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  1. The track for Big Bear Mountain is starting to arrive at Dollywood in the Wildwood Grove area.
  2. Yes it is, but you have to be 55 inches tall to ride with a maximum weight of 287 pounds (this is new) The old height requirement was 48 inches tall before the ride closed. I think that is the highest height requirement in the park.
  3. It is slower cresting the first hill because Dollywood took out an entire section of LSM's when they determined the bottom of the first two hills were getting damaged from the force. I've been riding it since it opened and it is much slower going up and over the first hill once they removed those LSM's. However, the rest of the ride feels the same.
  4. I was hoping for spinning cars, like Time Traveler. I guess there's always 2025, lol.
  5. Yes, I am totally serious. The entire ride was rough and I ride every time I'm at the park, as I go every week or two with my annual pass. I literally had to leave the park because I couldn't walk. I'm just glad it was the last ride of the day and not the first. The ride has been rough in the past, before the new I-box track sections, but I've never been in pain from the ride like I was this time. Thunder Head was my first ride of the day (I always go to the left when I get inside the front gates) and it was super smooth. Not sure what the issue was with Lightning Rod that day.
  6. Lightning Rod is a mess. I was at Dollywood this week and Lightning Rod had two rows of seats near the back of both trains roped off and closed. Of course, this made the wait times horrendous for people in the regular queue. I went into the single rider line and got on in less than 5 minutes, which was good. I've ridden Lightning Rod around 100 times since it opened and I live close by and my one ride on it this week was horrifying painful. This was the roughest ride I've ever had on Lightning Rod, even when the old Topper Track was damaged and rough. As the train pulled into the station, I could hear others in front and back of me complaining about how rough the ride was. I typically ride it a few times every time I go to the park, but once was enough this week. I could barely walk when I got off the ride and my back hurt for two full days. I'm not sure I want to ride Lightning Rod ever again. I'd also like an explanation from Dollywood as to why it was so rough.
  7. I think it is impossible to guess what a ride's height restriction will be when it hasn't even been built yet. Since it will be a family coaster, I'd expect it to be in the lower ranges.
  8. The press release said a portion of the $10,000 with go to charity, not most of the money.
  9. I've been to Dollywood three times already this season and the issues plaguing the park for the last two seasons are still happening. Lightning Rod is still having down time and long waits when it is running because they are mostly running it with only 1 train. Wait times have been over two hours when I have gone, so I use the single-rider line to get on much faster or I use the first hour for gold and diamond pass holders to use the Timesaver line. Lines for food and drinks are LONG and many of the food outlets are closed. Strangely, other rides are also experiencing down time. Mystery Mine has been down several times and broke once while I was on the ride. They had to manually lift the restraints and we had to walk along the side of the track to get out. I guess Dollywood's offer to pay for college tuition for staff hasn't helped with staff shortages.
  10. They sell the exact same cinnamon bread at the bakery right at the front of the park and the line is much shorter.
  11. Right, especially since LR is at the opposite side of the park, nowhere near Wildwood Grove.
  12. Park Reservation System Book Your Next Visit Great news, Passholders! Reservations are no longer required for your visit to Dollywood Parks and Resorts. Any existing reservations will be honored. Be advised, based on demand, park entry could be delayed due to available park capacity.
  13. The fireworks are behind Wildwood Grove and can best be views from inside Wildwood Grove, as is the drone show. Last season, most of the rides had that sign on them about closing at 9 pm for the fireworks show.
  14. It's not a good price if you go every two weeks like I do. Last year I paid $55. That is a big increase for season pass holders.
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