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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

p. 78: Mission Ferrari opening January 12th, 2023!

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Great new update! Oh, I can´t wait to visit the park. Just planed my travel this week. Will come in Nov/Dez. for one week to visit Ferrari World and do some sightseeing of Dubai then - incl. the Wild Wadi Waterpark and Aquaventure, Dubai Fountains and the great buildings over there... maybe some small bonus credits, too.


Thanks again, Dubaidave and Bearcat89. I booked the ParkIn in Abu Dhabi Your hotel window picture got me


... I´m so excited and looking forward to Nov/Dez...

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I can't wait to see this thing in full speed test, I doubt a park here in the US would ever spend the money on something like this or even have the real estate for it. That Ferrari car train is sexy as hell, the sand is going to be very bad on it. I also see in some of those pics the sand is already attacking the track making it look alittle rusty.


I wonder how is intamin addressing the wheels and the sand, seams like with the speed and sand it would be like running on sand paper or a sand blaster grinding them down.


It's a dream but I'd love to visit this place, it looks amazing .

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Thanks for the great updates! I have to say this coaster looks really awesome! I'll probably never get a chance to take a spin on it, but that's okay.....I applaud Ferrari World for going after the speed record by creating a ride with actual substance, something that Ring Racer could never have claimed with its launch/elevated turn/done sequence. The funny thing is, Ring Racer still may not be open by the time Ferrari World is, which you'd think would greatly reduce the draw that RR even had in the first place.

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Heres the latest press realease.


Luca Di Montezemolo Visits Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari Chairman Praises ‘Spectacular’ Theme Park


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Chairman of Ferrari, Luca Di Montezemolo, took a tour of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to see the progress ahead of the theme park’s public opening on 28 October 2010.


Mr. Montezemolo was taken on a tour of the site by Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar Properties PJSC and Chairman of Farah Leisure Parks Management.


“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a great project among friends driven by a common passion,” said Luca Di Montezemolo. “The people of Abu Dhabi, in particular Aldar Properties, have done an incredible job creating this spectacular theme park, where you can feel the Maranello spirit.”


“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is dedicated to many different guests from young children to adults, families and motoring fans. Guests will be able to have a very special and unique Ferrari experience,” he added.


- Ends -


Luca di Montezemolo visits Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Mohammed Al Mubarak joins Luca Di Montezemolo at Galleria Ferrari in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Luca di Montezemolo reviews the progress of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ahead of 28 October opening

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  • 3 weeks later...

Heres another press release. About a different ride this time.


Ferrari-go-round reveals never before seen prototypes

Carousel offers glimpse into the future of Ferrari


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s largest indoor theme park and first dedicated to the Prancing Horse, families will enjoy Carousel, the merry-go-round, featuring never before seen Ferrari prototypes.


Students from four of the world's best automotive design schools created design models of future Ferrari cars through 'Ferrari: new concepts for the myth', the global challenge dedicated to car designers around the world. The ride is animated by four of the winning Ferrari concept cars which will be proudly showcased for the first time outside Maranello.


Visitors to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be able to select one as their preferred mode of transport on this authentic family ride. On board the Carousel, guests will be given the full automotive experience with moving brake paddles, accelerators and horns.


Carousel, located in the heart of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, will appeal to guests of all ages, offering them the chance to experience the park at a more relaxed pace than some of the more high-octane rides.


Andy Keeling, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park Manager said “Carousel at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a family-friendly attraction which will give adults and children the unique opportunity to experience Ferrari prototypes and replicas in an updated Ferrari-style version of the authentic fairground merry-go-round.”


Carousel is located close to the Junior GP and Junior GT attractions aimed at younger visitors, where they can pick up their first driving skills in a F430 GT Spider, before heading to the race track in a scaled-down version of a Ferrari F1™ car.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi features many other rides and attractions which ignite the senses and reflect the remarkable story of Ferrari. Alongside the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, guests will also gain a rare insight into the inner workings of Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team division at Ferrari, at The Paddock and to emulate the experts by changing the tyres of an F1™ car. Guests can also go on a spectactular journey flying over the scenic Italian countryside on Viaggio in Italia.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will open its doors to the public at 12 noon on 28 October 2010 a vast array of attractions to suit guests of all ages and tastes.


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^AGREED. I don't even like carousels that much...but in a Ferrari concept? You'd be hard pressed to get me out of the damned thing. I'd be giggling like a fool whilst pushing buttons, turning the steering wheel and hitting the gas pedal - all the while making revving noises!



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