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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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Worrying about the paint fading is a valid concern, but they are going to have another issue with sand accumulation. Already, requests for bids to develop an automatic roof cleaning system have been sent out and a resounding round of "no bid"s have come back. As of this point in time, it is speculated that the roof will be cleaned one night a week (probably Thursday night) by 2000 workers armed with brooms.



Isn't that how they clean their huge fountains as well?

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Just saw this on Screamscape.


(7/9/10) According to a comment from the head of Formula One, the half-built F1 Theme Park in Dubia is going to stay half built. When Bernie Ecclestone was asked about the theme park he stated, “It is not happening.”


Well if this is true then that's a huge letdown.

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Just saw this on Screamscape.


(7/9/10) According to a comment from the head of Formula One, the half-built F1 Theme Park in Dubia is going to stay half built. When Bernie Ecclestone was asked about the theme park he stated, “It is not happening.”




Well if this is true then that's a huge letdown.


This does refer to the formula one park in Dubai. NOT Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.


Its a bit like reading a story about Seaworls Sandiego and thinking it means Seaworld in Florida.



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Great! I love these types of rides. That now brings the total of these 3d dark rides up to 6 counting the ones under construction. This shows me an explosion of popularity recently. The Spiderman rides sat for years before the technology was implemented elsewhere.


Spiderman (IoA)

Spiderman (Tokyo)

Transformers (USH)

Transformers (USS)


Speed of Magic

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^That's more intense than TTD. And that launch isn't exactly weak. It's not the most powerful, no, but trust me, 1.7 G's of acceleration for 4 seconds is going to be a nice time.


I completely agree!!!


- which is why I can't wait for getting my first ride in this real Ferrari - Whenever it takes place.


But the acceleration, which actually is 27 percent weaker than ring*racer, makes me doubt whether this is gonna feel better than ring*racer.

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Wow, I had no idea there was another one in Japan. What is this one like for those who have been on it?


I'm curious to know what features will make Transformers next-gen versions of Spiderman, given how already impressive these rides are. What upgrades can we expect?


For those following the construction of the F1 park, what will there 3d dark ride be like? And while we're on the topic, which company makes these things?

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Aldar Properties has announced that construction on the huge waterpark planned for Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island will start this month.


The 16.4 hectare water park will feature more than 40 rides and attractions, including four one-of-a-kind rides that have never been seen before in a water park.


Aldar said it has already received planning approval from the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and has appointed UK-based Atkins as lead designer for the project.


Aldar has also initiated the prequalification process for main contractors for the project and construction work will begin in July. The project is scheduled for delivery in 2012.


Sami Asad, chief operating officer of Aldar Properties, said: “The water park will bring another distinct feature to Yas Island, further diversifying its impressive offering.


“It will be a valuable addition to the other attractions that will set Yas Island apart as a major leisure destination and will reinforce Abu Dhabi’s position as a great place to live, work and visit.”


The water park will join Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind, which is due to on October 28.



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They have just released some official Renderings to the Facebook Group






Formula Rossa – The world’s fastest roller coaster will be powered through the 2.07 km track at speeds up to 240 km/h; reaching 0-100 km/h in less than two seconds.


Carousel – Ferrari’s version of the traditional carousel, featuring a range of prototype Ferrari cars based on winning designs from a Ferrari student contest.


Paddock – A realistic recreation of the Ferrari motor homes at European F1 races, including its transporters, support garage and hospitality suites.


V12 – This state of the art flume ride takes guests on an amazing journey into the heart of a Ferrari 12-cylinder engine.


Junior GT – This is a driving school for children and the first component of the Ferrari driving academy.

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Taking concept art as just that - concept...


With such high speeds - will Intamin need to consider adding a larger fairing to the front or even a windscreen to help deflect some of the 150MPH airflow over people's faces? I can't keep my eyes open on TTD or KK - what is 30 mph more going to do? (Tell me we don't have to wear goggles like that guy does on, "Extreme Terror Rides" (Travel Channel)


Are bugs a big problem in Dubai? That would be painful at any speed.

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Heres the press release from today



World’s First Ferrari Theme Park Opens in 100 Days


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Unveils all Attractions for the First Time


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 19 July 2010 - The countdown has started and in 100 days, at noon on 28 October 2010, the world’s first Ferrari theme park, and the largest of its kind, will open its doors to the public. Today Ferrari World Abu Dhabi unveils its exciting and unique attractions, designed to tell the Ferrari passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation together with its story, to families and fans of all ages and interests.


With more than 20 rides and attractions lying beneath the iconic 200,000 m2 red roof, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will offer guests the time of their lives with a host of attractions that indulge the senses in ways never experienced before. With the thrill of some of the world’s most inventive rides, eye-catching surroundings, authentic aromas and distinctive sounds of Italy, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will have something for everyone.


Some of the state-of-the-art attractions on show include the fantasy world of ‘Nello’ at Speed of Magic, as the mischievous racing driver leads guests on a fantastic 4-D adventure through deep green jungles to icy caves and ravines. Guests can also go faster than anyone has ever been before on a roller coaster when they ride Formula Rossa, which powers them to 240 kmph in less than five seconds. Discover what only Ferrari owners have before, with a tour through the Maranello factory aboard the Made in Maranello attraction and gain an insight into the making of the world’s most sought-after cars. Viaggio in Italia, provides a breath-taking bird’s eye view of Italy, as you follow a Ferrari California through the scenic countryside and famous Italian landmarks.


“The opening of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will revolutionize the way visitors and people in the region spend their leisure time,” said Mohammad Al Mubarak, Chairman of the park’s operating company, Farah Leisure Parks Management. “It is a great testament of Abu Dhabi’s capacity, and the region’s potential, as a world class tourist destination.”


“Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will provide an enthralling experience that will appeal to all audiences, including families and enthusiasts,” said Claus Frimand, General Manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. “With just 100 days to go until we open the park to the public, all of our staff is committed to delivering one of the most spectacular entertainment venues in the world.”


“I can’t wait until we open our doors on October 28th and welcome our guests to this entertainment experience where they will discover the unique world of Ferrari,” he added.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has come a long way since the laying of the first stone back in November 2007 to become the world’s largest indoor theme park.


Rides and attractions:

• Formula Rossa – The world’s fastest roller coaster, reaching speeds of 240 kmph.

• Speed of Magic – A fantasy 4-D journey following the adventures of a young boy as he travels through a kaleidoscopic dreamscape of natural and phenomenal environments, where no Ferrari has gone before.

• Made in Maranello – A virtual trip behind the walls of the famous Ferrari factory in Maranello, taking guests through the intricate process of making the world’s most sought after car.

• V12 – An exciting flume ride to the heart of a 12 cylinders engine.

• G-Force – A thrilling tower ride that will shoot thrill-seekers through the red roof and 62 meters in the air before plummeting back to Earth, experiencing the actual G-force of a Ferrari, in a seat directly inspired by the Ferrari Enzo.

• Scuderia Challenge – Cutting edge racing simulators similar to those used by the drivers of the Scuderia Ferrari in training.

• Viaggio in Italia – A virtual aerial voyage over Italy’s cities and their main monuments, mountains and coasts pursuing a Ferrari.

• Fiorano GT Challenge – A unique dueling rollercoaster with Ferrari F430 Spiders twisting and turning through tight corners on a sprint to the finish line.

• Bell’Italia – A miniature recreation of Italy’s most famous locations, from the picturesque Portofino and the Amalfi Coast to Monza racetrack, the Colosseum in Roma, Venezia and Maranello, the heartland and home of Ferrari.

• Paddock – A re-creation of the Ferrari motor home including garages, transporters & hospitality suites with interactive shows offering fans a taste of the true action behind the scenes on a Grand Prix race day.

• The Pit Wall – An interactive theatre that allows guests to test their judgment in realistic racing scenarios.

• Galleria Ferrari – The world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello, showcasing the most exclusive range of classic and contemporary Ferrari’s from all over the world.

• Junior GT – A driving school for children with expert instruction where they will drive reduced scale F430 GT Spiders on an equipped driving course.

• Junior Grand Prix – After the Junior GT driving experience, budding F1™ drivers can enjoy the race track in scaled down Ferrari F1™ racers.

• The Racing Legends – A ride through Ferrari’s greatest racing moments starting from the first races all the way to today’s F1 victories.

• Driving with Champions – an interactive 3-D show which follows the adventures of a young engineer who is taken on the ride of a lifetime with a racing champion on his first day working at the Ferrari factory

• Cinema Maranello – Ferrari World’s own theatre showing ‘Coppa di Sicilia’, a short film that tells one of the many inspiring stories from the life of the legendary Enzo Ferrari.

• Junior Training Camp – An interactive play area for children where they can engage with a waterless car wash, become custom ‘constructors’, climb up the grandstand, pilot remote cars, paddle their own miniature Ferrari and play with an F1™ car made of soft, guest-friendly foam.

• Carousel – Featuring never-before-seen Ferrari prototypes based on winning designs from a Ferrari competition.

• Dining and Shopping – A range of concept restaurants and cafes offering authentic Italian dining experiences, in addition to unique shopping locations.





- Ends -


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Maybe it´s a stupid question, but does somebody have a tip for me to go there? Cheaper hotel to stay in the near of the park? I only find those expensive luxury hotels... can´t believe there is anything else. Maybe I´ll try to go there in Dec. But have to look on the price, cause next years Japan Combo Trip


EDIT: Has somebody heard something about the price for the entrance tickets?

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