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Ferrari World Discussion Thread

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OMG! I love the ferrari car trains! They are soooo awesome! This is the dueling launched Maurer Schone coaster right. That entire thing looks so awesome... I really hope this park does well as all the coasters and rides look awesome so far. And I am a Ferrari fan.

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This is starting to get strange. An engine themed boat ride... I guess could work. The history and factory tour ride looks cool, although they look like the same ride with different screens. I understand that Ferrari is in Italy, so I like the soaring Italian version, but am I the only one confused by the Italy walk through? I mean, what do you see, mini models like legoland, cause that seems a bit tacky in a park like this, but it makes sense in legoland becasue the design is good. The coasters and go carts look great though, as does the museum and simulators, so I am really pulling for this park. This is the one concept I was almost sure would fail for Dubai... an entire park based on Ferrari is still a weird concept. I gladly stand corrected and think this looks amazing!

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I think that the photo might actually be the real thing. If you look to the middle far-left of the photo, you can see half of a person who looks to be dressed in a construction uniform. And if you look to the right, there's a pylon covering a concrete footer or something. Plus I really doubt that they are going to just leave the ground under the coaster just dirt and sand or even go through the trouble of CGing up an image of a coaster car on an unfinished jobsite.


The cars do look really sweet though.

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My call is that the picture is real. I highly doubt someone would go through all the trouble of rendering the picture with this level of details. If you look close enough, you can tell that the headlights on the car are actually flat sticker decals. Also you can see the shadow from the front left wheel assembly on the ground behind that car. Final thing, you can see the reflection of the ground and a bit of the track on the front of the car. If I am correct and this is a real car on this coaster, then we know it will probably have on-ride audio, see the speaker between the front 2 seats.


This is looking so good, I definitely have to get to this park someday.

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