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  1. I went in October once, never again because of the crowds to see the fall scenery but these are not normal times, so who knows what to expect? I have stayed at the Sleep Inn in Sevierville and it wasn't too expensive and was very nice.
  2. The coasters stay open as long as the temps don't dip below a certain temperature for the hydraulics to work correctly but I'm not sure of the exact temp. I think in the 30's.
  3. From the photo above, those supports look dark green to me. Just noticing. Looks green to me too!
  4. I got a similar e-mail today but the dates offered for half off are during the off season after the park is closed. I made the mistake of going to the area in January and everything was closed, even the shows in the area. The place was a ghost town.
  5. The last seat on the far right is the best in my opinion.
  6. Can you get the cinnamon bread recipe? That's awesome. I've searched before and couldn't find anything.
  7. My wife and I live 4 1/2 hrs. from Dollywood. We try to go every few months, especially during the Christmas season, when they have the lights and Christmas shows. Lightning Rod was intense when I rode back at the end of June. I didn't have trouble with the restraints, but I'm a tall guy and did have trouble getting in and out and with only one train operating, I was trying to be fast about it. No need for the ops. personnel to be rude. They usually are the best. Glad ya'll finally got to enjoy it!
  8. Sounds like he needs some serious retraining. Could have very dire consequences!
  9. I rode on Tuesday after an 80 minute wait. Only one train was operating and the line was barely creeping. Those with fast passes were causing the line to be extremely slow but it ended up being well worth the wait!
  10. I love Wild Eagle's rear outer right seat best of all!
  11. I'm afraid the park is losing its charm. My wife is disabled and was treated very rudely by an employee in 2014, so much that she cried. I reported it but never heard anything. We had been buying season passes up to that point yearly, but we didn't go back this past year. I realize it could have been a bad day for that employee and it was near closing time.
  12. My wife and I stay at the Clarion Inn also. We only had one bad experience out of many good visits!
  13. My wife and I have gone in December several times and I usually get to ride anything I want until sundown!
  14. He's probably referring to "Timber Tower" which was removed from Dollywood for the 2012 season. Easy mistake to make. That's what I meant.
  15. My wife and I went on Monday, May 5th. The new firechaser express had riders stuck near the walkway for what seemed like a very long time and I never saw the people that were stranded moved and I also never saw it operate. We even rode the train that runs behind this coaster and I never once saw the trains running. Sounds like a problem and I hope it isn't similar to the Timber Topper ride that Dollywood sued over! One disappointment is that the shows have been the same the last several years and my wife is disabled and unable to ride the rides but we still love the atmosphere and the home cooked southern food and the cinnamon bread is awesome!
  16. What happened? There's been no posts for a while........
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