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  1. I was messaging back and forth with the lead ride operator for Lightning Rod. He said they are replacing approximately 2/3's of the Topper Track with I-Box Track. He said depending on the weather, the repairs may or may not be completed on time for opening day. He is still working even though the park is closed until March. I'll check back with him in another month or so for a status update. I'm sure they will have to do some testing on it too, before it opens to the public again. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  2. It's going here, but I'm not sure what building that is. Maybe other readers know what it used to be.
  3. Dollywood did, at first. Every time I went it was more and more lax. They stopped making you use hand sanitizer before boarding the rides. They starting filling up more seats on the rides and people were too close together. They never did enforce social distancing in the queues, like other parks did. Let's see what happens when they reopen in March.
  4. For those that visited Dollywood after they reopened from the COVID closure, what did you think about operations, ride wait times, food and beverage wait times and your overall feeling of either feeling safe or not with the COVID restrictions. I think Dollywood will reopen in March with the same or very similar restrictions due to COVID-19 at least until the vast majority of the US has been vaccinated. I'm even thinking theme parks may ask for proof of vaccination to allow entry or to allow you to not have to wear a face covering. Any other ideas about what you think might happen going forward
  5. I disagree. I think that people that are going to possibly ride that coaster in the future would like to know what happened and will the coaster be safe to ride when it reopens. Being honest about a major derailment or lift failure, or whatever happened would not be a black eye on the hotel or the city as a whole. Hiding what happened is a problem though.
  6. Just for information since they know pictures have been posted all over the internet showing the damage. Some PR for a city in ruins because of COVID.
  7. Did they ever come out with a statement explaining what happened during testing?
  8. I don't believe half the crap in this video. There is no way their attendance levels were that high with state-mandated COVID attendance and capacity restrictions.
  9. I would tend to agree with you that new park management had focused more on cutting costs, saving money and losing much of the magic that Dollywood used to have. It's turning into another Cedar Fair styled park now and that is a shame.
  10. I loved the original Gwazi and actually rode it on opening day when I lived in Tampa. This looks so much better. Can't wait to ride it.
  11. From my recent visits and photos being posted, does anyone else believe that the entire track on Lighting Rod is going to be replaced? It was originally reported that only certain rough sections of the track were going to be replaced with I-Box track, but I'm no longer sure this is true after seeing so much topper track being removed. Maybe lightning will strike twice with no more topper track?
  12. A lot of people complained that this coaster was rough. I always liked it, but it has been years since I've ridden it. Maybe it got worse over the years.
  13. Don't you think maybe it is because of their uncertainty with park operations and the COVID situation? Maybe in 2022 we will see some semblance of normalcy with Lightning Rod running consistently and all the traditional festivals back. We can only hope.
  14. I'm here now and the crane is still up and they are working on the retrack. There are large sections of missing topper track that have been removed. Maybe they will get it done in time for the spring opening.
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