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  1. So this is just speculation, but did they forget to RAISE the net before she dropped? It doesn't sound like she missed it, just like it wasn't in the proper position. Meaning, she was given the okay to drop, and the net wasn't high enough to do any good?
  2. ^^The car gets closer to the top of the tower when its empty, as it goes faster when its empty during launch. Keep in mind, the problem with the 100mph launch is not only the programming, but the firing between magnets. When the car gets going over 100, the computer loses the car and the ride shuts down, hence, the ride only hitting about 82mph. I highly doubt in 1-2 weeks after closing the ride that they already have a new launch system in place. Also, turning the cars around takes more than just flipping it 180 degrees. Computer switches and safety units would have to be reversed, its quite a daunting task. !!! This should be interesting if its true!
  3. Gosh, I hope the park doesn't agree with many of you about Scream. I love the ride, and it has the only Cobra Roll in the park. Which other park can you think of that has both a Batwing and Cobra Roll? Regardless if its over a parking lot or not, its a nice ride with a short line mostly because of its train design. I love Scream and hope it never leaves. Instead, I'd wish they'd do something about it surrounding environment.
  4. Terminator is okay. Wait more than 30 minutes for it? No thanks. A new restaurant at the Sierra Twist location? No thanks. Make dining experiences BETTER at the food locations you already have. IMO Magic Mountain needs to start concentrating on what it IS, whether than what its NOT. It is NOT a typical SF park, and some of these additions are just ruining it. It IS a park that deserves better than the norm, which the SF industry doesn't seem to be feeding it recently. I love the park and I love the company, but holey moley, they really make me scratch my head sometimes.
  5. Just sit in the very back row. Once the front of the train gets off the lift, it whips you over and down that steep turnaround. Vipers first drop is actually my favorite part of the ride. The front seat bumps you around pretty good though, especially the turnaround after the loop...its just going too darn fast. I don't see the attraction to launching the S:TE backwards, if it does happen, mostly because I think the ride should run the way it was intended before it has anything else done to it. Meaning it should actually go 100mph. Maybe that will be fixed as well if they decide to reverse one of the cars on the ride? I dunno, I used to love Superman, but I really wish they'd just demo it and start from scratch.
  6. This is the reason why it doesn't go 100. It has nothing to do with costs. In terms of costs to run the ride, Superman is pretty much typical with other rides in the park. However, the ride doesn't run both sides because of low popularity, and hiring 2 more staff to decrease line time is...well, its not typical Six Flags practice. I've never understood why the popularity of music in RR's queue is high, while X's music was pretty much hated. When removed upon a re-do, the park was applauded by coaster fans. They're both techno, both decent, and X even had different tracks of songs. But, hey, whatever. I hope we get an Intamin Rocket. No, I am not kidding. Saw this image once, thought it was quite endearing.
  7. What a cool idea for an element! Its amazing what these coaster companies come up with! I'm guessing the tracks would just overlap, one over the other before the element, and the opposite after the element.
  8. Wow, awesome Photo TR! I love this park and even though it looks like its growing, I like what I see. A question though, does this Vekoma have 3 lift hills? You said it was good though, so I wondered if it messed with the pace of the ride? I have never seen anything like this before...albeit, I haven't been to Europe either! Very interesting, I guess they don't want you relaxing and taking your time in there! Thanks again!
  9. I like the pacing in that video for Mantis a lot more than the last time I rode it. It basically CRAWLED through the course, especially after the MCBR. I think that's why I didn't like it that much.
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice on locations of the parks and where to look in Europe for more of them. I am checking out maybe visiting Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen, I wouldn't mind getting on an aged B&M and 80 year old woodie! I think you did find my cruise and were spot on with all your locations, so thank you for the mention of those parks. I'm on the longer version of that cruise though, so other locations I will be stopping at include: Gdansk, Poland Warnemunde, Berlin Helsingborg, Sweden I will also be using RCDB to look for some parks, I didn't think about doing that. So again thanks for the advice if anyone has anything to add, or what may or may not be worth visiting that would be great. Thanks everyone!
  11. No expert here, just my 2 cents. The trims might not have been installed when the ride first opened, but that doesn't determine who decided to put them in. Ride mechanics can adjust them based on how the coaster is running, and that can change over the course of its age. Some rides, like Tatsu, have trims that haven't been used but are installed, in case they decide the ride is running too fast through certain points and should be slowed down as the ride ages. There's a variety of reasons for lots of modifications to lots of coasters, and it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reason. It can be something like track wear and tear, train maintenance, or speed modification to maintain consistent cycle times. Maybe the trains not cycling as fast as it used to (a valley is good proof) because its 15 years old, so the trims aren't necessary.
  12. Hi everyone I was reading the Europa Park thread and was in awe with the park, the updates on this site are awesome! But it got me thinking about visiting a theme park during my trip to Europe this summer. My question is aimed to anyone that's traveled there (mostly TPR Veterans) or maybe anyone that's familiar with the area that could give me a heads up. I'm arriving in Kopenhagen on plane and taking the Princess cruise to Gadansk in Poland, and also around the area for 2 weeks (I can give more information on stops if it would help). Since its a cruise my location will be coastal in that area. I know its a cheaper cruise but I'm going with family so it was in everyones budget, however I can afford to travel by car inland for a day or two. Does anyone know of any local parks within a couple hours drive of the locations where the Princess docks on stops, that I should maybe check out because they're worth it? I know it may be a long shot, but I'm hoping maybe there's a diamond in the rough that I've overlooked and may be nearby so I can make a quick trip and see a nice park. Any ideas or parks that have nice big coasters would be a plus. I'd like to get on some roller coasters! I'd appreciate any help or ideas as this is my first time to that part of the world, and I know very little about it! Thanks in advance for any advice or options, I'll be checking this thread until I leave.
  13. ^Not as bad as Saturday and Sunday, but once it hits July you can pretty much expect Thursday-Sunday to be pretty busy. I'd expect Deja, Tatsu, Term and X2 to be atleast hour waits. But who knows some days are luckier than others!
  14. Is this experience available for all guests that purchase a VIP Package at the park? Or was this only for you because you knew someone that worked at the park? My significant other is VERY interested in these types of things and I'd love to take her there on a trip to have the same experience you had! Very cool! Thanks in advance for any answers!
  15. This is excellent to hear, thanks for the reports everyone! I LOVE Universal's attractions!
  16. lol! Omg, first of all how does someone push one out in the middle of a crowd, and second, how does not ONE person see the squatter?! Also, its hard for me to imagine DCA will continue to run a park, and a show this way. Too many people and too big a show in a park that is just too small to contain it. Guests getting soaked. People dedicating hours to see the show then getting denied with little to no explanation or comp. The entire situation just seems like a diasaster.
  17. I agree. This coaster actually has some drops between the over banks, and the first element is quite a unique rendition of a top hat if I ever saw one. This ride looks cool for what it is!
  18. Oh my gosh this is the ride I am most excited for! I love the POV they provide with the testing, it looks like this ride is going to be amazing! It'll be amazing if this ride is better or on par with TT at Epcot, which may not be hard to do! I hope they don't cut the corners!
  19. I'm totally gonna try to go to this. VIP BABY! Great idea, it's about time Six Flags!
  20. This is the hardest question for any company to decipher when it comes to advertising, which is basically "how can you tell whether advertising is working and if it is, which one is working the most?" It is very interesting. I'd imagine low costs to advertise to a wide variety of guests has more to do with it than anything. Especially considering SF basically leaves the ads there until they rot away so the residuals go on for years. But I can tell you one thing, no matter how much money Stride spends to advertise around the park, I'm never going to buy a pack of their gum again. It stinks!
  21. Yes, on an indoor Disney/Universal coaster it adds to the experience. The only outdoor one I can think of is RRR. But we're talking about an outdoor Six Flags coaster, which has--company wide mind you--added audio on a couple rides now, and a majority of which haven't enhanced the experience of the ride all that much. One such system has even been dumped. I agree it adds to the ride, but only if done right (Space Mountain, Indianna Jones). Six Flags IMO has not done it right thus far, and I would assume would continue that trend if added on this ride.
  22. I agree. Which IMO rules out the "they can't market the Metro so its not worth the investment" argument in a way. I know its a bit different, as it would cost more than a Mr. Six Splash Island or HDTV upgrade, but I still think the ends would justify the means. I mean, they dumped money on a Thomas Town nobody uses, I think investing in the Metro instead really would have made more sense. Perhaps then the types of customers you're mentioning (parents) would be more inclined to spend more money if they could at least have one way to travel around the park, without having to haul the family (teens, etc.) the entire way. It would change the entire perspective of the park, an attraction to relax and rest on. Because even for the young adults, its a fair amount of exercise to round the park!
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