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What is the coolest coaster name?

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The coolest? Obviously its Superspeed Cool-Cool Bear


I literally just said Super Speed Cool-Cool Bear 4 posts above you


Ok I gave a link to it without explicitly mentioning the name, but I still posted about it


Sorry I didn't read the thread before posting. You get all the cool points.

It's fine, I wasn't the first person to mention cool-cool bear in this thread either, plus, with two "cools" in the name there's plenty of coolness for everyone

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I’m bumping this because I now know that there’s a ride called Dragon Roaring Heaven.

Apparently that same park also has coasters called Clouds of Fairyland and Starry Sky Ripper.


Also I can't not share this amazing ride sign for Clouds of Fairyland (screenshot from one of the RCDB pics, can't seem to figure out how to embed the original)


The unique shaped orange "loving heart" has witnessed the love and courage of numerous lovers... but remember kids, don't play with the item immediately after meal.

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