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  1. In the process of moving I found some old photos. If you don't mind I'd like to share them. (with your permission of course beforehand.) I have two 1994 Disney tickets, I also have some photos of me and my sister in front of the "Slime Fountain" when "Slime Time Live" was around in Universal.
  2. I didn't cry, but when Sue went to see her sister my eyes welled up. Definitely very touching...
  3. I second this. I will <3 you forever if you do make a downloadable version! OMG, NOOO! So Confused is currently "Unavailable" for me on Myspace. That song is my vise! I must have a dose a day.
  4. ^ Forget humming it, I was singing it today while cooking out of nowhere. It's soOoOoOoOoOo addicting. (punny ehh? ) But yeah I def. love Mannequin, and So Confused, there my favorite songs, and honestly I'd prob. put So Confused in my top 30 songs. It's got a great beat and is really REALLY addicting. I want to download it to put it on my itunes, but I can't find out how.
  5. I've been packing up boxes at my house, were moving into the awesome little apartments, I'll def. post a P:TR of moving. And I've been helping my sister re-arrange her room for when her hubby gets out of jail. (She lives in the in-laws house.) And my plans for this weekend is to go see "A Christmas Carol." In Disney Digital 3-D!
  6. ^ Yeah Lea's voice is becoming really old to me right now, they need to switch it up and bring more songs by the black girl, the mohawk kid, in. Lea's singing is exactly the same in every song, I'm getting tired of seeing the same facial expressions and dance moves, they need to add more variety.
  7. All I hope is that they widen the regular queue out a bit. It was too tight for my taste, and with America getting larger as it is, (me as well,) some guests have a bit of a problem with it, there's not enough space to just relax, your packed liked sardines. And I'm glad they added the games they def. needed something to pass the time.
  8. Electricity Insanity, is a little weird for me. The symbols crashing in the song seem out of place and the beat doesn't really do it for me. I still love the "soOOoOoOOoO confused" thing though, that was awesome.
  9. ^ There is no such thing as a mod being rude. I'm still laughing at Wes' post.
  10. I like Mannequin, and So Confused, the best so far, along with Lively, cuz' it has a catchy beat.
  11. Have you considered selling this as an application for the iPhone. You could make some pretty decent money off of it, from what it looks like, I'd totally get it. (If I had an iPhone.)
  12. I think Fox was smart to make this show. There's nothing else like it out there on television right now. It has a storyline and adds music, and considering one of the top viewed shows on television right now is American Idol, why not use music, it makes so much sense. Anyways, I'm in LOVE with this show, I could care less if it has ridiculous story lines, it's still a great story. This and The Good Wife, are my 2 new fav. shows this season.
  13. Well, here's my review, for what it is. I don't use my computer for everything. This review isn't going to be very long, just short simple to the point. (Sidenote: I have no bias on Windows or Apple, or any other company out there, these are just my opinions.) Windows 7. When you first start up your computer there is a noticeable difference immediately. The start-up animation is 4 colors (red, green, blue, and yellow,) intertwining then forming the Windows symbol, then lights up, and goes to the log-in menu. Startup is much faster than it was in Vista, and I absolutely love it. (The first day I got Windows 7, I turned off my computer on start-up just to watch it start back up it's that cool. :hehe: Anyways, after login there is a huge noticeable difference, mainly in the task bar. You no longer have the elongated words of what programs your running. I love the task bar, it has definitely improved, and makes it so much simpler. Resembling somewhat of the Apple's "Dock" menu's the task bar can pin programs onto it, and when running the program will have a glossy see through box around it. When you hover your mouse over it, it previews your program, and if you have more than one instance of it open, it'll preview those as well in a completely different box (even if it's just a tab on the internet.) Which I absolutely love, it really makes it simple. Also in a music program (in this case iTunes,) it will open it, then it will also tell you whose playing, the album, and artist. The task bar is a definite win on Windows side. Personalizing your computer is very easy, and is very fun. You can set your background to a slideshow, kind of like a screensaver of pictures as your desktop. There are also a many selection of pre-set themes and more you can download more off of the Windows website. Windows shortcuts. I love these, if you hit the Windows button and spacebar it screen-peeks at your desktop, also if you put your mouse in the bottom right corner, there is a translucent box which you can use to look at your desktop. The only downside is it makes every box translucent, it should just see through your program to the one below, such as if you were in a game and got a message via Skype or AIM in my instance. I wouldn't really see a point for it unless you want to check your gadget such as the weather, or the currency (which by the way I love the gadgets, I'm currently using currency, and weather, I feel connected to the world, and it's fun to watch the US dollar rise and fall.) Overall, the programs run alot smoother, and I would definitely get Windows 7 if you were working from home, or homeschooled. (I'm homeschooled, in this case, and I have noticed a great improvement with programs working together and smoother.) My only downside right now is that iTunes doesn't have a 32-bit Windows 7 download to my knowledge. And everytime I start it I get a warning on how I need to re-install iTunes. ------- Overall I give Windows a nine out of ten, they have definitely improved since Vista. I would suggest getting Windows 7, it is a huge convenience to have, no it's not necessary, but it's definitely a convenience. ---- I'm still exploring Windows 7 for myself, but so far this is my opinion. I know I didn't go over everything, but I haven't even gone over everything myself.
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