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  1. I love how the trains match the 49ers colors. Stoked for this addition though! Looks like a good solid ride. This place was my homepark and I will always have a special place in my heart for it. Glad they're finally getting something new!
  2. I can see this and GL at SFMM being part of the ride rotation Six Flags has going on..
  3. I'm glad it's nothing "gimmicky" (tilting seats, stand-up seats, etc..) Just plain ole fashion white knuckle terror!
  4. Here's what I've been imagining for this spot for a while now... I wasn't too creative with the layout but the point is a Giga.
  5. They do that every year. It's the flashlight tours. They can't do things to it like haunt because it's a historical landmark. It would be disrespectful to mess with the house. That house is creepy in itself. Actually it is a maze. Check it out! http://winchestermysteryhouse.com/frightnights.cfm
  6. Is Cedar Fair big on waterparks? I wouldn't mind seeing a big slide complex at BB.
  7. The only park I have seen with Street View is BGE. It's pretty cool!
  8. I went to CGA Pride Night last Friday and I had a blast! Thank you CGA for hosting such an awesome event! To my surprise It was pretty busy. Must of been the performers they had that drew in the crowds, because that's also the main reason I went. Drop Tower line was on the switchbacks. Demon was to the queue entrance. Flight Deck was leaking out to the midway a bit. Grizzly was on the bottom of the ramp.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I can't help but think about RCT2 when I see that theming on the water.
  10. I'm definitely out of the loop but can someone fill me in with this whole Fuji-Q joke? Sounds like a case of long a$$ lines!
  11. I've been to a couple of these. Including one with a credit, tornado ride, bumper cars, laser tag and mini golf. It's a really cool place and I love the fact that it's a buffet.
  12. I finally got to ride the tower last Saturday and I noticed another set of elevator doors at the top of the tower right below the ones being used now. What's the story on that? Was that the original observation deck?
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