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  1. Very nice work, man. What I'm most impressed with, in this project, is your overall planning. Hersheypark is so compact and a cluster in some spots.. couldn't be easy to get the scale right with everything. Can't wait to see this thing landscaped and finished.
  2. Swedish House Mafia's set from the Electric Daisey Festival in LA this past year. Damn swedes are making my eyes bleed!!!
  3. I do not understand your post? Or, as Johnny 5 would say "Does not compute, need more input!" Did you not see the picture? YouTube has an option where it will translate the audio in any video and make captions. Everyone was complaining about how the name may promote hunting cheetahs. I noticed that when YouTube translated the announcement video, it said something about shooting President Bush and I found it amusing. Is that a better explanation? It was a joke. I knew it was a joke, I just didn't understand it I didn't realize the "translate into caption option" that youtube has (which is pretty cool actually). Certainly an interesting translation.
  4. I do not understand your post? Or, as Johnny 5 would say "Does not compute, need more input!"
  5. EXACTLY! +1... "And more to the point, we can't even think of other animals that would even hunt a cheetah." This is what happens when shows like Jersey Shore become more prevalent than say.. school.
  6. Hopefully this won't be the last Intamin in Florida. It definitely took too long to get one in the state..
  7. Well, isn't the Superman ride just a 'reverse' of what it is now? So it's actually only 2 new coasters.. and one of them is a kiddie coaster right? So pretty much just the Zacspin is new for 'adults'. I get what you are saying though. At least you don't have to drive 2 hours just to get to a park
  8. I'm looking for more art of the actual entrance building/skyride station. Is there any art out on this yet? Besides the concept art that was posted on page 99, or somewhere around there..
  9. That is exactly the problem. They are getting re-released solely for the purpose of making more money. Not to contribute to the modern day culture spectrum, but to make more money. I understand that money makes the world go round, and I like money too, but sometimes, a line needs to be drawn, somewhere in between "greed" and "originality". You do realize that probably every movie you've ever seen in a theater was created to 'make as much money possible' right? Look at what studios are making today.. you call any of that crap art? Please. Better to re-release old good movies than sit through the crap they part together today.
  10. Uhhh .. what animal chases a cheetah to kill it? Poachers are probably the only thing that point blank kill an adult cheetah (cubs are probably eaten often in the wild..) And poachers don't chase them. They just sit there and shoot them.
  11. Because the ride's name is ambiguous and confusing to a good many people. I wouldn't be surprised to see a name change in the future. It's only confusing to people who think Busch Gardens would design a ride where you 'kill cheetahs'..
  12. Or have a piece of meat on a track that follows next to a launch every once in a while, so that the cheetahs will run alongside the train??!?!?! One can dream... No no.. Remember. It's Cheetah Hunt. If anything the meat is just to lure them closer so it's easier to tag them.
  13. They should give us 'laser rifles' where we could paint the target on the cheetah's as we are riding the coaster... think Men in Black.. but better. When you come back to the station, it tells you how many cheetah's you nabbed on your ride.
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