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  1. They look a bit stiff to me. They move to one point then stop immediate, especially the one who turns his head, raises it, then stares at you. Otherwise they look incredible. (Love the one that blinks it's eyes.)
  2. While I am excited to see this, I can't see this project getting off the ground. The numbers they are forecasting are huge and the space they are building at lacks things like freeway access. I drove through Emerson on a regular basis and I know where the proposed site is. They're going to have to bulldoze part of the town to get access from 75, and US 41 is just as bad. (They take the same route.) Perhaps up the freeway, on the massive plot of land Busch owned to build a third park... that might have worked, but where they're building it? I just don't see it.
  3. A bit of a difficult choice for me. I've hit all of the Central Florida parks (except for Legoland) but I haven't been to SoCal. If it was a on-off trip, SoCal because I've never been there, but a regular trip I'll take Orlando every time.
  4. Personally, "Wooden Coaster" at Happy Valley also looks like a remarkable view, but yes, Ocean Park, imho, has the best views by far. One day, one day... Squid
  5. The Utilidoors don't quite reach there... the farthest north they run is just behind Pinnochio. There is a loading dock just behind P and it will be just to the west of the Beauty and Beast construction. B&B shares a wall with it, in fact. The road you're seeing is the foundation work for the 7 Dwarfs coaster. There is also a water element being added in that will run from in front of B&B, past LM and the Dwarfs coaster, and disappear somewhere over near Mad Hatter.
  6. I've always enjoyed your coverage of IAAPA. Thanks, and the Fishpipe looks amazing.
  7. Forgot about the Deep South Bash event. I may hit that one before the 40th anniversary event for WDW.
  8. Worked fine on Opera. However, on the SFoG page, you need to list Shake Rattle and Roll as closed, as it was removed for Dare Devil Dive.
  9. If you don't mind a 40 year old, I'd love to do it. But I'm even more thrilled to see filming at SFOG! Is it for a commercial involving our own rides? YEA!
  10. What can I say? Robb, I think you've outdone yourself with this update... just glorious. Thank you for all the hard work you've done this year for us theme park fans.
  11. No, Goliath at SFoG was planned for years. At one point it was thought that we would get a Tony Hawk coaster where Dare Devil Dive now is. But, other than that... there's very few rides that never made it into SFoG that I'm aware of. Sally desperately wants to add one of their dark rides there. There was a theme park proposed for Israel, Neverland by Michael Jackson (Goddard did the designs... fantastic work) and then, of course... DUBAILAND. Probably the biggest failure in all theme park history. USDubai had started construction when the project fell through... right now it is a big, shaped hole in the desert with some abandoned offices.
  12. Must... post... reply... Gimbals are used frequently in movies. For example, the hotel dream sequence and elevator sequence in Inception used them, tmk. They allow the scenery to be tilted at any angle the director wishes while the actors are in set. Dancing or climbing up walls and across ceilings use this trick. Titanic used a giant one to tilt the ship during the sinking scenes. These blueprints look amazing. We'll see if we have a worthy successor to Big Bad Wolf when the ride opens. Squid
  13. Very interested, don't know if we can afford it or if we have a show scheduled that weekend.
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