you go every two weeks like I do. Last year I paid $55. That is a big increase for season pass holders.
  8. Timesaver Unlimited went up to $80 this year. The price increases and Dollywood are getting out of hand, especially when you factor in how poor customer service has been over the last two years with so may shops, restaurants and ride closures. I think they new some new management at Dollywood and some managers that care about the guest experience.
  9. New Dollywood Updates. There are some new changes at Dollywood. First, the existing 5 parking booths have been moved further into the parking area to accommodate more vehicles. Dollywood has also added 2 more parking booths, for a total of 7 booths and 14 hosts that will be collecting payment for parking to speed up the process. Second, the old trolley station has been removed and is being relocated closer to the parking lot. There are also plans in the works (over the next 10 years) for two additional parking lots, as attendance grows. Next, Dollywood has removed the security gates before you enter the park and has contracted with Evolve Express to automate the security screening. You will no longer need to empty your pockets, bags, or strollers. The Christmas Cottage Store has been completely removed to open up the area for a wider pedestrian walking and viewing area. There is a new tasting restaurant being opened called, Southern Pantry which will have tastings and specialty foods. Dollywood's Emporium has been completely redone with all new flooring and will feature self-checkouts, and a large butterfly sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Victoria's Pizza in The Village (across from the train depot) was completely gutted and reimagined into a larger and better restaurant, which will have a large deck overlooking the Country Fair area and the new name of the pizza restaurant will be Iron Horse Pizza. The first photo shows the two new parking booths. The second photo shows the area opened up with the removal of the Christmas Cottage store. The third photo is inside the Emporium, while the 4th photo shows the new eatery called Southern Pantry. The final photo shows the new tram station being built closer to the parking lot.
  10. You are right. The Thunder Road/White Lightnin’ was a moving seat ride and is now the Dreamsong Theater.
  11. Not sure what your post is about. The Dolly museum, if that is what you are referring to, used to be a ride, not a restaurant.
  12. Hoping the addition of two new parking lot booths speed getting into the parking lot. If they keep it fully-staffed, that would be 4 extra hosts collecting parking fees or scanning season passes for free parking.
  13. There are tons of low-cost motels in Pigeon Forge, but some of them are sketchy and old, so remember, you get what you pay for. If you don't care about the quality, then shoot for a cheaper price. One of the cheap ones is Americana Inns and suites. https://www.americanainnpigeonforge.com/ Parking is expensive at the park. You can park and take the trolley for just $2.50. Park at Patriot Park for free and take the shuttle to Dollywood. Trolley's run 30 minutes prior to park opening and run until all guests leave the park at night. https://www.pigeonforge.com/trolley/
  14. Dollywood has opened reservations for season pass holder day on Friday, March 11th.
  15. The longtime tunnel near Craftsman's Valley has now been removed. Dollywood is converting it to an area where guests can watch the train go by.
  16. Season Pass Holders. You can make online reservations for opening day, March 12 through May 11th, 2022. They still haven't opened up reservations for a season pass holder day for March 11th yet, but hopefully will soon. They are tearing down the cave walkway, adding more booths to pay for parking and widening several walkways throughout the park. No word on retracking Lighting Rod that was supposed to be completed during the off season.
  17. Dollywood is claiming a new section called Hoot Owl Hollow will be new for 2022 for Great Pumpkin Luminights, but I remember seeing these owls the last two years, so not sure how "new" it will be. I'd like to see a section that is a little more Halloweenie, or maybe a scare zone for the adults. Even a walk-through haunted house would be great. The harvest theme is TIRED.
  18. No, because I don't have all day to wait on hold for a clueless rep to answer and give me bad information. This is what is shows on the Dollywood website for my Diamond Pass: Diamond Season Pass Receive access to all-new Golden Hours & Events, unlimited visits to both Dollywood theme park and Dollywood's Splash Country water park, FREE parking, and the largest discounts on food and merchandise. It say UNLIMITED visits, which is what I paid for. There's nothing on it about how often you can go. Unlimited should be unlimited.
  19. Since when does Dollywood have a limit on the number of reservations you can make with a season pass? I realize the rest of the year has no open reservations remaining, but I've never seen a limit on the number of reservations that can be made on a diamond season pass.
  20. You cannot carry anything onto any of the rides, but most of them have storage areas in the loading area where you or the ride operators will store your items until you get off the ride. No need to get a locker unless you plan on storing a coat or change of clothing.
  21. Because Dollywood's pay is crap. There are so many employers in the area starting people out at higher wages, like Cedar Fair parks are. They realized quickly that they had to up their wages to keep the park staffed. Dollywood is doing nothing to entice workers to the park. The employees they have left are being worked to death. Dollywood doesn't realize or care that this is a negative for guests at the park. Nobody wants to wait 90 minutes for a hot dog, but that is what is happening at Dollywood this season.
  22. It has not been running fine this season. It is mostly down and when it is open the lines are horrendous because they are only using one train. I was there yesterday and it was down right after it opened for the day, which was already short because the park didn't open until 2 pm. I was lucky to be walking by when it reopened at 4 pm and got in two rides. The first ride, we barely made it over the first hill, while the second time we shot over the first hill much faster. It seems to me the speed going over the first hill should be the same every time. I was asked at the parking booth if I had a reservation, but not at the gate.
  23. The main issue with Lighting Rod now is that they are only using one train at all times and load times are extremely slow causing very long wait times. This coaster was designed to run with two trains so one can load while the other is on the track and without the second train running, the wait times are doubled. The ride is too short and not that great to wait 2 plus hours for.
  24. It was the 10th that was really busy. The parking lot was filled to d/e and you could not more inside the park. The ride wait times were not that long because the people that visited that day were old. Very old. The shows were all filled up with lines snaking through the park to get in. I still had a great time and it was warm, in the 70's that day, so it was a perfect day to be at Dollywood, even with Lighting Rod issues.
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