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  1. Hey guys, Just got home from the media day for Batman: The Ride. It was quite a morning for the park and everyone involved had been at the park extremely early so I appreciated all the friendly employees and animal ambassadors. This ride was completed just in time for this preview with the State of California signing off on the ride just hours prior to the event. I am sure glad we didn't get another repeat of the Harley Quinn debacle from last year. The park is throwing an opening event tonight from 10pm until 3am and they still have a lot of work to do as most of the fencing surrounding
  2. Thinking of heading to the park for New Years, anyone know what the crowds are typically for this event?
  3. When the only forces you are experiencing is "shaking", then you know there is a problem. The entrance into the stations is where I noticed the most amount of roughness.
  4. Anyone else wondering why V2 hasn't been rebranded to The Flash yet? That side if the park is gonna get very crowded but I'm happy we are getting one. Harley was a massive disappointment so this helps. They are going to have an interesting decision to make about the animals in the park. The exhibits are in a very sad state and the shows, although educational, are depressing. I would love to see Six Flags open a animal only park nearby and bring back a version of Marine World/ Africa USA.
  5. Hey community, Going to the park for the first time in awhile this Saturday. Does anyone know what rides are down at the moment besides green lantern and apocalypse. Looking at fast pass possibly as well, you think it will be worth it?
  6. We sat in the front row on the right side train. I was hoping for a bit of interaction on the opposing train but I don't remember doing anything with the other riders. Once it started running it was so shaky that I was too busy trying to keep my head looking straight ahead that I didn't pay much attention to the other train. Its one of those rides that are really fun to look at but you really don't want to wait for if there is a line.
  7. I went down on Monday for the season pass preview. I have to say both my kids and I all agreed that the ride was not that great. Even with almost no lines they both agreed that they didn't want to ride it again. Its slow, shaky, and has a short cycle. If it was twice as big then you may have something but for now its more of a kids ride (which is oddly themed to the least "kid friendly" character).
  8. Just got back from a week long Orlando trip, My first time there. I was able to get 1 day in at Sea World to ride Mako and see what it had to offer, then a 3 day pass to the Universal Resort. First let me say I was very impressed with Sea World, it was very well themed and the shows and rides were all very good. Mako and Manta were the two favorites. I have ridden a few hyper coasters and both the giga coasters having now moved to the east coast and I would say Mako fits into exactly what I was expecting. B&M make great coasters and this one is right there with the others. The F
  9. I'm a little curious of what your definition of "airtime" is. Are we talking butt out of the seat or feeling of weightlessness? After riding I305 a few times I am more than glad that those restraints are there on that first hill after the drop. I agree about that trim though, feels like the ride might as well end right there.
  10. OK. here are 3 good one to give you a look before you download.
  11. OK, so I started this park quite awhile ago. It was going to be my "Disney Masterpiece" inspired by Disneyland. Main street turned out almost exactly how I wanted and so did Adventureland. I got side tracked with life and everything so it's just been sitting on my computer doing nothing. The layout seems self evident with the "hub" style branch offs. You will see Adventureland, Tortuga (Pirates), and a Haunted Mansion to the left of Main Street. Going to the right you will see my take on what was going to be a "Tron" inspired Tomorrowland. Behind the castle was to be Fantasyland and to
  12. Any ideas about how crowded the park will be on Easter Sunday?
  13. I have panned my family vacation for June 16th through the 20th and we are planning on hitting the two major parks in Virginia. I just moved to Raleigh this December and we are very excited to finally get some credits out here but don't know the area well. I've been looking at hotels and package offers for the two parks but I'm not sure what to go with. I will be driving to Roswell Monday morning and visiting King's Dominion then driving down to Williamsburg that evening to get a hotel. We plan to spend Tuesday getting some culture credits and then visiting Busch Gardens on Wednesday. Any
  14. Just got back from watching The LEGO Movie. I have to agree with what has been written previously. What a fun movie! The cameos are really fun but do not detract from the overall direction the movie was trying to achieve. The voice acting is really good, and the puns were delivered perfectly. Spaceship!!!
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