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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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here is my list in the order ridden


(I list the coasters that are not in that park anymore, to me moved is still gone )


King Kobra (PKI)

Drachen Fire

Corkscrew (Pavilion)(Relocated)

Orient Express

Zabezi Zinger(Relocated)

Wild Izzy/Maus (BGW)(Relocated)

Python (SFA)

Steel Phantom (Heavily modified)


Whirlwind (Relocated)

Vampire (SFKK)(Relocated)

Viper (SFOG)(Relocated)

Viper (SFGrtAdv)

Wild Rails (VF)

Shockwave (SFGA)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (PKI)

Hypersonic XLC


Deja Vu (SFOG)



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Corkscrew (Myrtle Beach Pavilion) - My First Corkscrew

Corkscrew (Geauga Lake)

King Cobra (Kings Island)

Little Dipper (Kennywood) - My First Coaster

Laser Loop (Kennywood, Relocated) - My First Vertical Loop

Whirlwind (Knoebels, Relocated)

Wild Maus (Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Relocated) - Rode it in both locations

Thunderbolt Express (Camden Park)

Williams Grove Cyclone (Williams Grove, Fate Unknown)

Wildcat (Williams Grove, Fate Unknown)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (PKI)


We'll have to wait and see about the 2 coasters at Adventure City.


I am also guessing that Python at BGT will join this list pretty soon.


4 Credits at the Myrtle Beach Pavillion also seem to be up in the air at this point.

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Let's see...


Buzzsaw Falls (Silver Dollar City, re-done)

Hercules (Dorney Park, removed)

Texas Cyclone (SFAW, removed)

Whirlwind (Knoebel's, relocated)

Starliner (MSAP, relocated)

Wildcat (Williams Grove, ?)

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Shockwave (SFGAm)

Drachen Fire (BGW)

Buzzsaw Falls (SDC)

Runaway Ore Cart (SDC)

Zyklon (Branson USA)

Flying Dragon Wagon (Branson USA)

Texas Cyclone (SFAW)

Serpent (SFAW)

Viper (SFAW)


Pipeline Express (Boardwalk Fun Park)

Comet 2 (State Fair of Texas)

Nightmare Mine (Frontier City)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (PKI)

Windjammer (KBF)

Jumbo Jet (Coney Island)

Lightning Bolt - 2 Versions (MGM Grand)

Greased Lightnin' - PGA

King Cobra (PKI)

Excalibur (SFAW)

Viper (SFGAdv)

High Roller (Stratosphere)


I'm not counting relocated rides, since they aren't gone.

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Nightmare at Phantom Cave - SFDL

Little Dipper - Martin's Fantasy Island

Dragon - Martin's Fantasy Island

Wild Cat - Martin's Fantasy Island


If there were any kiddie coasters at Crystal Beach, then those too.


Also, I rode Flight of Fear at PKD when it was OL:FOF and it had OTSRs.. that kind of counts, right? lol.

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Wacky Soapbox Racers (KBF)

Windjammer (KBF)

Spellbraker (Legoland CA)

Hercules (Dorney)

Viper (SFGrAd)

Greased Lightning (PGA)

High Roller (Stratosphere)



Thunder Express (Dollywood)

Whirlwind (Knoebel's)

Stealth (PGA)



Flashback (SFMM)

Adventure City Coasters

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Firefly at Benson's Animal Farm

Wild Maus at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Rockin' Rider at Canobie Lake Park

Hercules at Dorney Park

Chicken Express at High Hopes Orchard

Python Pit at Jeepers - Methuen,MA

Mad Mouse at Lakemont Park

Dragon Wagon at Libertyland

Revolution at Libertyland

Zippin Pippin at Libertyland

Gator at Palace Playland

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster at Paramount's Kings Island

Galaxi at Pirates Fun Park

Orient Express at Pirates Fun Park

Vampire at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Black Widow at Six Flags New England/ Riverside

Little Rickies Little Twister at Six Flags New England/ Riverside

Gold Rush Express at Six Gun City (The park replaced the 04 coaster with a new one in 05.. I have both)

Flyer Comet at Whalom Park

Cyclone at Williams Grove Park

Wildcat at Williams Grove Park

Flitzer at York's Wild Kingdom

Thats it I guess...

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Hmm, let's see . . .


Wild Mouse (Santa Cruz Boardwalk)

Motorcycle Chase/Wacky Soap Box Racers (Knott's)

Corkscrew (Knott's)

Windjammer (Knott's)

Tidal Wave (Mariott's Great America)

Willard's Whizzer (Mariott's Great America)

Thunder Express (Dollywood)

Cyclone (Southport Pleasure Beach)

King Solomon's Mines (Southport Pleasure Beach)

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Florida Hurricane and Zoomerang AT Boardwalk and Baseball

Screamer and Sky Streak AT Boblo Island

Wild Izzy/Maus and Drachen Fire AT Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Flyer AT Canadian Ntl Exhibition

Comet AT Cascade Park

Wild Cat (circa pre 1979) AT Cedar Point

Wild Mouse AT Chippewa Lake Park

Jack Rabbit AT Clementon Lake

Jumbo Jet AT Coney Island

Comet and Giant Coaster AT Crystal Beach

Hercules AT Dorney Park

Thunderbolt AT Dreamworld (AUS)

Mr. Twister and Wildcat AT Elitch Gardens

Double Loop AT Fuji Q (Japan)

Corkescrew and Zyclone AT Geauga Lake

Jack Rabbit and Wildcat AT Idora Park

Dipper, Laser Loop, Steel Phantom AT Kennywood

Whirlwind AT Knoebels

Screechin Eagle AT Lesourdsville Lake

Lightning Bolt AT MGM Grand Adventures

City Jet AT Morey's PIer

Mountain Flyer AT Mountain Park

Dragon AT Myer Center (Brisbane, AUS)

Corkscrew and Galaxi AT Myrtle Beach Pavillion

Steel Dragon 2000 AT Nagashima Spaland

Chaos, Rock and Roller Coaster,

Wabash Cannonball, Screamin'

Delta Demon AT Opryland

The Bat, The Demon, King Kobra AT King's Island

Hurricane AT Playland Park

Atom Smasher AT Rockaway's Playland

Skyliner AT Roseland Park

Mad Mouse AT Shady Lake

Python AT Six Flags America

Lightning Loops, Shockwave,

Viper AT SF GReat Adventure

Shockwave, Tidal Wave AT SF Great America

Mountain Express AT SF Magic Mountain

Black Widow AT SF New England

Mini Mine Train, Viper AT SF Over Georgia

High Roller AT Stratosphere Tower

Beastie, Bush Beast, Demon AT Wonderland Sydney (AUS)



Wow...didn't realize I had so many! Would give ANYTHING to have the Idora Wildcat Back...like say, EVERY Vekoma out there!!

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