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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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Heres another press release.


Children to Learn first Driving Skills at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Driving School provides road safety and skill training for children


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Young guests at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be able to take their first ever drive in a beautiful scaled down Ferrari while learning valuable skills before testing what they have learned on the racetrack.


When the park opens its doors for the first time on 27th October 2010 at 7pm, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will feature a wide range of rides and attractions which ignite the senses and reflect the remarkable story of Ferrari, but it’s not only high octane rollercoasters and advanced simulators on offer. Youngsters will be given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of scaled down Ferrari F430 GT Spider cars and pick up new skills before heading out onto a mini Grand Prix circuit within the park and applying their new skills in stunning scaled down F1™ Scuderia Ferrari single seater.


At Junior GT, the first part of the Driving School, children will be schooled on road safety essentials before they get behind the wheel to experience driving conditions for the first time at a reduced and safe speed. From stop signs to roundabouts and lane discipline, young drivers will need to pass this crucial first stage to get their drivers license before making the step up to a race driving experience at the second part of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Driving School.

At Junior Grand Prix, young drivers will learn more about F1™ driving techniques; when to make the most of a straight away and turn into corners as well as what changes a driver’s experience when driving through a tunnel. They will have to maneuver around the track and make the most of their chance to take on chicanes before crossing the checkered flag.

Andy Keeling, Park Manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: “The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Driving School is a new concept we have developed for our younger audience, where they can learn the basics of road safety and driving etiquette in a thrilling environment. Junior GT and Junior Grand Prix combine to deliver a memorable experience for our young guests.”



Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will open its doors to the public at 7pm on 27th October 2010 with a vast array of attractions to suit guests of all ages and tastes. Guests can purchase tickets at the gate and are recommended to arrive early to join in the opening celebrations, which include unique entertainment and free souvenirs.


Ticket prices range from AED 225 for guests above 1.5m, and AED 165 for visitors below 1.5m. Guests can upgrade their experience with a Premium Ticket, which will give them priority on all attractions and access to an exclusive lounge with refreshments, as well as other benefits. Premium Tickets cost AED 375 for guests above 1.5m and AED 270 for visitors below 1.5m. All tickets provide unlimited use of rides and attractions inside Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The park will be operating on a six-day a week schedule from Tuesday to Sunday, welcoming visitors from 12 noon each day.




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This place seems unbelievable to me - especially when an overhead shot of the roof is posted. Just incredible.


I've enjoyed keeping up on this place via this thread, thanks to those who keep updating. I don't watch a lot of national news anymore, but it sure does seem like this would make a good segment for one of those shows, or even a 60 Minutes type program.

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Both sides do race - there's the little clip at the very end that shows two sets of cars dueling.


As for the speed, a lot of those turns are pretty flat, so higher speeds would kick the laterals up to the point of painful...

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Is it just me....or does it look like they are going pretty slow?


I think the point of the ride to some extent is to simulate race car physics; the turns are very minimally banked, there are LSM sections out of the turns, etc. From off-ride it does appear slow, but I definitely think they hit the nail on the head for this coaster. Those on-ride shots look pretty awesome.

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Racing coaster looks like a perfect family coaster for the park, not too fast, but not too slow. Kinda reminds me of Italian Job.


I'm actually pretty happy to finally see footage of this ride. I originally thought it was gonna deliver more thrills, but it seems to be more of an in-between coaster.


I'm really hoping this park succeeds. Although, I kinda feel that already planning a second park even though the first park hasn't opened yet isn't the best idea in the world though.

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have not heard anything. The park is well away from residential areas so there would be no problem testing at night and it would be cooler at night as well.


I am driving down that way soon so will swing by and see if there's any sign.


The last aerial pic they posted had the train on the brake run. That was the full train as well, not just the test carriage for the pull through.



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Oh, I´m looking forward to a first launch video... I like the small racing coaster, but I´m missing some themeing around it. Hope they will put something in there, but like seen on the concept arts there will be nothing else


  • Like I said before I plan a visit to the park in Nov./Dez..
    Please, I need help from everyone, who was in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before or lives there around, to give me some hints
here. Don´t want to use this topic for that. Thank you.

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I know who the cameraman was and would think Robb would have been better.


I drove past Formula Rossa yesterday and although I didn't see a train I did see water mist coming from the launch track don't know if this is to cool something?


There were also hundreds of guys cleaning the roof ready for the big opening.



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No pics of the army of guys on the roof? That would be interesting.


Water mist on the track is a good sign. Intamin cable launches don't usually have it, but they may have added it in such a climate. I doubt they would turn on the water for the hell of it.


We won't get any promises on Formula Rossa. Arabs don't like being wrong, so they aren't going to put their neck out on the fastest coaster in the world. It would be nice for someone to at least verify it is testing, but the water damn near does that, imho.



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