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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

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Theme Park Hell


truly exists!



"CURSE YOU Mt.FUJI - God/dess/s of Lineups!"


(all bad-lipsynching, of c-ourse...)


I agree Bill this is an evil evil park.


This new ride is cool and all. But is it really worth the 3 hour wait in a long hot and no doubt dirty line?


Your better off spending an extra day at Disney!!!!! At least there it's clean and with Fastpass you get ride everything you want.

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I long for the day I can go back to Fuji Q with OUT there being a new credit that I have to wait for!!!!


Why would you want to go back to Fuji-Q if there wasn't a new credit to ride?


I must say though that this ride looks amazing so far, although I'm sure Fuji-Q will find a way to ruin it. The elements on the ride are just massive, very unique, and the ride looks like it will easily be the best in the park. Although, that wasn't hard to do. I can't wait to see the rest of the layout, or what the theme, assuming there is one, in what looks like will be the indoor section I posted earlier.

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I have -dreamed- about an element like that since I'v ebeen playing RCT II- as it looks like some sort of twisted half-batwing/cobraroll element...


But if I'm looking at it correctly- do you qualify for being upside down once, or is it twice/three times as it appears?

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It should be law that nothing new and innovative can be premiered at Fuji-Q.


Lord have moistures, that's going to be one LONG day. But really, what ride at FQ is comfy and fun? Will this new element bring more pain and misfortune? Only time will tell. Looks like this could be an ear-banger.


EDIT: ^ We were thinking the same thing!

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^Barry, I did that last time and the freakin universe repaid me with an Earthquake!!!!!!


Yup, Robb and the group went off to Fuji Q whie KT and I stayed on the 30 something floor of the hotel. Right around 8:30 in the morning the room started swaying and I was sooooo pissed at Fuji Q for causing this!!!! All I kept thinking was the building was going to collapse and we would die, but the Fuji Q group would be just fine!!!

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Strangely enough, I created an Inverted coaster version in 2003 for a ride I released in feb of 2003. It is really cool to see something I came up with over 8 years ago, in some form (but really similar in angles and such) take reality. Very cool. The element on my ride was pretty fun I thought.

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Oh my gosh that looks awesome! Once it's finished someone should go stand in line for several hours to tell us what it's like.


If anyone wants to donate money to me for the trip, I'd happily do it.

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Let's face it.


This new coaster is turning on-going return visits to


Fuji-Q Highland Park


into something like part of a dastardly "TPR Touring Ritual", lol. (dastardly?)


If you 'happen' to be touring Japan.


(And several of us will be there in a few months' time, so we'll let you all know how long the lineups... )

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EDIT to add: Truth to tell, I did get in five out of the seven coasters available at the time,

back in the 2007 tour, lol. But it was a long, long day in the lines. One of those things that happens.


And I rewarded myself (for being so F-Queue-patient, hah!), with My Very First Ever Dippin' Dots!

In F-Q of all places!

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