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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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I agree with Vekoma Fan Boy about the sand. I know what it does to the moving parts of a camera lens... I hope Mr. Launch Dog likes a gritty-greasy-sandy-paste. I'm sure Intamin knows what they're doing, though. If all else fails, they look like they got the whole 'let's build a giant bubble' thing down. Looks like quite the experience.

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It seems the U.A.E. is supposed to hold a lot of people, but from how much it costs to fly there, will there be a lot of people?


Um, it costs me less to fly to the UAE than it does to fly to Orlando. The world is a big place

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I wonder how those goggles will be like after months of use with all the sand blasting into them. What kind of material would they be?


Blurry goggles would be a big turnoff imo and could greatly reduce the attractivness of the ride.


But then again it's Ferrari so they can afford to buy new goggles anytime.


It was said in the video that the goggles are the same type that are used for skydiving. They should be fairly durable.


So at 6791 feet it'll be one of the longest steel coasters in the world as well.

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It seems the U.A.E. is supposed to hold a lot of people, but from how much it costs to fly there, will there be a lot of people?


Um, it costs me less to fly to the UAE than it does to fly to Orlando. The world is a big place


It also depends on where one is flying from.

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This looks like one epic ride, though I doubt I'll ever make the trip, given all the problems with TTD and KK and the other cable launch rides. I can't believe they went with a cable launch system over electronic (go figure). All the Intamin cable launch rides have/had over heating problems, and this ride is in the dessert with sandstorms? I'm also very surprised at the 1.7 Gs, assuming a launch from zero to 154 MPH in 4 seconds would be more forceful. Thanks for the links, videos, and pictures. I can't wait to see the videos, while I fear this ride will be closed more than open. Hope not, but history does repeat itself (imho).

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I don't know how I feel about Fernando Alonso sitting where Kimi Raikkonen should still be. Sure, Kimi had a bad season and a half but he gave Ferrari the titles that they so badly needed again. Motorsports aside, this park is beating ALL of my expectations and it's great to see even one of the U.A.E. dreamparks coming along just as you would expect if not better. Being both a huge gear head and coaster nut as well as one of the tifosi really won't help my bank account.

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On Wednesday there was a press preview of one of the rides at Ferrari world. It was the first time that the press were allowed into the theme park and to celebrate Italian national day we were invited to view the Bel Italia ride in the presence of the Italian Foreign minister and his family.


The ride is a ride in scale models of classic Ferrari's through scale models of Italian landmarks.


The ride itself is not finished yet but they had some of the cars on the track and we got to walk the full track. It is shaping up to be an amazing ride.


Overall the park looks like it will be amazing once is finished.


Here's the pics


Here's the Ferrari world theme park


we were treated to a presentation by Claus Frimand, General Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi



then we were loaded up onto buses


and headed for the park



we headed inside


this place is amazing




This is the Bel Italia Ride


The theming on this ride is going to be amazing


heres one of the ride vehicles



Did I say the theming is amazing?


Lets take a trip around the track






This centre bit has a shot and drop ride that goes above the roof of the park


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