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  1. Local Atlanta TV channel WSBTV has both pics and on-ride POV: https://www.wsbtv.com/entertainment/things-2-do/monster-new-roller-coaster-opens-atlanta-amusement-park/FPGZ7QA24NDC3MML4YBRGULPWQ/
  2. The President of COTA (F1/NASCAR track in Austin) announced today there are planning on opening a new amusement park in 2023 with 30 rides and two megacosters https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/pro/2022/03/28/cota-chairman-bobby-epstein-says-amusement-park-coming-soon-nascar/7184129001/
  3. Just found some new renderings of the Carnival Mardi Gras ship (You cannot pay me enough to go on a Carnival ship, let alone one named Mardi Gras). This seems to be the ship that has the roller coaster on it https://boards.cruisecritic.com/gallery/album/212-carnivals-new-mardi-gras/
  4. Such great pics and a beautiful family. Disney is whole another level of awesomeness and need to see when i can afford that.
  5. Awesome start to the TR & can't wait for part-2. We are now only about 40 days to our 2nd RCL cruise and this is getting me excited. Of course i know it no way compares to Disney, but it's my first time on the Oasis.
  6. I haven't kept with the construction of this area and apologies if this has already been answered, other than these 2 rides that Robb showcased, are there anymore in construction now?
  7. Just saw on the news that a new amusement park has opened in southern Indian city of Hyderabad. There seems to a decent selection of rides "India's first reverse looping roller coaster" http://www.wonderla.com/hyderabad-park/
  8. The park is part of the media conglomerate Reliance Mediaworks. They have movie theaters in India & US. They are also in movie production, post-production among a million other things outside the entertainment industry. Turns out, that's actually not true. I had dinner with the park owner last night. He used to own "Adlabs", which is the media the conglomerate, but he sold off that part of the company and is now using the name under permission and has started the park. The park is independently owned! Thanks for the details Rob. Based on the name i thought Reliance was part of the ownership. Even more impressive that it's an independent operation.
  9. The park is part of the media conglomerate Reliance Mediaworks. They have movie theaters in India & US. They are also in movie production, post-production among a million other things outside the entertainment industry.
  10. Guessed India long time ago, should have had the guts to lock it in. Plus Europe-India flights don't have Wifi, so that's why his last clue for a while. Ashamed to say i got suckered into the Olympic madness
  11. Flew through AMS too many to not recognize that..The destination now is either Mumbai or Sochi. Interesting sites both.
  12. If u want to fly Delta to Moscow, you can do it through JFK or Atlanta. No need to fly all the way across the country. Plus Delta doesn't have direct service from LAX-Moscow.
  13. Based on the flight numbers on the departure board you guys were boarding your flight from Tampa airport..Will be waiting on the next set of clues to see where you are headed.
  14. So far i have seen nothing on USA & MSNBC. Didn't NBC used to show Olympics on these channels previously? So far everything seems to be limited to NBCSN which i don't get
  15. Wow what an excellent report. Forget rodents and roller coasters this will be my first stop on the next Orlando trip. Are all the simulators included in the entrance fee or are they upcharge attractions? Seeing these awesome machines restricted to museum pieces while we have no next generation space vehicles makes me sad. The space program has been one giant leap backwards after another recently. We need some visionaries in Washington willing to invest in NASA but we know that will not be happen from either side of the aisle.
  16. There is Disney and then there is everyone else. It's too expensive to do it properly right now, but all these TR's are tempting.
  17. Looks like Quantum is now open for bookings, are you on the inaugural sailing Elissa?
  18. Holeman & Finch Public House (not exactly close to SFOG) is a very good brunch/burger spot in Atlanta. Their burgers are featured all over the Travel Channel/Food Network etc...
  19. Agree that the Steelers picking up Jarvis Jones is a great move. For the last two years he was the best player on the field for UGA and a real difference maker. Yeah his health is iffy but i shake my head when workout wonders are taken every year over players who performed on the field. I was really excited when the Saints passed over him, can't root for him when he wears a Saints uni. I know the Falcons had other pressing needs but i wished they picked up Lattimore and put him on the IR for the year behind Steven Jackson. Would have been a great replacement for 2014 and beyond. For me this is the stat of the Draft. Each division of the SEC had more picks than all other conference's as a whole.
  20. The snow white coaster seems very exciting, looks like we are in for some very good thrills. Loving the update to the Magic. Nice to see that they are bringing it on par with the rest of the ships. The AquaDunk looks aquaawesome
  21. Well life is good for us Atlanta Braves fans. Thank you very much. Up-Up and a Hey
  22. Went through their Twitter feed and didn't see anything. Yeah i don't think coasters are opening..
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