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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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That´s the only hotel I found by my search too, with accurat prices for my idea. Thanks for your convert, but I have to convert it in Euro


BTW, that is a great view out of the window. Thank you for your fast information and help.

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I have just heard that they have started to pull the car of Formula Rossa along the track to check clearances etc.


here is a shot from a cell phone. I hope to get down there tomorrow morning to get some better pics.





heres a zoomed in image from the original photo

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Great new update! Oh, I can´t wait to visit the park. Just planed my travel this week. Will come in Nov/Dez. for one week to visit Ferrari World and do some sightseeing of Dubai then - incl. the Wild Wadi Waterpark and Aquaventure, Dubai Fountains and the great buildings over there... maybe some small bonus credits, too.


Thanks again, Dubaidave and Bearcat89. I booked the ParkIn in Abu Dhabi Your hotel window picture got me


... I´m so excited and looking forward to Nov/Dez...

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I can't wait to see this thing in full speed test, I doubt a park here in the US would ever spend the money on something like this or even have the real estate for it. That Ferrari car train is sexy as hell, the sand is going to be very bad on it. I also see in some of those pics the sand is already attacking the track making it look alittle rusty.


I wonder how is intamin addressing the wheels and the sand, seams like with the speed and sand it would be like running on sand paper or a sand blaster grinding them down.


It's a dream but I'd love to visit this place, it looks amazing .

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