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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

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Whoa! That drop looks really beyond 90 degrees! Those inversions, too. With lapbars this thing could be crazy. I should be going to Japan sometime in 2012 so maybe if I start preparing now I can withstand the hell that is Fuji-Q.

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So this thing has a launch and a vertical lift with beyond vertical drop? Awesome stuff, I wonder what come first the launch or the lift. You would think the lift hill would be the natural thing to start a ride with, but I kind like rides with midcourse lift hills before the ending (Mystery Mine, the Beast, some mine trains. But then again I really liked the mid course launch on Maverick, felt like that was one of the better coasters Ive been on in a while mostly because of the mid course launch, very unexpected and awesome.

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Yeah, now that the layout is complete, i'm really curios about this as well. I almost want to say based on the layout that the launch comes first, followed by the lift, but of course it could go any way. I'm just basing this off of the fact that the brake run following the launch section goes right in the structure next to where the lift begins.


Amazing looking coaster IMO...8 inversions!


Well, remember when we saw construction photos we saw what could or couldn't be a indoor section. So, I'm wondering as well.

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