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One of the modules I'm doing at university is taught by a guy who works for the engineering firm that's pretty much built yas island. We've been going through the Ferrari building in depth and it's simply stunning how it all works and stands up. Not strictly on topic I know but I think the structural design warrants mentioning


Dave "The coasters don't look too bad either!" Wilson

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The apocalypse has happened.  Mission Ferrari is finally testing! I'm not sure if we can link the video I'm seeing going around Instagram, but it's there if you search for it.

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I am doing a job down there tomorrow and know that at least 2 coasters are complete so will be taking my camera.


What ever happened to the update?!


As a Moderator here let me take the time to state the following.


For the youngsters and socially awkward, let me take this time to remind or educate everyone that the tone of this is post is rude and not what TPR is about.


A response such as: "Did you get a chance to visit the construction site and take pictures?" would be much more appropriate and civil.


dubaidave is a great contributor to the site and educates us about many Middle Eastern parks and projects. Many times he has to invest his free time after a busy workday to visit some of these parks/projects.


Let's not take for granted that his "being in the area" means he is right at the construction site. "In the area" might mean many miles away.


There tend to be a lot of silly arguments in the off-season so everyone remember to keep it civil and be respectful or others.



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^^^ and Well you're almost there


You've had your fun and proved that I can't proofread which is why I'm in charge of pictures, now can I delete your posts.


and I don't have time for this foolishness, I'm trying to watch a movie on SyFy!

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I am doing a job down there tomorrow and know that at least 2 coasters are complete so will be taking my camera.


What ever happened to the update?!


As a Moderator here let me take the time to state the following.


For the youngsters and socially awkward, let me take this time to remind or educate everyone that the tone of this is post is rude and not what TPR is about.


A response such as: "Did you get a chance to visit the construction site and take pictures?" would be much more appropriate and civil.


1. Sorry about being "rude"

2. I changed the wording to be more appropriate and civil..

3. I understand that and I think it's great that he gives us those updates

4. I believe you were actually being a little rude to me too.


Thanks.. Anyways, let's get back on topic. This park looks awesome and he probably just forgot about the pictures. Sorry!

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Many times he has to incest his free time...



Ha Ha

That's why there were no photos. I used up all the pics on `other` things.


Anyway. Here are some pics from Ferrari World.


I didn't post them because they don't really show much more than the ones that have been posted before, but enjoy anyway.










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Looks awesome! Too bad I will probably never travel to the middle east


Anyways, I looked around and it looks like the external structure has been completed! It took 14 months "with 35,000 tonnes cubic metres of concrete, 12,370 tons of steel, 29,000 square metres of facade glazing and 165,000 square metres of roof cladding"



Here is another picture of the completed external structure.



^Impressive!! I think it looks amazing. I really hope they build one here in the United States.[/img]

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Isn't the white coaster the one they're building to set the new coaster speed record? Not RingRacer, the one that is supposed to do 150 mph?


And dubaidave, thanks for all the pics and updates you do! Without you I think most of the community would know very little about what's going on out there.



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Where are the coasters, in relation to the building in that picture?


On the second picture you can see 2 parts of the track (The launch and the break run. It's just hard so see because of the white, just look to the right.)

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I've actually seen the park in person - from about three hundred feet - it's in the flight path out of Abu Dhabi International, which happens to be where my flights to Australia connected. Looks pretty impressive; I hope they manage to get it open by October, as I expect to be back there... fingers crossed.

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At least there is something Abu Dhabi can beat Dubai with hands down - the world’s largest indoor theme park, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, will open in the second half of 2010. Briefing international press scribes at its office in the sprawling Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, Troy Lindquist, director of marketing and sales, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, said that the world’s first Ferrari theme park and the largest attraction of its kind in the world will provide an intense multi-sensory experience for people of all ages.


Little wonder then cranes are shifting from Dubai, where it has been reported before the recession struck that 70 percent of the world’s cranes are deployed, to Abu Dhabi with two major Islands, the Saadiyat and Yas, coming up in full force.


Rides and attractions


Troy Lindquist said that over 20 rides and attractions will entertain families like never before and will also include a driving and racing school for junior drivers. He said: "Each attraction is designed to bring to life a different part of the Ferrari story, including the world’s fastest rollercoaster, traveling at speeds exceeding 200 km/h and emulating the thrilling sensation of being in a Ferrari F1 car, or the G-force experience taking passengers on an adrenaline-pumping ride up over 62 m, through the roof and back down again. People will be taken on a virtual aerial tour of Italy, which will give a feeling that they are driving through the great sights of Italy."


Other features will include state-of-the-art racing simulators using a similar system as those used by the Ferrari racing team and a Flume ride journey through the heart of a Ferrari 599 engine. An interactive museum will also be at hand, particularly useful for cooling off and waiting for your raging endorphins to ebb. Those who have ever dreamed of life in the pit lane of a Grand Prix or the adrenaline rush of traveling at speeds over 200 km/h, will find themselves surrounded by opportunities to indulge their fantasies with unique attractions tailored to every aspect of driving, racing, and even building a Ferrari.


Owned by Aldar Properties PJSC and managed by Farah Leisure Parks Management LLC, a joint venture between Aldar Properties PJSC and ProFun Management Group Inc., Ferrari World Abu Dhabi pays tribute to the passion, excellence, performance, and technical innovation that Ferrari has established over the years and represents today.




Its iconic sleek red roof is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spanning 200,000 m2 and carrying the largest Ferrari logo (65m X 48.5) ever created. Designed by globally-renowned architectural firm, Benoy, the roof is made from metal and glass designed to reduce glare and heat. The indoor enclosed area embraces a space of 86,000 square meters.


Food and beverage


While you amuse yourself at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and feel like eating exotic cuisine, the park will offer a wide range of dining, quick service, and beverage locations offering Italian-inspired delicacies, as well as a variety of international dishes. Highlights will include two restaurants inspired by the real Maranello food experience, a true Italian ambiance of a traditional delicatessen, including customized fresh pasta and pizza made-to-order and an array of international dishes to satisfy all tastes.




Feel like splurging the Ferrari way? The park is the right place to indulge in shopping for Ferrari keepsakes. Visitors can expect a retail experience that celebrates Ferrari’s rich heritage, selling vintage and contemporary racing memorabilia in a way never seen before.


Also, souvenir photo opportunities for capturing the thrill of the moment and interactive corners where children can customize their own park souvenirs, along with a flagship store offering Ferrari and special Ferrari World Abu Dhabi items are made available.


Special events


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will dedicate specific efforts to provide great entertainment and venues for organizing meetings, conferences, corporate events, and product launches.


The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is making headlines all over, and when Prince Albert II of Monaco, ruler of the Principality of Monaco and renowned Ferrari fan, visited Abu Dhabi last month, he could not afford to miss the site which is nearing completion.

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