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  1. Let me tell you what is happening now at Dollywood, most likely because the pay is only $10-$12 an hour. The staff is very young, they are untrained, unfriendly and sometimes downright rude. The two new people working on Drop Line are a prime example of who should NOT be on the Dollywood staff, at least in a position that deals with the public. They are both rude, never smile and act like they don't want to be there. There should be a supervisor walking around and correcting these issues instead of letting these two "kids" make such poor examples of Dollywood employees. Chik Fil-a, right down the street, is staring people out at $15 an hour and Cedar Point is starting people off at $20 an hour without raising any prices other than typical annual price increases we see everywhere. And so what if they have to raise prices. People don't want to wait in line 30 minutes for a drink refill or an hour for a hot dog. Adding 25 cents to the price to get more staff at a restaurant would be worth it to most people. People are not taking low paying jobs anymore when they can go down the street and find one that pays more. Dollywood is raking in the cash and they surely can afford to pay their employees a living wage.
  2. I was there Sunday. There were still several restaurants closed with signs on them that said, "closed due to the current staffing situation." They are also having job fairs over the next two weeks. Their pay is between $10 and $11 per hour. You can get more than that almost anywhere else right now. 2 upcoming job fairs: Wednesday, July 21 | 2 - 6pm at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort & Spa Monday, July 26 | 2 - 6pm at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort & Spa What's also odd is that people that I've seen working there for years are no longer there. I'm sure part of that was people not wanting to work during Covid, especially since a large part of their staff was older. The new staff is much younger now and not as friendly either. We had a blast, but it was so hot out on Sunday that we couldn't stay all day to see the fireworks and drone show, which everyone is raving about.
  3. Dollywood needs to up their pay. Cedar Point upped their pay to $20 an hour. Dollywood needs to do the same. There's nothing worse than a theme park being understaffed. I also find it laughable that people are listening to the Dippin' Dots girl for new coaster information.
  4. I was at Dollywood today. It was more busy than usual. Lightning Rod opened late due to technical problems, but was running with two trains at around noon. The single rider line was SO much faster than the 130 minute wait in the regular line. Wild Eagle is still down. Not sure when they will get it fixed. Lines for food and drinks were BEYOND long. So long that I refused to wait in them and just left the park. Dollywood really needs to step up with their food operations. Other than that, it was a perfect, sunny day and yes, Barnstormer was up and running today too. There was almost nobody wearing masks and I'm pretty sure all those guests were not vaccinated.
  5. I just rode it last week and I also love the ride. It's way too short, but there's never much, if any, of a line for it. The location of the ride is awful. I always ride Barnstormer when I go. I also don't see ride operators shifted to other rides very often when I go. It seems they are trained on a ride and tend to stay working on that ride. I'm hoping they open up that area or make some changes to make it more user-friendly. The Mountain Slidewinder is still sitting there too, so that entire area could and should be reworked with a major facelift.
  6. Don't you find that odd that a ride that can operate with 2 or 3 ride hosts gets closed down? I always thought that ride was in a crappy location. I think rides like that do better in the open where people can see them. If you don't know that ride is there and miss the sign, it is easy to pass up. School is out here, so they should not have an issue finding ride hosts. They may have to up their pay some like other parks have done though. I rode Barnstormer last week, so I was surprised to see it closed.
  7. Dollywood cannot keep the park staffed. In addition to several restaurants being closed, now we can add rides to the list of closures due to staffing. It only takes 3 ride hosts to run this ride. Do you really think this is a staffing issue, or do you think Barnstormer will be removed or relocated? It's kind of tucked away and hard to see from Craftsman's Valley, as is Daredevil Falls. Maybe they are going to rework that area of the park. That could also be where the rumored giga coaster may be going.
  8. It was designed with Topper Track, which is and was tubular steel. That is how the partial retracking worked put so seamlessly. Both the steel tracks were the same size. The only difference is that the Topper Track had wood underneath it while the I-Box track has steel underneath it. The part the trains ride on are identical, therefore Lightning Rod was never a wooden coaster from day one since it was always on tubular steel track. It was all a marketing gimmick by Dollywood and RMC. Lighting Rod has always been a hybrid steel coaster. It feels exactly the same now as it did before the retrack. The only difference is that it is more durable with the stronger I-Box track because the wood under the Topper Track could not take the impact.
  9. I didn't see the sign for single riders for Lighting Rod, so I waited a long time yesterday morning. I got in line at 9:45. They were only running one train when they opened the ride at 10 am, so it was SLOW going. Then there was a rollback just as I was close to boarding. That took another 30 minutes to fix, then run test trains. The next time I went to ride Lighting Rod is when I happened to see the single rider line. After you walk up the stairs, there is another sign that tells single riders to go into the middle lane, which is also used for Parent Swap riders. It's a bit confusing, but on the third try I got it right. The first time I used the single rider line, I stayed in the Time Saver line, which was not correct and the ride host made me go to the back of the single rider line in the Parent Swap queue, which I did. So, if you go as a single rider, go into the Time Saver line, then go to the middle queue. The sign overhead still says Parent Swap, but the line is really for single riders. They never put a second train on while I was there. It appears the partial retracking didn't help the issues or reliability. The second photo shows the maintenance crew totally dumbfounded about what caused the rollback. Then a guy reached down and appeared to adjust a sensor and the ride started back up. The same thing happened when I was there two weeks ago at about the same time. It rained off and on most of the day, but the park was fairly empty and all the rides were running, most with no lines. It was a fantastic day to go.
  10. Rumor has it that Dolly Parton will make an appearance at the park on Wednesday after her interview from the DreamMore Resort in the morning on GMA. Not sure what time her interview will air, but it is tomorrow.
  11. Nobody thinks it might be Dollywood? They haven't had a new coaster since Dragonflier, which is a family coaster. There has been chatter about a new coaster, which would be great.
  12. Exactly, with 99% of the items for sale made in China that could be purchased for half the price on eBay or Amazon. I've seen items sitting on their shelves for so long they have to be regularly dusted. The only time most of that stuff sells is when it goes on sale or clearance. It's a marketing ploy. Have a craftsman that makes a handmade item when the rest of the merchandise in the store is imported from China. It's all fake. The other "home good" stores sell stuff you can find anywhere else or online for much cheaper. It's gotten worse of the last few years too and Herschend pushes for more and more profit over the guest experience.
  13. Does your son and your teen that loves Dolly go to Dollywood to listen to the Kingdom Heirs? My only thought was that other music choices would bring in other people that may not have visited before because of the artists they regularly book at Dollywood. It's my opinion, which I have a right to have.
  14. I have to respectfully disagree with you on that. Craftsman's Valley is only one section of the theme park. There are eleven themed areas. Each area could have different music, stages and theaters with different music options. I don't know anybody that goes there for the music and the music typically appeals to the older crowd that doesn't spend any money in the park. Bringing in new music, I think, would bring in new guests. How many times can someone go see the Kingdom Heirs?
  15. Both of those could easily be moved to Nashville, where country music reigns. Do people go to Dollywood to see either the museum or the replica of her childhood home, which takes about 1 minute to walk through? I've never walked through the museum, so I cannot comment on it, but it would probably do better elsewhere.
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