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  1. that's not totally correct. As of April 12, 2021, we have adjusted our COVID-19 safety requirements to the following: Per the CDC’s guidelines on safe outdoor activities, our outdoor areas, where six feet of distance can be maintained between parties, are now mask-optional spaces. Guest masking is required at all ticketing areas, park entry, on rides and trams, in queues, all indoor areas and areas where guests cannot socially distance outdoors. Guests and employees are still required to participate in a self-assessment health screening prior to entry, but temperature checks are
  2. The problem with that is that people will not put them on in the queue lines or inside shops. Once they are off, then they will be off for the entire day, in my opinion.
  3. I was at Dollywood yesterday. The park opened at 10 am. I arrived at 9:15 am and lot C was already almost full. Lines for temperature checks were very long and they were not even asking the 4 questions, just checking temperatures. I got into the park at 9:45 and got in line for Lightning Rod, which was already to Dolly's Closet store. They opened the ride at 10:15 and were running two trains. The loading process is very slow because people with items that need to be stored have to walk over the seats, place their items in the bins, then get back into the trains. For some reason, people can't
  4. We will have to wait and see. There's no reason to get lax about social distancing and wearing masks now when a possible 4th wave is around the corner. We should be even more vigilant now, even though we are all tired of the mandates. They are there for a reason and until we get heard immunity, if we ever do, then I expect the mandates will remain in effect to prevent employees and guests from getting Covid while at the parks. I don't see why Kings Island would not be doing the same protocols as last year since most Americans still have not been vaccinated. I also think being outdoors helps, b
  5. While I do agree with you. The rules are the rules at this time. The difference between Kings Island and Dollywood in terms of enforcing COVID rules is like night and day. Both parks employ 16 year olds, but at Kings Island, they have employees actively going through the queues and and making sure groups are spaced at least 6 feet apart. I also feel that since we've been doing this for a year now that people should know better. Guests should not have to be told to stay on their blue lines (the circles are gone) or ask people to wear their masks properly. It should be automatic and there shoul
  6. I live in Knoxville and in all of Eastern Tennessee, but especially Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and Gatlinburg, the COVID mask mandates and social distancing are almost entirely ignored. Just last night, the Knox county commission voted to strip the health department of all powers in the fight against COVID. That's how backwards it is here. However, I have found compliance at Dollywood to be pretty good, at around 75% percent for mask wearing, but no social distancing, which is unfortunate. When I am in line and ask people to step back, they get an attitude, like I am making my own r
  7. I'm in Knoxville, and it rained a lot of the day yesterday and very hard at times and there was some (not a lot) lightning, so hopefully the rides stayed open most of the day and the crowds were probably small due to the rain. I've gone to the park later in the day after heavy rains have stopped and been there with just a handful of people. Works every time, but you have to watch the weather and hope it is accurate. Don't want to drive there if it is going to start raining again.
  8. When calling the park 5 times, you might get 5 different answers from 5 different Dollywood phone reps. You cannot believe everything they tell you because they don't always have the correct answers, which is unfortunate. At least you can check on the website and see how many are available for pre-order. I've never seen them sold out online then checked at the park to see if they get any additional inside the park, but I will check the next time I go, as I always get there an hour early.
  9. They only sell a limited quantity for each day. If they are sold out online, then they will also be sold out at the park. When you try to buy online it will show how many are remaining for that particular day. If the number remaining is high, then you might be able to buy one at the park. However, I've seen them have 75 available and check two days later and they are have all been sold. Buy as soon as you can. With reduced hours and being closed two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is a huge demand to get into the park, especially from season pass holders. I believe there won't be
  10. It doesn't matter if it is spring break or not. They were not even at capacity, which is reduced because of COVID. Expect longer lines when the park goes full capacity again when the restrictions are lifted. The park wasn't busy, but everyone wanted to ride Lightning Rod for sure.
  11. Just got back from Dollywood. Lightning Rod was running two trains today. I got in line at 9:30 am. They starting sending trains out at 10:10 am and they were running two trains today and there didn't appear to be any issues. The line was long and at 10:30 the wait time posted on the sign was 140 minutes, so I only rode one time. They must have also tweaked some of the rough spots on the track or maybe the transition from the Topper Track to the I-Box track because it was super smooth. The last two times I rode it, there were rough patches on the track, but not today. It was smooth from beginn
  12. Yes, still only one train. They are waiting for a fix from the manufacturer. Even the TimeSaver Line is long, about an hour, instead of 2 plus in the regular line. It's not a good time to ride Lightning Rod right now because of the long wait times.
  13. The problem with Lighting Rod right now is the LONG wait times in line because of them only running one train. I refuse to wait in line 2 hours for any ride.
  14. You are correct. I was surprised how packed it was yesterday. There's no way they had any capacity limits yesterday with the crowds and parking lots that full. If they did, then they raised their capacity and are either at normal or close to normal capacity, because it is way more crowded than last year. It was loaded with kids too.
  15. No, they are filling most, if not all the seats. Today, I was by myself and the ride operator asked me if I minded having 2 more people in the row (of 4) with me and I said no problem. We all had masks on.
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