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What is the coolest coaster name?

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best use of product promotion in a name: Pepsi Max Big One (and the only product promotion in a name - that I know of)
actually Irn Bru Revolution is also a cola company sponcered arrow roller coaster at the same park


I like the names:

the Beast


Millennium Force



yeah theres more but I can't think of them all now

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Here are some of the coaster name's I think are cool...


Nemesis, Oblivion - No Explanation needed


Thunderlooper - I still miss that coaster at Alton Towers


The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley - A great name I alway thought. Shame the coaster is the ultimate in inflicting pain


TraumaTIZER at Pleasureland Southport - one go on this SLC & you are traumatized


Paul 'Humdinger - noooooooooooooo' Chapman

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Thunder Dolphin, Top Thrill Dragster, Xcelerator, Storm Runner, Kanonen, Linear Gale, Pegasus, Nitro, Nemesis, Oblivion, Hydra, Dragon Khan, Incredible Hulk, Powder Keg, Shivering Timbers, Blackout, Thundercoaster, Kingda Ka. These are my most favourite names. SheiKra sounds like Shakira but it is still a cool name.

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i like

nemesis, blizzrock and pyro, powder keg, tremors, shivering timbers, kracken, kumba, montu, aplinguest, volcano, boulderdash, rattler, the beast, xelorator, ghost rider and i can't leave out the most comon name to wood coasters the cyclone. always loved the sound of that name. to bad most of the cyclone coasters are not that great. (namly the horrible missspelled verson at sfmm).

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The Legend Poor Holiday World. I love the place, but they really suck at naming rides.


My favorite would definately be Nemesis. I think that is a perfect name for such a ride. It even sounds kind of freaky if you know what I mean. I'm also a big fan of Talon.

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