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  1. ^ Apparently this Tuesday is an employee preview, and it opens to the public on Wednesday. That's what I've heard at least.
  2. I was at opening day as well, but I didn't enjoy it as much. Patriot was running one train all day and for some reason I decided to wait 2 hours for it. Although, Prowler's crew made up for Patriot's. I was able to get two rides in under half an hour, and they were moving the trains through surprisingly fast. The staff were typical - not really happy or thrilled to be serving the guests, but that's not any different than before. SteelHawk fits well with the rest of the park to be honest. I always thought the tower would stand out, and it does, but in a better way than I originally imagined. I figured it would make the other attractions seem puny, but it doesn't appear to be much larger than Mamba or Detonator. I also liked how you could see it from literally anywhere in the park! I'm excited for its opening day. It should be a solid fit.
  3. I'm gonna be at opening night tomorrow, and I'm guessing it's gonna be packed. The park always is during Halloween Haunt, especially on Saturdays. Oh well, I love haunt season!
  4. Alright, kind of off topic, but wasn't there an announcement on Saturday as well? Does anybody know anything about that? Sorry if there wasn't, but I recalled a post a week or two back about an announcement coming after Steelhawk.
  5. They're trying to get the GP to think that it's different than the Windseekers, which are plagued with downtime. They assume if they add a different name, people with think it's a totally different ride. Although, I could be wrong.
  6. So I'm assuming it's replacing Grand Prix when they mean "across from Patriot"? Whatever, it is cool that we get one of these, but I won't be cool if it has the problems that other parks have had.
  7. I'm going to the park tomorrow evening, so I'll be on the look out for any signs of markings or anything around TWolf - Thunderhawk and Viking Voyager. I dunno, I'm still expecting something huge for 2015, like others are speculating. I can definitely imagine a Giga going in there behind Timber Wolf that spans to Patriot. There's a whole open grassy area around there.
  8. That's a bummer! On another note, has anybody heard anything or seen anything signifying something new for next year? We're getting close to that time where you start seeing markers and clearings and all that. I'm probably not gonna buy a pass next year if nothing new comes around. I've been bored out of my mind this year at the park already, so what's the point of going if there is nothing new to do next year. Please don't let us down..
  9. Excellent job on the Impulse coaster supports and architecture!
  10. Sweats Earphones Underarmour sweatshirt Laptop case, mouse, and USB drive-thingy A whole cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory A huge poster of a monkey on it Modern Warfare 3 About 10 cards from a bunch of family members 2 board games I forgot the name of Nothing to do with theme parks or roller coasters. Although I found out I'm going to Branson (Missouri) for a week in June (it's like a tradition that we didn't get last year or the year before). So yeah, thats pretty nice. I'll get to hang out with my cousins some more and shoot some RAW footage.
  11. Hmm. Looks good right now! But I agree that those pines (I think) look a bit repetitive and boring. Good work so far though!
  12. ZOMG. Thanks for the update Chuck! I'm astounded to see how fast they've made this thing. The event building is already done? I figured it wouldn't be done until January. Props to the company that's erecting this beast!
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