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  1. SeaWorld's Antarctica control booth, while resetting from a e-stop back in 2014. Posting to contribute.
  2. I went to the Team Member preview a few nights ago. I enjoyed what the event has to offer this year, and I did 8 out of 9 houses. Obviously I won't go into it with my thoughts since it was just a test night, but it has me ready for Day 1 of the event.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I get what you're saying. My point is that Universal isn't full of idiots managing it. If they decided that a net or a roof/awning would fix the issue, don't you think they would have done it? I don't see Universal adding metal detectors or other things as a first-step solution. I also don't think the Disney argument is appropriate when it comes to this situation as RnRC doesn't enter guest areas as spacious as RRR or Hulk. I'm also not suggesting that metal detectors are the best possible solution. You're right, shoes can come loose. A button down shirt might too. Basketball tearaways also. Ban clothes. On second thought, what if you have a pre op transexual on board with some unattached "equipment"? Perhaps we should at least mandate boxer briefs. Boxers, which have buttons, clearly pose some degree of risk.... If anything can become a projectile, and a guest was hurt by a projectile on the ride, why would the park ever risk legal action by dueling the attraction again?
  4. Just pointing out that when it comes to theme parks in the United States, Safety ALWAYS comes before fun. There has to be a good reason to justify these test. I extremely doubt that Universal would implement or even test these procedures if they were not necessary. They know people are unhappy with the metal detectors, I'm positive people have complained to guest services. They have to know the GP's reaction to it, it seems impossible that they are oblivious to it. However, if they are still moving forward with testing more extreme ways to make sure no loose article get past and onto the ride, It's definitely an issue of safety. Some of you are acting like Universal is deliberately doing this to piss off their guests. Also, for those of you who are hopeful this signify Dragons will duel again, remember that shoes may be considered a potential loose article on that ride. Especially dueling the loop.
  5. As a ride op for the Shamu Express at SeaWorld, I often get tons of thumbs up and cheers when the ride reenters. So many requests to re-ride. Does that count?
  6. I can see them not checking it off, even if they suppose to. It happens most often because a lot of our quick queue entrances are not dedicated and the tasks of checking passes are given to rideops on platform or at greet dealing with ride restrictions/show breaks (for rides near shows). (For example, Universal/Disney seems to have employee positions dedicated to checking their express passes at merge points). I find that if things are super busy, and the quick queue entrance is the exit where platform ops are working, it might go unchecked. If it's not busy, and the op checking passes are at greet, they will be checked off. I wouldn't count on them not checking again. If you managed 12 rides on cheetah hunt and you didn't have a unlimited wrist band, I guarantee the ride operator at the greet position just didn't care. Source: was/is employed at a park with the quick queue program.
  7. That seems logical. It would be cool to see that placed there. It might also push more shows into Nautilus, since that venue is only being used on weekends. (At the moment).
  8. I'm totally not going to speculate and instead wait for the information that the park promised. Although..... I wonder if it has anything to do with the ride or instead the Pantopia area.
  9. As far as Beer Band and BBQ goes, It looks like SeaWorld will not announce the lineups up front, and will announce them the Wednesday before to prevent the bands breaking contract. If they break the contract, they'll be forced to pay SeaWorld. Win/Win for SeaWorld, and we still have big acts!
  10. I wouldn't consider it a coaster. Although, about 25% of the cycle time is spent on physical rails. The rest are free-floating segments, and those are from Station to Lift 1, Drop 1 Run-out to lift 4, and Drop 3 Run-out to station. (Previously a JTA Team Member.)
  11. Normally feeding times are not listed online, you'll find that out in the park. Shamu Up Close is a 15 minute continuous show that goes on through the day. As long as you are not hitting the attraction 15 minutes before park close, you'll be able to see everything everyone else does.
  12. There are actually two nets that are permanently up right behind the unload area where the water and land meet, they where re-themed to match the surrounding. They've been cemented to the ground, as they look like. I can take a photo next time I'm there. You can see the nets to the right. They only extend two links where the penguins where jumping out. (unintentionally). I'll take a better photo later, this is one a friend of mine took for me today.
  13. I really love Wild Days. It was planned way before Blackfish was released though. Throughout yesterday all of the shows (only during select showtimes) where doing a extra 5 minute presentation about Wild Days. I'm not sure if this will go on throughout the event, or if it was just a one time thing. I'll see if it's going on today. Robb, I saw you in the park yesterday, didn't want to say 'Hello' since I thought it would just end up being awkward since you may not have remembered who I was. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Haha.
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